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#1580179 SMITE (3rd Person Moba)

Posted Sprinkles169 on 07 July 2012 - 06:41 PM

View PostCorsair, on 07 July 2012 - 08:04 AM, said:

Aye. The abilities I use really matter and have great synergy with eachother. Sobek is probably my favorite, a tank with magic damage output. Combat feels weighty, even with the more skirmishy gods.

Do you get to customize the skill layout or some kind of mastery tree in smite? If not, its naturally going to feel like things have more synergy right off the bat. MOBA's are like this whereas each character has their own way of filling their role. Just asking, because it's being compared to an MMO that boasts tons of customizations where you make your own kind of synergies.

I've been slightly wanting to try this. No idea if I'd like it to play more than just a few rounds of it.

#1560345 Please address FoV and Scroll-out issues for release, Stress test still left...

Posted Nanaki_San on 29 June 2012 - 07:49 PM

Ok, the majority of the people in this thread, including OP (Sorry, but you'll see why in a moment) have a few problems with understanding what Field of View is, how it determines what you see on screen and what effect it has on gameplay. For simplicity I have quoted Ravers' and 4arsie4's posts earlier in the thread, and will add in some expaination to clear up some of the issues posters have mentioned.

Firstly, to those of you saying we should be able to able to zoom out more (OP included). I understand why you are saying it, you feel like you cant see enough of the game world so you zoom out to compensate for the cramped nature of the camera. I too do the same thing while playing GW2. However, this is not strictly correct. The zooming issue is a nasty side effect of the real problem.

If you look at Ravers' images below, you can clearly see that the larger 100 degree FoV lets you see more of the screen, also making it appear that objects are further away than the 60 degree FoV. Please look carefully at these images and understand that a larger FoV will fix the 'scroll out' issue, and that bringing the zooming issue up detracts from the real problem, the small FoV.

View PostRavers, on 28 June 2012 - 11:54 PM, said:

Please don't tell me you can't see the difference between 60 FoV and 100.

Posted Image

I took these screen shots standing at the exact same spot and just changed the FoV. The difference is huge.

Secondly, everyone who has not watched the videos 4arsie4 posted, please do so. Not only do they explain what FoV is and how it works, but why the wrong FoV can be bad. It will also remove some of the misunderstandings and flawed arguments from the people who do not fully grasp FoV and its implications on gameplay.

View Post4arsie4, on 29 June 2012 - 04:57 AM, said:

FoV explained:

It also explains why different sized monitors and different distance of the screen from the player need to have different FoV.

As 4arsie4 states, games will be played on many screens at numerous distanes, each requiring a different FoV. This brings me to some of the more negative or unhelpful posts, such as; 'get used to it', 'play a different game' or 'get a smaller monitor/move your screen';

No one can alter how their eyes see things or how their brains process this information, they cannot simply 'get used to it'.

'Playing a different game' is indeed an option, but people have chosen to play this game and through no fault of their own, are getting sick from it because of poor design decisions. I do not get sick from a small FoV, but understand the implications of one, as should everyone else after watching the above videos.

Now, 'getting a smaller monitor/moving your screen', this can be done within reason. However, games with a small FoV (console games/FPS') are designed for small screens, or TV sets that are far away. Obviously, this is not a console game, and is played on medium sized screens at a smaller distance, therefore different rules apply. The main one being, a larger FoV to compensate.

Can you honestly expect players to move their monitors back a few feet or more, squinting at their now far away game image with tiny text and icons? Or for people with laptops to play the game with their arms out, fully extended for hours of play time? Of course not. This is clearly an issue with the game, not with the player's computer set up.

Lastly, FoV is a simple thing to alter, it is just one (likely global, or equivalent) value in the code. I understand that people have concerns about PvP. Once again, I point out the images above posted by Ravers. Can you see behind or see the flanks of the PoV in the 100 degree FoV image? No, you will still be able to flank players, sneak up on them and hide. If however, the scrolling zoom level were increased, this would not be the case and PvP would indeed be compromised. This it why it was the first point I brought up and corrected, the last thing we need is a larger zoom level.

I will add that I am a software (video games included) programmer/designer myself, and can understand the design decision of a small FoV. However, something has to be changed when a lot of players are getting sick because of this decision. Not only that, but this issue is not as clear cut as 'players who get sick' and 'players who do not'. Players who are not getting sick feel like they have to zoom out as much as possible because their view feels constricted.

To reiterate, the 'scroll out' issue is a side effect of the low FoV, bringing it up is unhelpful, the real problem is the FoV. Clearly, the FoV value must be increased, or a slider added to the options menu.

#956901 Speculative Release Date: Part Six

Posted Argo on 23 October 2011 - 08:11 AM

Scratchpaw said:

Hype is definitly dying...

maybe people finally see the pointlessness of this thread.
its just what is already known repeated over and over and over again.
thats why i dont follow this thread anymore since a long time