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In Topic: So, you hit 80 and you have to 'grind for gear'?

06 September 2012 - 10:03 PM

I'm your average player. I have a girlfriend and a full-time job

In which of all those mmos you played does the average player have a girlfriend and a full-time job?

In Topic: This game isn't Guild Wars

03 September 2012 - 06:59 PM

So far for now my only concerns are:

- Very small ability pool: (i have a guardian's point of view) Many utility skills (and so far all elites i have tryed )are too clunky or have long coldowns or big cast times that make them not a part of your normal play, and you rarely use them even in extreme conditions because they are not fluid to use. As for the weapons, you only can use 5 abilities at the same time + 5 if you switch weapons (and you wont be using all skills, because for instance, you might swap from greatsword to sword for a bit more of damage while your cds on the GSword refreash, but depending on your target your ranged barrier and your silence could be useless (for instance vs a meelee brute). So as a common thing, you usually keep repeating the same 4-6 abilitiy sucession and thats too repetitive and un-fun. I like the idea of weapon swaping but i mish having as many abilities to use when i wanted as i did in WoW, for instance (and dont get me wrong, GW2 combat is miles more fun).

edit: also, you say... you have 10 weapons to swap... but you know you will end up using only 2 for leveling, maybe another 1 or 2 for pve... and there are several weapons that you wont even touch because maybe 1 ability is useful but the rest dont fit your playstile... I actually prefered to have 300 available skills on my bars and use any of them when i wanted/needed to. You might say its an easier way to play and aims to pull in more casual players... but i actually found easier to bind all my keys to my keyboard/macros (control+keys etc) and mouse rather than having to swap several weapons and having to use up to... 7-8 abilities with the same key (for instance 1). I think the hot spot would be a mixture of both systems (the weapon-swaping+interchangeable abilties of gw2 and the higher ammount of available skills (useful, reasonably low cd skills) at the same time of other mmos)

- WvWvW is a zerg fest: unless you get a small scale attack team (and if you do, you will still get owned by enemy zergs)... its just a zerg fest, there are no tactics involved at all (and even if you try its almost impossible because of the ammount of things (and particles...) flying around the battlefield. Also, tbh i expected a much larger map with more big things to conquer. Everything is too clustered and that also favours the zerg fests.

- About the holy trinity: I actually enjoyed it, it was a pain in the ass to configure teams for dungeons but it gave you a much bigger sense of working in a team and performing a role. For now, everyone just seems to be running around doing their own thing and thats just not fun... I know there is some teamplay involved but i was expecting a much bigger level of coordination (btw, no one uses combos, as a part of the strategy, they just pop randonly and no one notices).

- Again, teamplay is seriously lacking: Its maybe my onw guardian perspective... but seriously... if you are promoting movement and dodging vs stagnated and "stand-still" combat... why on earth do you make 90% of the guardian's support/control static fields with casting times? And why do you make stupidly overpowered enemy npc aoe fields in dungeons? You know how freakin hard is to use that damn buble heal on teamates when they are constantly running around an dodging constant aoe? (And what is worst... when no *ing one knows that my damn circles actually heal and protect them...). That is a seriously flawed design choice, anet.

- Lack of feeling of progression: I know wow had some serious grinding issues and that farmer players always had an advantage over casuals. That was just too extreme. But a bit of hard work to get things actually spices the leveling part, and in wow you really had a feeling of progression... a lvl 20 rogue was nothing like a lvl 35 rogue... I have a lvl 60 guardian and i look almost the same as when i was lvl 1... and you say... you can buy/transmute other looks... and i reply... and how on earth does that contribute to the feeling of progression when you can look as a lvl 80 in lvl 10? If stats are worthless (in pvp you get almost the same stats and in pve you get kicked up/down... what's the whole point of loot (a central piece on rpgs) seems a bit difuse... and also hurts the feeling of progression. Tbh i'm actually enjoying a more "explorer" way of playing the game, but still... something feels missing.

In Topic: Really annoying sound bug

27 August 2012 - 12:12 PM

Happened to me, too. At first i got a shock (wearing headphones with clear sound)..then i thought my left ear stopped working and something got destroyed. i removed the headphones and first was lucky that i am allright..and then i couldnt restart cause i was fighting the big worm in the sylvari area. 5min full of retarded sound...i hate this bug<,<

Dont complain... i have had to endure my entire first attack to stonemist keep with the bug.

Also, for some reason, while the bug was active, i went into the sound options and tryed lowering the sound quality: the game froze and i had to terminate the process.

In Topic: Really annoying sound bug

27 August 2012 - 11:58 AM

Ah! I am too getting this problem and it only happens in wvw! (so far, and twice) Left side of my headphone too. Anyone know how I can fix this, I really don't want to restart client EVERYTIME it happens.

To me it has happened both in pve and wvwvw.

Its specially badn in wvw because u cant just restart the game.

In Topic: Noone react badly to what im about to say but...

27 August 2012 - 10:41 AM

I havent completed many yet, but i can say that the lowlife human story is completelly generic (and short? wtf?) and i just did the first mission on the circus thingie and its absolutelly abysmal. Just ignored it and went to do normal stuff.