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'Thorn' (A FINISHED Guild Wars 2 novel!)

20 July 2012 - 05:17 PM

The link below is to my GW2 blog where this is actually hosted in PDF, MOBI, and EPUB format, as it is far, far too long (well over 300 pages by now) for posting on a forum. Also, you can check out the FAQ for a bit of a primer if you want, before heading on over.

Bearzu Smash! presents Thorn

The Official Thorn FAQ!

Q: What is all this?
A: Thorn is a full-length Guild Wars 2 novel that's been in the works, and released chapter by chapter since August of 2012. I started it partly because I wanted to get my hand back into writing, partly to tell the story of a character that's been around for the better part of a decade in one form or other, and also as an experiment to try and transcend the fanfic/video game novel genre--to create something with a bit of actual literary merit. I daresay I've succeeded on all three counts.

To be brief, Thorn is the story of the life and personal journey of one sylvari, and hopefully told in a mature and serious fashion. It's a bit bleak and dark and funny and sad.

I blame Cormac McCarthy and Dmitry Glukhovsky for fueling my desire to begin writing again, as should you.

Q: That sounds pretty arrogant.
A: That's not a question, but I'll address it anyway. I don't claim to be working on the next Great American Novel, but even as my own worst critic by far, I'm actually very proud of what's been written to date--even if I'm now unsatisfied with some of the very earliest chapters--and watching my writing develop and mature just over the space of a few, short months has been absolutely fascinating.

I've done rewrites at this point on the prologue and first chapter, but once the entire work is finished, I'll be going back to do a full rewrite with much bigger plans than I have for Thorn at the moment--but more on that at a later date.

Q: Aha, Mozu does X in chapter Y! I call Mary Sue!
A: Yes, you got me. No main character is allowed to be good at anything, especially female ones. Next "question".

Q: How long is this going to be?
A: As of chapter 13, we've passed the 100,000 word mark, which puts this somewhere around 325 pages--and we've still a ways to go. My guess is 400-450 in the end.

Q: You play pretty fast and loose with the lore at times--what's up with that?
A: I assume you mean mainly the distance and placement of things that aren't necessarily on the game map. The entire story is--as I've said earlier--one of a personal journey, and not a retelling of the game. I thought it better to begin that story in solitude and with a dose of bleak, harsh "reality", rather than having Mozu running through Caledon forest with poorly voice-acted yahoos screaming, "MORE VIOLETS, LESS VIOLENCE! THAT'S WOT OI SAY!" at her every fifty feet or so while she performs menial tasks for every ding-dong she comes across.

So, yes, I will occasionally change or just make up bits of lore, or entire locations, if it makes for a better story.

Q: Aha, the dog's name is Ibara (thorn)! I've figured out your whole book already - the dog will save the day in the end!
A: Try again--or better yet, keep reading.

Q: Bad words offend me, and there are a lot of them at times.
A: Some folks just say "@$%#" a lot, and the second half seems to be a lot less profanity-laden. Also, cowboy-up.

Q: Anything else you'd like to say to potential readers?
A: I'm pleased--thrilled, really--that you'd take time out of your day to head over to our humble blog and check Thorn out. I can only hope that you'll give it a chance, and enjoy reading it just as much as I've enjoyed working on it.

Any and all feedback is always appreciated, folks.