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Need a new CPU heatsink, help?

05 September 2012 - 12:30 AM

Two springs on my heatsink busted yesterday, so now no matter how well I have mounted it, it isn't properly in contact with the CPU. I need to buy a new one, and money isnt a huge issue (under $100 is preferable obviously).

I have an Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 processor on a 775 socket (obviously). My old heatsink was a screw-in one, so I'm assuming I need another of the same.

I'm also short on space. Width would have to be 100mm or under, as would height. Length (how much it sticks out to the other side of the case) would need to be under 130mm. I'm having trouble finding such a compact heatsink!

Any links or advice would be appreciated. C:

EDIT: It looks like my mobo's spots for the pins is threaded, meaning I'll definitely not be able to use pushpins, which seem to be on every heatsink D:

EDIT #2: I may have found a temp solution. I superglued the pins back together and reseated the heatsink + redid the thermal paste. Now the cpu is idling around 40C, much better. I'm still going to buy a new one though, as I'm sure the superglue solution wont last d:

CPU overheat suddenly, thermal paste?

04 September 2012 - 06:18 AM

So today while playing GW2 I heard a sudden click in my computer tower, seconds later my cpu fan goes full force. I minimized to check my cpu temps on Gamebooster and found that it was running at a shocking 89C. Compared to the usual 70C during GW2, this was a HUGE issue for me.

To be safe I shut down the computer, unplugged it all, and opened up the case. I found that the heatsink was somewhat loose, but thought I'd try just using some canned air and getting all the dust out as I hadnt done so in a while. I turned the computer back on and it still had a freakout, even when opening the internet -_-

So I turned it off again, this time I took off the heatsink, got rid of ALL the dust on it, and reseated it much better than it was before. The computer is running much quieter now, but my idle temps are still dwindling anywhere from 55C to 70C, which is still slightly higher than normal for me. I haven't even tried going back in game for more than a minute or two because I dont want to stress it further.

I've heard that if the heatsink is taken off, the thermal paste loses it's effect and needs to be reapplied. Could this temp issue be solved with a bit of new thermal paste?

I'll try going in game for a bit longer and see what happens. The CPU seems to be doing fine now that I've reattached the heatsink, but the last thing I want to do is kill my cpu somehow.

I also will point out that I have never overclocked any component of this computer, everything has always been at factory settings. My GPU and hard drive are running at the usual low temps and were when my cpu was hitting 90C as well.

If you need any more info, I'll try to oblige as best I can.

EDIT: Just went in game. I wasnt playing for more than a minute before the fan went nuts again. D:

Will I be able to overclock?

22 August 2012 - 01:07 AM

I have an nvidia geforce gt 520. During today's stress test, I monitored my gpu temps using gamebooster, and found that while playing I was averaged around 68C (keep in mind it's 25C where I am atm). I had no problems with performance, so overclocking isn't really necessary. But if I wanted to, is that temp too high to even try?

I'm getting around 35FPS on high settings at 1600x900, will my fps increase with overclocking?

Update going between 0Kb/1Kb? Wont update!

20 August 2012 - 06:11 AM

There's a new patch and my client will not update. It goes between 0/KB and 1/KB constantly.

I have restarted the client, turned off anti-virus and firewall, and even restarted my computer. I have internet connection, so I dont know what the issue might be :/

EDIT: looks like it's downloading now. I just had to leave it open a few minutes. I think I panicked a little too quickly there. sorry 'bout that!

Which is the better decision?

17 August 2012 - 02:33 AM

I will be upgrading my gpu in the next month or so. I've got it narrowed down to these two. Which will give me the best performance and be the best choice to add to my system?

Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 @ 2.5GHz (not overclocked, hp computer)
8GB ram
Windows 7 64-bit
300W PSU

I currently have a GT 520, in case anyone's curious.

So, between these two:

Asus HD Radeon 6670, 2GB DDR3


Gigabyte HD Radeon 7750 1GB DDR5 (OC'ed 10%)