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In Topic: Need Advice for Balanced Build WvW/PVP

13 February 2013 - 04:57 PM

thanks for your post, that gave me a little reasurance that im not the only one having decision problems xD

well but i guess i will go back to my full soldier set. It seems to be the only all around set. high power, high survivability.

The missing thing like crit chance and crit dmg I can get up to 50% through runes, sigil and traits and here it goes: everything in one build (except "healer") :-p

In Topic: The all around Guardian - Your Opinion?

01 December 2012 - 04:03 PM

Thanks for your input guys,

i have thought about it a lot and put your advice in my new build, your were right about most of the points.

Now this build is mainly pvp which can be slightly changed to a wvw build.

Now what am i trying to do? I want to be very tanky, hold points, be supportive to me team to a moderate degree, but in the same time want to deal enough dmg to kill the attacker in the process.

Key facts:

- 3100-3200 Armor

- ~2900 Power

- 30-50% CRIT CHANCE

- 180% Critical Dmg

- 18.000 HP

- ~ 50 secs of Retaliation

- massive Condi removal (2x3 by VoC, all by Renewed Focus and smite)



- Why 30 Pts in Valor and only 10 in Honor? The reason is to get crits, and these crits should count, and with 180% crit dmg it really hurts!

Additionally, the Smite gives you around 2,5k hp back, before armor! Smite= Condi removal, 1k dmg, 2,5k heal, 20 secs cd

- Why Rune of Lyssa????? Wtf? Yes, rune of Lyssa, basicly another Save yourself for free, lol, full condi removal, all that on 90 secs cd! OP
  also 10 sec buff on 32 sec heal, crit chance, the ONLY (condition dmg not in account) way to highten your dmg output, yes build with 30 into zeal and 4% crit is absolute bs, you basicly get double the dmg with crit instead. With the 20% boon duration that works for SY, SYG, Virtue Boons, 10 sec Boon on heal and the all boon ult.

- For WvW, you switch smite for Jugdes Intervention to cast the ring of wardening and teleport into a group of enemys, lock them down, get 20 bags, gg, you wont die since with your ult you will be invulnerable and lose all the condis you prolly get, such as posion. Afterwards heal, double dodge out and your save. You wont die.

So, pls help me to improve my build further, remember, the aim of this build is not to be a class healer or a mass support. This build is mainly for gettin in there alone, get out or hold your point untilreinforcements arrive while you very well might be able to kill your foe.

In Topic: The all around Guardian - Your Opinion?

07 November 2012 - 09:56 PM

So I worked around a few numbers and did an overhaul. This one is retaliation based with almost 1min of uptime in total.

http://gw2skills.net...LbWuskZt Y8xOEA

Took Smite out and replaced it with SYS/SYG but not sure yet. Stability in theory is pretty solid, but only 6 secs makes it kinda not enough for me, id rather have Save yourself, where I reduce dmg, get heal and getting way more Boon Duration bonus out of since 20% boni. I also think to gather all the condis from allies and then replace them with stacked durations of Boons with CoP is a good move.

Crit Chance is pretty low now, but I guess Retaliation is the Guardians Critical Hit i suppose. (well actually you could do double +5% on dual weapon set and 25 stacks of precision on the 2h, and this would give you around 25% crit chance for free....with the preset that would make a total of 35% without anything changed, which would give you 600 power on top for each hit.....)

Other Changes:
Runes changed to Soldiers, so i dont lose the condi removal.  Heal changed, due to Signet having a too long cd now, Weapon sigils changed, weapons still dont matter.

In Topic: The all around Guardian - Your Opinion?

05 November 2012 - 01:32 PM

View PostJaxSilven, on 05 November 2012 - 12:09 PM, said:

1. I didn't see your post, wouldn't recommend that weapon set either way.

2.. Purity

3.You can have a much higher uptime.

4. Without stability you'll lose a ton of stomps and reses, you're a Guardian. Also you won't hold cap points for long.

5. Protection is a lot better for a support guardian than meds. Also your mace/shield = very low damage when you're not in hammer.

6. Bloodlust >> 10% crit.

7. Earth or Mercy. Even soldier or Dolyak > Warrior. -1s doesn't even come close to cutting it for energy swap mods. When it stacks with a war trait that can be completely different.

Although healing power is awesome at high levels (selfless daring), you sac vit. Which means it's not viable at all, but 450healing power is good for small hp heals on dodge rolls and increasing your small heals by maybe 10-15% around (rough estimate). Easily achieved by 20 Honour + 25 Life stacks.
And Bunker Guardian doesn't mean "others are away and win game" 80% of the time, you generally play in the centre and have to support your allies to win. I assure you if you had 1 bunker on each team, one AH one med, the AH would give their team a giant advantage.
Sometimes yeah if you don't run an eng/mes you'll cover an edge cap point by yourself, but then you 100billion% need stand your ground and I assure you verse players who know how to play, lack of protection and condition removal will just kill you. I know you're going to think that you have CoP, but you need SY/CoP/SYG or SC/CoP/SYG or SY/HtL/SYG or even with hammer of wisdom/sanct.

tldr; can't support allies = burst nowhere near as effective and your team will have much less survivability.

2. Granted, viable option, despite you will lose more dmg output then you actually do migitate.

3. At what cost? Keep in mind Retal does not infact keep you alive, it hits the enemy for ~300 dmg. So the importance is in the eye of the observer. Spending points there very well cuts you back in 2225 Healing effectivly.

5. For supportive aspects of course shouts aka Protection are better, but you always have to keep in mind, that shouts with exception of SYG are passive and you wont have an active card up your sleves like MI or JI. And you cannot always wait for your teammates to be there. A often seen thing is, the sanctuary as another option, which needs SYG to be ready to cast TOC, otherwise everyone will knock, fear or whatever you out of the process.
Now its hard to desrcribe but the thing is that shouts are situational, which is not a bad thing at all, but in comparison there is no cd running meanwhile because you really want to time your protection (which I also get with the Hammer constantly with my build) until the enemy comes with the really big hits. With Meds you literally want your meds on cd the whole time.

6. 10% Crit >> Bloodlust. Here is why:

In average you are gonna have  =/<125 Power from Bloodlust. Especially as Bunker. Also 30% Crit Dmg in Valor are totally wasted if you dont crit. Rendering the whole Shout build ineffectiv to begin with.

3125*0,8*0,13= 325 Additional Power on Hit in average.

3000*0,8*0,23= 552 Additional Power on Hit in average.

7. Mercy is in fact very good. Yes, but then you got the problem of all the Toughness being wasted, as the effect is pretty much 0 because you already have too much Toughness, which makes Vitality wayyyy more viable.

Also sac. HP is a good thing. this is literaly the time you wait until your cd runs up. A dodge with 500 Healing cannot compare to having 6000 Hp on my bank. This would need at least 12 Dodges to break even

Can you please link me one of the viable Shout builds, that do in fact mitigate the  incompatibility between the traits, Runes and Sigils?

In Topic: The all around Guardian - Your Opinion?

05 November 2012 - 11:26 AM

View PostJaxSilven, on 05 November 2012 - 09:57 AM, said:

  • Mace no healing power
  • Retributive Armour with crit too low
  • Retal trait with no retal focus nor boon increased duration
  • No stand your ground on defensive build
  • No increased boon duration for protection
  • Crit sigils, what even..
  • Warrior runes??

1. The weapon choice doesnt realy matter, i also wrote so in another post, but now i moved it to the first. sorry about that, my fault. For bunkering in TPVP i take the scepter/shield and hammer

2. 1860 T gives around 5% of Crit Chance, as this build is already the optimum of Tankyness in terms of effectivness you can achieve by stats distribution. The only goal now, is too boost your Dmg output. And of course the only way to boost it with already 3000 Power is mathematically Crit Chance.

3. The retail Trait on aegis is by far the easiest to get without changing the current setup. Also you get a final Duration of 12 seconds of Retal, which boosts your dmg further

4. I explained that in the first post now, the only thing I found this build is lacking is Stability, however with Renewed Focus and the 2 Stun Breaker/Condi Removals you can get out of anything.

5. I dont even Aim for proctection that much, as I explained in the main post, protection is less viable than the heal you receive from the meds. If you take for example mace/shield you have at very least 7 seconds of protection, which is nice, but yeah, no shouts= no protection build.

6. Well since its the only dmg boosting option left (5% dmg < 5% crit in THIS case) . In Tpvp tho, I focus on Sigil of Energy, which also leads to the last points:

7. Warrior Runes. What are the Options? Earth, Sanctuary, Soldier. You definately want Vitality as its more effective as Thougness AT THIS POINT ( not generally). And since more toughness is not effective (you need more and more toughness to get further dmg reduction) its more effective to deal more dmg than reduce the incoming. Also the weapon switch with energy sigils is pretty neat. But you couldnt know this, because i wrote crit sigils, again my fault.

To be clear about this Build: I tried alot of Virtue Trait line or Healing Power builds in spvp, but in the end, healing power is pretty much bad. since the more hp you receive per second is so low and often work with reggen skills (which people can be positive or negative about).
And in the end, im tanking more with this build, holding my point way longer than other guardians.

And also the Shout build as a Bunker guardian, especially traited for AH, i dont really see the point, the whole point of holding a point is, that the others are away and win the game, of course they have to come for help since you cant tank all day long, but you dont really wanna wait with your shouts until then ( you cant).