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Legendary Defenders of Ascalon

29 August 2013 - 12:26 AM

After a long and arduous journey, my pal, Gate Monkey, and I have finally become Legendary Defenders of Ascalon. We have dedicated our lives to defending the Black Citadel, Ascalon, from the Ghosts that still inhabit the area. Him a Thief and me an Elementalist, we fended off wave after wave of the furious dead, never once thinking to report to Legionnaire Tosia Domesplitter, as there were fights to win.

Legendary Defender of Ascalon has a new meaning now. The title has been reclaimed from the foolish humans who defended our homeland FROM us so very long ago. The title is ours.

~Legendary Defender of Ascalon, Charr Flameshielder


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Keg Brawl best brawl

27 December 2012 - 05:53 AM

So I just had the absolute most fun I've had in Guild Wars 2 since release.

My friend and I went walking around looking for activities to do while we were waiting and remembered about Keg Brawl.

So we played around a bit, got used to the skills, all the regular stuff. Then it happened.


We soon learned that Lobbing kegs of ale didn't particularly have a max range, and that if you looked straight up and threw it... well, lets say you wouldn't be seeing that keg any time soon.

Naturally, we call in a friend. Now we've got three players determined to do one thing. Throw kegs off of Tyria. We stretch our arms and begin hurtling kegs through the stratosphere, over mountains, and clear over Hoelbrak.

Then a particularly pleasant lady, Cynn, decides she's had enough of our shenanigans,and tells us she's reported us to her friendly neighborhood charr GM.

The next hour or so was spent throwing as many kegs as we possibly could off of Tyria, and using every possible knockdown, daze, and knockback we can on our lovely friend from days of Ascalon past.

Rest assured, I doubt we'll be banned for using a skill as intended (See Keg Brawl goals: prevent other team from scoring. Mission. Freaking. Accomplished.) but if for some odd reason we are, it will be well worth it.