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GW1 Green weapon equivalent?

24 August 2012 - 12:55 PM

I was just looking at my GW1 characters and all the stuff I did and collected. And then I noticed something.

Green weapons! GW1's version of unique items. A certain uniquely named item with a certain skin dropped from a certain boss enemy.

I don't think that are in yet. But has there been any word of something similar comming to GW2?
Or alternatively, would you like to see something similar?

Just remember. In GW1 we had to wait till Factions for greens to drop. So just because they aren't in now doesn't mean they won't be introduced later.

Oh: obviously they could not be green... pink maybe? :P

Help picking a server: Far Shiverpeaks?

23 July 2012 - 11:47 AM

Hey guys.

I’m part of a small guild (less than 10 members) and like many others we are trying to find that one perfect server for us. Our goal is to create a casual Flemish (Dutch speaking Belgians, don’t worry we only speak Flemish/Dutch in guild chat :P) guild focusing on PvE and WvW with occasional sPvP.

With that in mind the Far Shiverpeaks server would seem ideal and a good recruiting ground for new members. However. We don’t want to be on a crowded server. And FS seems to be one of the most packed servers in EU. I mean seriously: unofficial server for Belgium, The Netherlands AND Scandinavia? Isn’t that a bit much for 1 server? I played on it in BWE1/2 and there were way to many people there. I also played on Gandara in BWE2 and that was much less crowded. For BWE3 I picked Vabbi, a rather nice relaxing server which sadly lacks a bit in WvW power. (But that's fine, the fun in WvW isn't necessarily about winning)

We feel that the problem with overcrowding is:
1) being stuck in overload /cue
2) WvW dominated by big guilds.

Both seem very true for FS. Last weekend when I was on Vabbi we were up against FS. And what struck me was that the FS forces mainly consisted of groups of several large guilds (over 30 people of the same guild) dominating the battlefield. On one hand that’s great of course, large/organized guild can really carry a WvW match and bring the match to a higher level. On the other hand, we are a small guild, and we fear that smaller guilds will get blown away by such large groups. For example, is there any hope of ever claiming a tower or keep for your guild if there are several large semi-pro guilds out there? I think not. But not just claiming towers, also just having fun.
On Vabbi last weekend we (mostly) had groups of random people and small guilds and it worked fine. We actually fought of the FS zerg several times and actually managed to hold our own for some time (until the third server started attacking us from behind). The point is, even though those small groups formed a big group to beat the enemy, as part of that group you felt like your contribution mattered. I fear that when most of the work is done by the large guilds and your small guild is just tagging along or doing minor tasks, it might not be as interesting or fun. I hope you know what I mean.

What would you guys do.
* Go for FS because our fears of an overpopulated server are unjustified.
* Or go for Vabbi. Where there will be less change to grow but we’ll feel more comfortable.