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#2024677 BG vs TC vs FA

Posted Sathure on 17 October 2012 - 07:19 AM

I need to go to bed so I'm not putting in large post at the moment. (It's 3:00 AM here >.>)

To put it bluntly. "In a perfect world."

It would be great for all servers to get equal coverage. Infact this thread was created on the intention for that specific purpose.


However this is not a perfect world. The game is a persistant 24/7 scenario. Numbers win. People compete in order to well, win. This isn't a heavily regulated sport. This is SERVERS paired up agains't other SERVERS. Server has no relation WvW. People don't choose a server strictly for WvW. But WvW has a very tight relation to Server. If you want something comparable to a regulated enviroment well I suggest Structured PvP.

In order for every server to have complete equal coverage all at once it would take a unanimous movement by every damn player in the NA bracket. Which just isn't going to happen. Even to spread out T1 coverage it would take a complete overhaul of all major servers. Including IoJ. Which again just isn't going to happen. This may happen over time eventaully and it probably will but it's not going to happen overnight.

Given the opponents we face. It's necessary to recruit in order to be able to compete. So recruite we did. Recently our recruitment has proven successfull. However it has been to a magnitude we didn't expect nor ask for. Again this is not a perfect world. People play to win and people also want to play with friends and others they can get along with.

However people are really jumping the gun on the numbers we have.(Funniest thing is that it's not even by members our own server.) I need to remind you that Blackgate original had absolutly no coverage or very minimal coverage in these areas. Where as the current T1 servers have either exceptional coverage or passable coverage. Considering we're in a Blowout match no one really knows the extent the transfers will actually have. We could step into T1 and get blown away or we could dominate and become the next HOD. Who knows?

I can say that I don't think any one is interested in another HoD Style domination. If that sort of thing were to come to pass I think a majority of the new guilds would find some restructuring and spread out else where.

EDIT: Way longer than I planned... And I need sleep.. :qq:

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Posted Houdii on 17 October 2012 - 07:07 AM

View PostJackiepro, on 17 October 2012 - 06:40 AM, said:

If the current t2 servers, aka IoJ and the upcoming SoS, are happy to fight in t2 against the same servers, then we do not need more transfers and as such do not need to be jealous of BG or complain. However if we want 6 t1 potential servers, then what is happening to BG right now is indeed bad for the game.

Well the problem is right now no one knows the full extent of the BG transfers because this weeks matchup was done from day 1. And until we face other servers with active pops who want to win, we will not know how much or even if we actually have a server incapable of losing. We have 0 queues on every map 24/7 atm, can form a group and jump around everywhere, not that there's action to do so but right now any damage is impossible to tell.

The only way I see to speak about the problems is to break it down into the 3 timezones.

NA servers, NA primetime on top tier server you expect to have queues. Now they could be an hour to 5hours I dunno, depends if people wanna sit in them but irregardless, queues all round make it even for competition.

Oceanic primetime. On paper I don't think Blackgate outpopulates SBI atm, and if SYN, Yaki etc are holding their own and not dominating JQ then we're on a pretty level playing field imo for tier 1. I dunno how IoJ or SoS goes but I assume they have strong pops. Untill these servers are matched we can't really tell.

Now for EU. I think the discussion about this between us sparked your post. They may have an unbalancing EU pressence. But what do they do, do the DEYS alliance split in half and go among 2 different servers? Probably a good idea but why should they split? If they can make such an impact, then 4EU guilds together are going to be bad anywhere they go..

This brings me to your question, what do players want? It's simple. To play with friends and be competitive. I'm not saying these are my reasons but they're what I think people want. It's why the 5 TA guilds stuck together, why the AA guilds stuck together, why the DEYS alliance is together. You get used to playing with people and know they have what it takes to help you reach the top. The problem is joining a place together to be competitive and NOT have 1000s of players follow you. This has happened twice now.

But until we see the outcomes of the current transfers I dunno how we can really judge how the top 2 tiers would play out. I honestly think if we end up on a server like HoD was, we'll see transfers off much faster. I think people are into mixing up and making things competitive, it's just a play by play thing atm, it's got alot of shit to be worked out because it's up to us, but we'll see. I think we're actually making good progress.

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Posted RivenVII on 16 October 2012 - 09:50 PM

View PostFlake, on 16 October 2012 - 09:39 PM, said:

Lol THAI went to BG? I'm guessing its just a matter of time before BG sees PRO there as well.

How is that fun? In what world would that possibly be competitive? And to my knowledge, THAI isn't an especially large guild. PRO said that they were staying on their current server. If you want bluntness, I think PRO should stay on their server and build it back up. When a community falls, it is the strongest who remain. Those individuals can build another community from the ground up. I hope you all do get transfers at IoJ to the point where we achieve balance. I strongly believe that some JQ guilds that have not been there since launch should definitely move to other servers where they would actually mean something. However, this is the sad state we are in with free transfers and 13 year olds leading guilds who don't know what community or hard work mean.

To respond @Dethwar80, Blackgate has worked their asses off to get to where we are. The dissolving of 2 large alliances may have accelerated that process, but please don't belittle us while you feign to be taking the high road of building a server. One of our largest guilds that prided themselves on "building a community in Blackgate" bailed after we lost a tough match and went to SBI. We have fallen far from the top and climbed our way back up. IoJ got large guilds the same that we did, in fact, those guilds went to you before we even got our EU players' finalized commitment and certainly before we got any other guilds. I am standing here saying that guilds looking to transfer in the future should look elsewhere for a better fit in our current state and you are going to say that we are not earning it? Sigh, the IoJ smear campaign rolls on.

#2023776 BG vs TC vs FA

Posted BearXIII on 16 October 2012 - 09:10 PM

Tier1 guilds "We planned or huge alliances for years before this game launched. If you want to compete Blackgate you should have built a huge power alliance like us. "
Blackgate "we could sure use some euro help. Lets just keep fighting and see what happens"
Guilds get tired of ques on there server and transfer to BG.
Bandwagoners follow said guilds  
BG" we got our Zerg we're gonna give it another shot for tier1.
Tier1/2" hey that's not fair how you got your Zerg "
Just my impression as a BG since prelaunch.