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#1791760 Scepter speed 21/08/2012

Posted Cali_Golemtinker on 23 August 2012 - 12:39 AM

Scepter changes

Scepter (1 Orb of Wrath Renamed to Smite, Smiter's Wrath and Smite of Castigation) range decreased to 900, damage increased back to normal, now apply cripple for 1s.
Combo Finisher: physical projectile (20% chance on all 3 attacks)

Trait: Scepter power: Scepter damage is increased by 5% and increases Orb of wrath cripple duration by 1s.

Scepter (1 Orb of wrath) is now a 3 chain attack, 151 (Smite) > 171 (Smiter's Wrath) > (Smite of Castigation) 191 with cripple.

Scepter (2 Smite) Renamed Symbol of Reckoning, range decreased to 900, Now counts as symbol
Combo field Light
Symbol Radius 120

Symbol duration 4s
Still maintains previous effect, just now gains advantage from traits.


Staff Changes
Staff (1) Range increased to 1200, no longer cones, but now deals half damage around the target you hit on the third strike.
Combo Finisher: Blast (20% chance only on final attack)

Trait: Strength of the fallen: Lose health 33% slower while downed and now causes Wave of wrath to apply 1s regeneration to near by allies around the target.

Staff (1) is now a 3 chain attack, (Scourge) 138 > (retribution) 158 > (Wrath) 178 with explode.

New animation much like Ray of judgment on the final attack. Rest are like bolts of light blue beams

that strike the target, due to extended range of 1200, slow orbs do not work.

I feel that this would make these weapons desirable in their intended roles. while giving us a more effective long range weapon.