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In Topic: So Andrew Macleod Threw His Jughead Crown In On Ascended and Gear Score / Checks

21 November 2012 - 01:56 AM

Didn't AI at one point during BWEs walk out of aoes? I'm sure it's not that difficult to program AI that will react to your skills or learn your rotation (I'm not talking machine learning, just checks to see if you're doing something similar very often, such as buffing, coming in to range, then using blunderbuss for instance), try to dodge after you give yourself quickness or put up a shield, for instance. Or save their knockdowns for people who are channeling, or drop aoes on downed party members to trap them. Or at least an AI that isn't dumb enough to get choked in to stacked AoE. There are plenty of ways to make games harder rather than making numbers bigger. I'm not sure why design elements used in console games are rarely used in MMOs and they're trapped in their own cliches of gear grind and bosses with bigger numbers. How come console games can still create challenging and memorable experiences but Anet is resorting to more red circles, bigger health pools, and one-shot attacks?

As for Flavor of the Month, I despise the system that it's built on. When I first played them I thought it was a great concept, short dungeons that you can play with anyone. But a few days later and I'm already struggling to find charities willing to run with a fotm level 1. Most others I try to do it with are too incompetent (We're at the grawl boss and I am constantly re-explaining that you must keep moving and stay away from each other when he drops the pulsing aoe debuff on a player that hurts nearby team mates, and here they are standing still right next to each other over and over again) or can't hold an internet connection for two fractals. And thanks to FotM having the best endgame rewards which require dedication to the dungeon with no diminishing returns, it's impossible to find explorable groups for dungeons like CoE and SE. In the last few days, I've been doing a whole lot of sitting around in Lion's Arch advertising that I'm looking for a fotm level 1 group or some specific explorables, and yes, I'll eventually find a party, but all the waiting around I have to do in the meantime is something unique to GW2 and makes my previous addiction, League of Legends, look so much more appealing.

Prior to all of this, I had collected 6 sets of exotic armor, all with unique skins, that I constantly switch between because I enjoy switching up my build often. To hear the news that all of my exotic sets are going to become obsolete and is actually going to become a game-dictated gate is very unappealing. Not to mention I'm going to have to use a bunch of fine tramsutation stones to continue using my favorite skins, and that wouldn't surprise me if this was just a scheme to get us to use more fine transmutation stones. I don't understand the need for a level of armor inbetween exotic and legendary. I always saw legendaries as the WoW player's carrot-on-a-stick that would keep them around for the next content update, I don't see the point of adding another level before that that still takes a ton of time to get and is required to continue doing fotm. Where my guild was once very inclusive when it came to getting players of all gear levels in to dungeons, I fear that the game telling us we can't do that any more is going to return us to WoW habits, having to gear up our entire guild before we're able to do anything with each other. And where I once believed that I could put GW2 down at any time and come back to experience content with friends who may have already been doing it for weeks, fotm really disproves that this is the way Anet wants to take the game. At this rate, I feel that at any point that I do end up having to put GW2 down, be it for life reasons or another game, I'll probably never bother picking it back up.

Though I only started playing GW1 three weeks before GW2 was released to get HoM 30/50, I do find myself missing it sometimes. It's starting to feel more like the better-designed game overall.

In Topic: Whats the point of engi?

09 November 2012 - 12:43 AM

We have access to the most conditions.
We have the most condition removal.
Grenade engineers have amazing long range aoe dps with max vulnerability permastacking.
We have powerful sustained healing and damage with support bombing.
The support elixir is very useful in dungeons.
We can sustain a permanent light field or aoe cure fear from yourself and your team.
We have access to perma swiftness, fury, and vigor, as well as build options to dodge much more often than other classes.
The med kit can be used to set down med packs before fights or before they're needed. You can have 9 out at a time I think.

If I think of more things I adore about this class, I'll edit them in.

In Topic: New Items on the Trading Post

08 November 2012 - 06:29 AM

The impending trade limit looks good. It's still possible to actively play the TP but at least a single person can't sleep on a 30,000 item order.

In Topic: The class with the most usefullness in WvW (Warrior/Necro/Ranger)?

06 November 2012 - 11:09 PM

View PostMrForz, on 06 November 2012 - 10:44 PM, said:

It's surprising that nobody mentioned Engineer.

But if only selecting between these 3. Well, I'd go with Warrior, then Necro, then Ranger. In that order.

Grenade engineer is really good. You can hit people on top of their keeps outside of their range~

In Topic: Why the puny Hammers? Why not this!

01 November 2012 - 11:38 AM

Asuras have it the worst. Rocks tied to sticks.