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An Amazing Idea for Precursor Acquisition

09 March 2013 - 01:10 PM

First thing I wanna stress is that in no way would this replace the current way of obtaining precursors. I think both options can exist together.

I had been discussing this with a friend last night at work and felt it would be a great way to:
-spread players more evenly throughout the world.
-encourage players to play on alts.
-populate quiet zones

The idea is rather simple. A very rare chest known as a Legendary Chest would spawn occasionally in a totally random location. Perhaps a chest once a day, or once a week, I haven't done much number crunching but I would think that a player that plays at least three hours a day for six months should be able to find enough chests to assemble a precursor. Anyways, the chest would remain until it is looted (That means if it's hidden somewhere in Skrittsburg, it'll stay there until it's found), would require a lengthy channel time to open, and be interrupted by damage.

The chest would drop a Precursor Fragment, an account bound material, and when enough were collected and combined in the mystic forge, would have a 100% chance of yielding a precursor. Perhaps as another option, it would allow players to place an exotic weapon of their choice of type and would be guaranteed the corresponding type? I'm unsure of whether or not Anet prefers some precursors to be more valuable than others. The acquired precursor could be soulbound on acquire or soulbound on use, depending on how Anet sees fit.

I feel such an addition would be a valuable improvement to pve. Players would be more willing to play on more desolate maps to cover more area, would be more inclined to avoid high-population maps since more people around means a lower chance of finding a chest for yourself, and give players a reason to play alternate characters more frequently, since this valuable reward can be earned no matter what the level of your character is, so long as you are exploring.

One major issue we feel the Legendary Chest poses is competition between players, even in parties, when pve is supposed to reward cooperation. A possible solution is to reward all players in close proximity a cut of the fragments (perhaps 250 could be required for the precursor, so rewarding 15 for each of two players would feel better than one player getting all 30?),  so long as it prevents players from camping the chest as they wait for friends or their guild to arrive to all loot it at once.

I'm a little tired at the moment so my thoughts may not be perfectly organized, and I may have missed a detail or two but I'd like to stick around and discuss the idea. What does the Guru think of this?

Looking for a Cross-Server Lobby-like Dungeon Guild

08 November 2012 - 05:42 PM

Rynhardt, Level 80 Engineer (Currently grenade vulnerability stacker, though I use multiple builds)
Display name: Rynhardt.3190
Server: Ehmry Bay (Not interested in transferring whatsoever)
Time Zone: Eastern
Age: 20

The type of guild I'm looking for is a large cross-server guild that acts like a dungeon lobby for people to represent and find a party. My daily routine typically consists of mining Orichalcum, completing my dailies, and running the shortest explorables for tokens and loot. Unfortunately, I sometimes have a hard time finding parties for CoE, HotW, and SE though they are my dungeons of choice. I'm not very interested in AC, CM, or CoF at the moment but that could change in the future. Right now, I'm looking to do Crucible of Eternity at least once a day and while forming a party usually doesn't take TOO long, I would love to find a guild that would help me cut that time in half. I'm not particularly experienced with most explorables (Though I have all HotW explorable paths mastered) but I am willing to follow directions and learn the paths, especially since I'll be repeating most of them for tokens. The reason I'm looking for a cross-server guild is to expand our party recruitment options; not only would I be able to ask fellow guild members if they're interested in running a dungeon and map advertise the party on my server, but my party members could also advertise on their own servers as well. I'm not necessarily looking for a community but I'd be fine joining one if it didn't require much participation as I spend most of my time in another social guild I help manage. I'm not interested in joining a guild that splits its focus away from dungeons for spvp or wvw.

Feel free to contact me here or ingame if I meet your guild's criteria.

Any way to obtain the starter gear after character creation? Or which should I choose?

23 August 2012 - 06:02 AM

So as part of the biography questions, each class gets to pick a pet/armor skin to start with in an armor slot that doesn't really get used until around level 20. Anyways as an engineer I am totally stuck between http://wiki.guildwar..._Multitool_Pack and http://wiki.guildwar...gle_Eye_Goggles and can't decide which one I want. I do plan on using transmutation stones on one or the other if necessary, as I'm sure at level 80, I'd be one of the few people still using the skins, but I really like them both. Anyways, my question is, is there any way to obtain them both, or something similar to one of them?

If no, then which one should I choose? So far my pros to going with the backpack are the slot won't be fiilled any time soon and it fits my character who will be a kitoholic, cons being is that it's not that noticeable on an asura and my flamethrower's backpack will override it. As for the eagle eye goggles, it's much more noticeable and unique looking, however the slot is filled much more quickly and I expect to find some pretty neat headpiece skins as I progress through the game.

What does the guru think?

Didn't want to spoil personal storyline?

24 July 2012 - 11:40 PM

I see a lot of people saying they didn't do the personal storyline because they didn't want to spoil it. I guess it's a little late to offer the suggestion, but I'm curious as to why people didn't just select biography choices they didn't plan on taking on the game's release. I mean, unless you plan on playing the same race for every class, the bwe was the perfect time to experience the beginning of personal storylines you may never have the chance to play and still allowed you to test them for Anet.

I guess I can blame trying that out for one thing, I'm considering changing my main's biography after seeing a storyline element I really liked from it in bwe o.o