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In Topic: can't see the point of armor classification!

07 September 2012 - 04:56 PM

I feel like the armor is only for aesthetics and making separate categories for looting/crafting purposes. I just do not perceive a practical difference.

the armor classification differ in the armor value it provides, not just looting/crafting.

I believe it's about defining "silhouettes" for the different classes of profession they established. A lot of RPGs are very invested in a "warriors wear plate, wizards wear robes" mentality, GW2 challenged a lot of these, but preserving standard fantasy archetypes seems to have been something important to them. I think it helps provide the professions with identity, as well as clue people in to who or what they're looking at and what to expect from that character.

From that perspective, I very much miss the profession specific armor of GW1.

I believe armor in GW1 was more logical, the AL60 provide extra energy which makes the scholar class relay more on spells, AL70 provide extra versatile feature, AL80 provide the highest possible armor.

it is no the case in GW2, the armor class only differ in the armor value and there is no compensation for the loss of armor.

In Topic: Ranger Deadly combos

26 July 2012 - 06:25 AM

QZ is probably one of best ranger skills.

smaller recharge time + ground target is clearly advantage atleast early game in both PvE and PvP, but it has no use in sPvP since you cant use racials there.

i didn't try it myself but i got confirmation from a friend of mine that he was able to use racial skills in WvW, i will be happy if that is true ^^

Actually, the name Ranger comes from to range, which means: to roam freely/to move over an area so as to explore it. (from Merrian-Webster dictionary) It has nothing to do with ranged combat, and although many fantasy rangers are skilled archers, there are those who favor melee weapons. (for example Aragorn- archetypal Ranger was most often seen with sword or (in)famous Drizzt Do'Urden who used dual scimitars)

And actually, melee rangers in this game are not as bad as you make them seem to be. The mainhand sword, in combination with any off-hand, is very good melee condition-based weapon, even more so after recent buffs. The amount of mobility and evades this weapon in combination with dagger offers is enough to make any warrior cry in frustrasion.

actually i was trying to be funny when i said ranger is for range, i agree with you that melee rangers will be very good as well, it is just a matter of taste.

Not sure why everyone is arguing or whatever. This is actually really cool. I played ranger to lvl 38 this past weekend and I didn't once think about ways that I could up my damage through personal combos. I just put on my signets as they became available and stuck with it cause it worked.
I did unlock the skills for torch, and I knew you could combo to apply burning.
I did use the sun spirit in Ascalon Catacombs but never really noticed how much it helped.

Basically I was very unobservant during my playing this weekend. Whereas you actually took the time to try different things and combo them together and the end result was very impressive. My build worked, but I never took a foe down with range before they reached me. This vid has got me completely rethinking my builds.

Thanks Moka

I'm glad that it helped :)
thanks Zrevyx

In Topic: Ranger Deadly combos

25 July 2012 - 09:41 PM

Entangle is not single target, it entangles every1 around ranger but its not ground targeted as sylvari racial grasping roots.

yes you are right, my bad, thanks for the correction :)
however i still find grasping vein is a better choise for barrage.

The chances of a ranger in melee vs a warrior are pretty good if you are traited properly, Rush and whirlwind can be avoided since the warrior spins just before doing it, the only major problem is the Throw Bolas, for some reason Rangers can break "stuns" with lightning reflexes but can't break immobilize.

from what i saw during the BWEs so far, anything can be done as the mechanics heavily depends on the player's skill.
but - at least on the paper - in close range, giving the warrior higher armor, burst skills he will has more potential, so we need to get a large chunk from his HP before he come close, come on we are called rangers so we have to act from range to justify the name at least :D

Anything + QZ + Signet of the WIld + Signet of Beastmaster trait + sharpening stone.

that is a very interesting, I’m sure i will give it a try after release.

thank you all for passing by and commenting.

In Topic: Ranger Deadly combos

25 July 2012 - 02:40 PM

ok so let me get this straight

1. there are combo fields
2. press buttons

yea that pretty much is :D
only u need to know what button apply combo finisher and u will be good.

Awesome vid Moka, thanks for sharing this! However, I'm trying to think of how to pull off the second combo without the Sylvari racial. I may not need to since my partner will be running with a Sylvari Elementalist, I know Rangers have the elite skill "Entangle," but it looks like that's a single target ability.

thank you :) .
currently grasping veins is way better than entangle and yes it is single target.
grasping veins is area of effect, recharges faster, longer range, less learning cost.
the only other option is Binding roots, and u must use Avatru of Melandru first, which is Human racial elite skill, and i don't consider this as an option as ur skill bar will be replaced by Melandru Skills.
i think they may modify it, coz if they left it like that all rangers will be sylvari :D


why not? i think the warrior burst skill will be enough.

In Topic: Ranger Deadly combos

25 July 2012 - 11:10 AM

If your point was to try to do some burst dmg then you should have thrown the torch as well as it add much more burning, in fact if you did the same combo in close range with the Axe you would probably do more dmg because not only would you add more bleed stacks, the target would be inside the bonfire as well, you could then switch to the LB and Rapid Fire if you wanted.

It would probably be overkill but:
(close range) Sharpening Stone -> Throw torch -> Bonfire -> Splitblade -> switch weapon -> Rapid Fire

thanks for the comment.

my point was to do high dmg from range, i know - at least for the beta - the melee weapons were more powerful than ranged weapons, but i believe if you are into the close combat the warrior will be a better choise.

just for clarification, i didn't say these are "the best combos" or "the only combos", they are just thought and i will add more after the release :)