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DSD is kraken?

13 November 2012 - 03:14 AM

Hi there,
couple of days ago while derping around LA, i found this photo.
The photo highly resembles huge tentacles within high waves, which you will get when a kraken rise, obviously, which is grabbing what is looks like a human and a couple humans are running away.
however i can’t read krytanPosted Image
so the whole text under the photo is a pure blah blah blah for me.
today i saw the lost shores udpate notes, it says:
They came from beneath the waves—the “karka”, a monstrous new species bent on destruction!

"Karka" is obviously derived from Kraken, however they are more like a crab species.

your thoughts?

can't see the point of armor classification!

07 September 2012 - 03:15 PM

Hi there,

GW2 is sent to destroy the holy trinity of tank, spank and heal, we now have damage, control and support, i like that, it is innovative and challenging.

but why there is heavy, medium, light armors? shouldn't all be the same, or at least have the choice what to use? why there is a profession has a tanky option if you want to remove the tank role?

the argument of the melee classes, at least logically, must wear heavier armor, is invalid as scholars can go melee if they choose that.

I know this can be manipulated through the traits and increasing toughness, vitality on your armor, but even with this is a heavy armor profession used the same runes he will be more tanky.

am i missing something?

Ranger Deadly combos

25 July 2012 - 08:54 AM

Hi everyone,

during the last BWE i tried Ranger for the first time, giving that it was my favourite profession in gw1.

at the begining i wasn't satisfied with the damage output and it realy took along time and effort to take down a normal single foe.

so i dug a little bet in the skills and what i can do with them and i was really surprised from the result and i wanted to share it with my fellow rangers, of course this is for the beginners not for the experts :D

a quick overview of what i did is in this video

First combo:

Longbow skill Rapid fire combined with Utility skill sharpening stone and Torch skill Bonfire can take down a single normal foe in just that with no pet help.
what i did is basicly using the Combo Field: Fire of Bonfire with the Combo Finisher of Rapid Fire, this combo makes all my arrows burn the foe, plus the bleeding provided from sharpening stone it really makes a huge difference.

Second combo:

Longbow skill Barrage combined with Utility Skill Sun Spirit and Sylvari racial skill Grasping Veins will root all foe in the selected area in order to take the full damage from Barrage with Sun Spirit adding Burning for each arrow, they will melt really fast and it has no limit on the number of foes, it really depends on your skill to get as much foes rooted as possible.

In my build i was concentrating on Precise to add as much Critical% as i can and Power is a very good addition too.

I will continue adding combos after release.
It is my first time to post a thread so please forgive me if i miss some options :)

Thank you.