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#1969176 Any old MMO tanks kinda missing that feeling.

Posted Arkham Creed on 26 September 2012 - 12:59 AM

View PostRukioish, on 25 September 2012 - 09:21 PM, said:

But the game doesn't allow you to preform tactically, since there is no intelligent threat system.

(also the military thing was a bad comparison, since it always stirs up ex-military. sorry)

If there was a way to maintain or monitor threat, even if there was no actual tank class, it would make the game soooo much easier to organize. Instead its just a constant "whoever boss is targetting run like shit"

Good example: A group was doing the champion giant in Naegling, and we were trying to kite him outside the city so we could use the cannon on him, but he kept switching targets to the idiots who stood behind him, despite us yelling at them to move. If I had, say, some taunt move as a warrior, I could help the group drag the giant into fire, while maintaining threat to prevent him from escaping cannon fire.

You do realize that there is no such thing as an intelligent threat system, right? Think about it; you are describing a system wherein you basically mind control your enemy into ignoring the players who are a real threat, and instead focusing entirely on the player that they have absolutely no hope of ever defeating. I don’t know what kind of logic you’re operating on, but that seems like the opposite of intelligence to me.

The simple fact is that mobs in GW2 are intelligent, and that is why you can’t tank. They pick and choose targets by realistic logic, looking at variables like range, damage, armor, health, and yes even role. Frankly the holy trinity wasn’t tactical at all, it was simplistic. So simplistic in fact that all trinity based content could be conquered by the same bone-head strategy every single time, and players never had to actually think about what they were doing at all; just watch meters ebb and flow and keep up a rotation.

I’m sorry but your entire argument is, put simply, stupid. Yes right now with so many concurrent players a lot of events devolve into a zerg (also realistic when you think about it; if you have an army going against one creature there is going to be a lot more running around and attacking than anything else), but that doesn’t mean the entire game is mindless. I highly suggest you go try some instanced stuff like dungeons; those demand a hell of a lot more strategy and coordination than I’ve ever experienced in a trinity based game.

Finally as far as your example; this is a social and community based game. If a bunch of morons are ruining your strategy go yell at them, don’t waste time on a forum getting nostalgic for some glory days that had nowhere near as much depth as you’re pretending. Bad players do not equal a bad game, and at the risk of sounding like a troll I have to say that maybe you should learn to play before you complain.

#1909567 Why do people instist on selling in chat?

Posted Khazik on 10 September 2012 - 06:31 AM

View PostLIVESTRONGG, on 10 September 2012 - 06:03 AM, said:

I just got done having an argument with people in LA about people selling items through mail system. Why would you run the risk of getting scammed when there is a built in Trading Post? The people that I was arguing with said that scamming is, get this, a rarity in games, and saying how they've traded over 20 times and haven't gotten scammed. Then saying how he won't get scammed because of his past experiences. Best part about it is he said he said he even sends first. How do people set themselves up like this? I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would do mail trading. The risks do not out weigh the rewards, at all. If you mail trade you will get scammed, and pretty much deserve to by not taking advantage of the Trading Post.

With the mentallity of such paranoia and insecurity, you'll be paying more for your fears than they're actually worth.

If someone does scam you, you can report them and get your stuff back (unless some BS line in ToS says they dont have to, but it would behouve A-net to do so), and they'll be banned in the process. Hell, say they exploited you and you KNOW they'll be banned. People who craft dont want to take the risk of being banned for some simple e-currency or pixelated treasures. I personally craft for other people, yes I do require them to send me the mats first because otherwise the item doesn't get crafted.

I require mats sent first because it's just stupid for the seller to make it first. What if the buyer doesn't have 2g70s but has the mats from hours of dynamic events and dungeons? I'm supposed to accept mats for the item created as payment and hope i sell those for the same value I spent on making the item for buyer? Thats just asinine.

I'm not using my money buying the mats, make the item, send it to them, then wait for them to send either money or mats to me because thats just pointless. Why should I have to have mats readily available for some random person who wants me to make them an Item. With that ideology, I'd need to have enough of every material readily available or enough funds to buy the mats myself, and hope the buyer doesn't come up "oh found one, thanks tho" mid purchasing, and even still loose money if I want to sell them or wait til I can sell at a price to cover my cost. Crafters arent warehouses...  Buying from the TP, the buyer is happy because of convenience, the seller is dissatisfied because of the lsiting fee + tax on items sold and is in effect 'short changed', thats why sellers prefer NOT using the TP.

Eitherway you look at it, someone has to send something first, either mats, or item, and wait for the other to reimburse. If your so paranoid of being scammed or cheated, just stick to using the TP and hope your item is up there for a price you're willing to spend, and sell any mats you'd have that could make the item you want... but you'll be spending more for what you want because you're paying markup to cover listing fee, tax, profit, and/or cost to the crafter/seller.

View PostGags, on 10 September 2012 - 06:10 AM, said:

And there also is the chance some one sees whats been advertised and having nothing else to compare it to thinks 'wow that looks shiny, sold!' and is being sold for a quarter of the price in the trading post. So some people can be fooled and purchase something for more than what they could get it for on the TP.

If people cant hit "O" and type the item or materials needed in the search to see what they're going for, they need to put forth just a little bit more effort than a "i want, give now" attitude or pay for their lethargic aptitude and stupidity. Every crafter, including myself, readily links the needed mats required, it's just a shift+click away.

Sorry for lengthy post, but the OP is just unreasonably paranoid. Ya, I've been scammed before, both IRL and in game (not this one). I believe (from what I've seen) the GW2 community is keeping it honest and friendly and intends to do so, instead of seeing this turn into another E-PEEN nerd fest like WoW.... and people are also held accountable for what they do to others here.

People avoid TP because: of fees, easier to sell in person, easier to craft items to demand in person, cheaper for buyer and seller to make items as they're needed, and it's more expensive to use the TP in about every way for both buyer and seller.

**TLDR** See above post.