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Binding Jeopardy and Grasping Vines

14 January 2013 - 01:33 PM

Would anybody happen to know (or be willing to test) if the vulnerability from the Binding Jeopardy trait is applied with every reapplication of immobilize from the sylvari racial skill Grasping Vines? I'm uncertain considering the applicator of the immobilize isn't the actual player, but rather the summoned vine. I suppose an answer to how the roots cast by the human elite Avatar of Melandru works with regards to this could have a place here too (assuming it works in the same way as Grasping Vines; my only knowledge of it solely comes from its wiki page), though I'm personally only interested in the sylvari skill. ;-)

This is a determining factor to whether I start leveling my asura pvp character for wvw, or if I delete it to create a sylvari one.

Thanks. :-)