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LF the name of a consumable

08 December 2012 - 04:43 PM

What do people eat/use that makes them green and see through? (Not referring to necromancer's spectral skills)

Putting a more DS in this necro.

03 November 2012 - 07:45 PM

I want to make my tPvP bunker necro more tanky.

Explaining my build would be quite difficult as it involves a lot of manual weapon swapping and utility swapping on the spot, right before an engagement.

So what I most recently used was:


I use default self-target Wells. I have use a lot of very brutal combos to keep people inside, so going 20 into curses for ranged wells is a waste for me.

Doom Staff
Hydromancy Warhorn (1v1 on DD glass)
Energy Axe (1v1)
Hydromancy Focus (2v2, 2v3)
Water OH Dagger (1v2, 1v3)
Hydromancy Spear
Doom Trident

My Utilities:
All 4 wells
Consume Conditions (vs Necro, Mesmer and Unicorn)
Spectral Grasp (vs Engie and Ranger)
Spectral Walk (1v2, 1v3)
Corrupt Boon (vs Guard)
Plague Signet (vs Necro and Mesmer)

Plague Form (1v2 or 1v3)
Flesh Golem + Charge (1v1)

My current 1v1 Point Defence winrate:
- 100% vs all Warriors
- 100% vs all Guardians
- 100% vs all Elementalists
- 100% vs all Rangers
- 100% vs all DD Thieves
- 100% vs all non-cc-spam Engineer
- 90% vs unicorn Thieves
- 75% vs Condition Mesmer
- 60% vs Daze/Shatter/Condition hybrid Mesmer
- 95% vs pure Conditiomancer
- 60% vs DS-heavy Conditionmancer
- 90% vs CC-spam Engineer

1v2 winrate:
- 100% vs any pair of DD's
- 30% vs Mesmer + thief/warrior/guardian
- 80% vs Elementalist + thief/warrior/guardian
- 10% vs Necro + anything
- 10% vs Engineer + anything
- 10% vs Ranger + any non DD

What changes can I make to my traits that will actually make it more tanky? I have no particular goal in killing certain classes. I just want to waste time. I'm willing to lower my chances of killing people for more survivability.

Metrica Province Hylek SP (LF unbugged server)

18 October 2012 - 01:54 PM

I've been stuck at 99% map completion for 5~6 weeks because the same skill point in the Asuran 1-15 zone is bugged on Tarnished Coast. I check several times a day every single day but it's always bugged.

Can anyone tell me if their server has this one not bugged? I don't understand how so many people get 100% map completion when that thing has been bugged for ages.

It's a Hylek (frog ppl I think) in a swampy low-ground near the starting zone for Metrica Province.

I'm gonna transfer servers to do it, and transfer back the next day. I don't think A-net is going to fix this. They've had several patches in September claiming they fixed skill points. They did fix a lot, but this one remains bugged and untouched.

DS Flickering for Conditionmancer

26 September 2012 - 02:10 PM

What kind of traits do you guys prefer for Death Shroud if you use a conditionmancer build?

'Flickering' as in F1 -> (#2 ->) #3 -> F1 (leave)

Some traits like 3 second stability is so useful but it costs 30 points into soul reaping that isn't helping your condition build.

There's the 1 condition removal trait which I find useless if you go plague signet.
There's healing when you leave DS (which sucks).
There's retaliation for 3s which I personally love.

And a couple others I think. There's one that heals allies when you use health siphon (#4), I never used it. Is that trait any good?

Anyways, discuss~ :)

What's a decent build vs Pistol Whip thief.

20 September 2012 - 01:09 PM

I just don't have enough stun breakers or rolls to avoid getting stunned and to hit them when they're stealthed for recovering initiative.

Especially when up against like 2~3 pistol whip thieves, then I become completely stationary.

Want to know if there's some trick I am not aware of that can help me survive and fight back.

I can imagine wells being nice to aoe. Maybe well of suffering, darkness, and plague signet?