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In Topic: Warrior in CoF P1 Runs (Tricky Parts)

19 January 2013 - 10:04 PM

View PostHavana Crab, on 19 January 2013 - 09:57 PM, said:

Well the main issue would be getting into groups that want the pure DPS warrior.  I do better on my ranger than I ever did on my warrior in path 1.  I decimate the gate controller in my 6 seconds of quickness (skill+pet swap) and still can inflict great damage throughout.  However, I can't get into groups on my ranger because people want Warrior/Mesmer groups right now in ratios of 4-1 or 3-2.  (4-1 is usually faster even though double timewarp is neat.)  I got tired of not being able to get into groups on my ranger, and immediately being kicked when accepted into the people that took me when they saw my prof.

My main toon is a shout guardian which rocks in fractals, but people want damage over survivability for speedruns, so I started trying to use my warrior.  Part of the problem might be that I haven't played my warrior as much as some of my other toons, though I know when to place banners and I know to keep FGJ up, so most is self explanatory.  When I did play warrior I used to go axe/axe or axe/mace, so GS is relatively new to me (though also self explanatory.)

In other words, I'm sure you're right about sonic boon warriors, and I may try one in fractals if I bring my warrior instead of my guardian next time I go in.

I guess I am pretty sheltered due to having a guild group that I run 6 nights a week to do dungeons and fractals.  I didn't think that the community of this game was that bad.  Honestly if I was in your situation I would spec sonic boon and lie to the idiots to get in the group.  They deserve it.

In Topic: Warrior in CoF P1 Runs (Tricky Parts)

19 January 2013 - 09:17 PM

View PostHavana Crab, on 19 January 2013 - 08:49 PM, said:

Here is my current build: http://intothemists....TT;0942849B;44X

I'm not worried about 'real dungeons' just CoFP1 because I already have other builds I like for Fractals and other situations.  This trouble is due to the glass nature of what people want me to bring into these speedclears.  

Just another thought.  If I were to give up the 5% power goes to vitality and take 10 less in strength, would I make up for the 100 lost power with the Empowered trait in tactics?  If so, that would buy me a little more vit and boon duration.

The change in spec you propose won't help alot in the 2 parts you are having trouble with.  Both of those events are (for the most part) direct damage and being overwhelmed by it.  You may pick up a burning condition now and then but that isn't whats dropping you.  Toughness is better for countering direct damage through mitigation.  I would try to sell you on sonic boon and how you would lose little to no damage, boost the damage of your entire party, and increase your survivability by an astronomical amount making the speedruns go faster than you ever will running any glass cannon spec, but you seem pretty set on running that way.  I wish you good luck finding something that works.

In Topic: Warrior in CoF P1 Runs (Tricky Parts)

19 January 2013 - 08:29 PM

What spec are you running?  I ran CoF all 3 paths on my warrior a few nights ago and had no problems.  It was the first dungeon I have ever been in on that character.  I run Sonic Boon spec with full knights armor and zerker jewelry and back.  If you are concerned about "slowing down and not helping" your team, then consider a spec and gearing with the big picture in mind. If glass cannon isnt working for the biggest faceroll easy mode spank fest dungeon there is, imagine how it will be in a real dungeon.

In Topic: Having more than one of the same prof

12 January 2013 - 12:34 AM

I have 10 character slots.  8 level 80's of each profession, a level 35 elementalist, and a level 18 guardian.  The reason for the 2 repeaters is I hate respeccing and I hate carrying 90 sets of gear in one characters bag.  So the lowbie ele is to learn and play double daggers (80 ele is staff spec).  The second guardian was to experience a dps build instead of the full support build i used to run on my 80 guard (I have since changed to a more dps centric spec on 80 guard).

My train of thought is that I have the time to level 20 of each class if I want.  And now that I have a max of everything the pressure of getting to 80 asap is over.  I can take my time.  Smell the roses.  Not to mention I tend to make 20 gold or so for every character I level so it pays for itself.  Bottom line is it is your life and your time.  Do what you want.

I would pass on a bit of wisdom to you though.  Several of the professions (Mesmer. Necro, and Thief) I played to level 20 or so and said screw that noise I hate these profs.  I didn't delete them and after a few weeks I decided to level them with crafting.  Those three profs are 3 of my favorites now.  The way a class plays for the first 70 levels or so is not reflective of the way it plays at max.  Just food for thought.

Also be prepared for strange looks from your guildmates when they see you playing your second of any profession.

"Don't you have a level 80 warrior?"

In Topic: How my Ban for Snowflake is different and unjustified!

04 January 2013 - 03:57 PM

Everyone who got banned for this exploit will file in here over the next few days and try to tell us how they weren't trying to exploit and they only wanted to fix the economy.  Or end world hunger.  I have read several of these posts and many seem to have some fuzzy logic about how Anet wanted backpieces to be easier to get so they thought that this recipe was added to do that.  Maybe someday when a too good to be true thing presents itself to someone, they will think for 2 seconds before they dive headfirst into it and end up getting banned.

Haters gonna hate.

'Sploiters gonna sploit.

Anet gonna ban.