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Test of the Trinity

17 May 2013 - 03:54 AM

I've been playing guild wars 2 for a while. One of the most fun I have in the game, personally, is running dungeons. I tend to pug more than I should, but when I do find guildies I prefer doing my runs with them. That being said I was curious if there were optimal builds for running a dungeon such as, having a class build entirely for tanking, 3 for dps and one for healing. Yes I know you don't need a defined class to do dungeons, but I'm looking to optimize my time while doing them with people. I would love to test this myself, but I have a hard time convincing my guildies to change their builds for testing sake. Now, what I want to know is if there’s someone out there who happened to do a run with the trinity, tank, healer ect, and how it went. I am even curious to how people think this might go. :)