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#2120292 Highest DPS class

Posted dawdler on 16 December 2012 - 09:32 PM

View PostAngelus359, on 08 September 2012 - 02:10 PM, said:

my pistol pistol can put out 30 thousand damage in 16 seconds, without using quickness in spvp... is that good?
Without defining the target and its gear/build, I would say no. I might as well assume that your 2K dps is 50% mitigated by toughness and the target has 500hps regen as well as 1500hp shout heals on every cooldown meaning your damage is... nothing. Especially not if said target reflect 15K of your damage for 8 out of 16 seconds and kill you on the spot.

View PostAltma951, on 08 September 2012 - 10:55 PM, said:

Mesmer and Necro take up the bottom. Necro can actually do pretty good solo, with bleeds. Mesmers have great 'snap' or 'burst' damage, but overall have probably the lowest dps. Most of my Necro friends primary complaints are, when in group events - they have trouble getting Silver, let alone gold.
At least for the Mesmer (havent played Necro) that's not because low dps. Mesmer does in fact have awesome AoE dps if you combine all skills. The issue with group events in for example Orr is because of ramp-up time. When there are 20 Elementalists all blasting away and flattening 50 mobs in 1 second, being able to do twice as much as their dps after 2 seconds doesnt exactly help. You dont do dps on dead mobs.

#1929153 Warrior, outclassed in every way

Posted Alaroxr on 14 September 2012 - 02:19 AM

Last week, Thieves and Mesmers were "utterly underpowered"; now they're "overpowered". Last month, Engineers were apparently the "worst and most underpowered", now people love them. Yesterday, Warriors were the "best", today they're the "worst".

#1927999 Warrior, outclassed in every way

Posted UssjTrunks on 13 September 2012 - 07:48 PM

- Best (direct damage) ranged profession in the game
- Best single target control in the game
- One of the best professions for clearing/holding capture points
- One of the best classes for roaming
- One of the best AOE support skills in the game (battle standard)
- One of the best professions for finishing off targets in group fights (killshot/eviscerate)

The warrior can do a lot of everything, and very effectively too. It's one of the most versatile classes.

#2104709 Seems like we'll get a big content patch on January/February

Posted Cr0w on 02 December 2012 - 04:41 PM

Great... i can't wait for more 1 time events, which happen while i'm at work or asleep!

I can hope though :D

#2092226 class problems

Posted Gecko on 22 November 2012 - 09:23 AM

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#1999314 Mixing Berserker and Other Gear. How to do it right.

Posted Ravnodaus on 07 October 2012 - 09:11 AM

Hello! Preface time!! ^.^ I'm mixing stats in my Ranger's gear, and want to use some Berserker pieces. I've noticed some inconsistencies in the Crit Damage % allocation and decided to do some number crunching to get some hard facts on which pieces are better than others. Here are my results, for your reference.

Berserker gear has Power as its top prioritized stat. It has two secondary stats, precision and crit damage %. I went through and compared the relative value of each piece for total stat distribution. After adding up this gear set; Berserker's armor x6 with 6x ruby. (for simplicity, and to include them in the comparison). 2x ring, 2x accessory, 1x neck, and 6x jewels. Using a 2h weapon. All gear is exotic (except gems, rare), and 80, and berserker/ruby...total stats this provides...

Power 1100
Precision 766
Crit % 72

This gives use a correlation that the average value for crit % = ~ 10.5 of another stat in gear allocation. This is fairly consistent with traits at 10 = 1% there too. If we use that as a baseline for which piece of gear is average and consult each individual item, we can see a VERY clear indication that some items are simply better than other ones. The following is a comparison of how much the stat is valued per item. The higher the bolded number at the end, the worse that item is relative to other berserker/ruby pieces. Big number = bad.

Chest   72/5   14.4
Leg   48/3   16
Head   32/2   16
S/G/B   24/2   12

Amulet   64/5   12.8
Acces.   40/3   13.3
Ring   48/3   16

Jewel   15/3   5
Gem 14/2   7

1hW   64/5   12.8
2hW   128/9   14.2

Average value   10.5

In conclusion, Jewels are stat gold if you want to add a dash of berserker to your gear setup. Gems are great too if you don't have a rune set in mind. Options that are less bad are Shoulder, Glove, and Boots since they are just a little worse than average. And if you want to add even more, Amulet and 1 hand weapon aren't terrible. Personally, I don't think I'll ever use any of the other berserker pieces, as they are just not getting enough of a stat allocation for it to be efficient.

I'm sure it's been covered elsewhere, but I couldn't find it... hope this helps someone out there!


#2093414 Current State of the Game. Fun? Population? Will you continue to play?

Posted Blixcoe on 23 November 2012 - 12:31 PM

I was horny for GW2 for a year and a half, watching the staff genuinely talk about making a game that will shake the mmorpg genre. It seemed like an awesome consept and I was so into-it. At release I played my heart out. Got into my GW1 guild which we made in GW2. Everything was new and awesome, everyone needed help. Great.

But then slowly after I gained level 80, things started to bring a turn-off on me.
I mean, I can't even get the best inventory-bags. They're freaking 10 gold! I feel like I'm not functioning economicaly. And the lost shores event did it for me. Not only did I spend 2 hours there because it was so long, but after 30 minutes I was standing there auto attacking after the same thing. Ofc I had to leave 20 mins before the event ended because I had to go to bed for school, (don't blame anet for that) but the event was awfully long and plain, for that matter.

Dungeons? They're improving them, but god damn so boring and unrewarding!

I've had interest in trying to grind for legendary. But I just skipped it. 100 gold? I'd never get that was my thoughts.
Then the game became more interesting to me when I heard about ascended and a new dungeon. But after finding out that ascended required that much farming, like 30-80 gold, I just gave up. The new dungeon? did it 4 times and was kicked out every time because a pug-member disconnected.

The game is slowly losing interest for me. Ascended gear is too much that I, a hardcore mmorpg gamer can handle. The prices of lots of things in the game is just insane. No grind, anet? Have you played your own game?

Unless you're albert einstein or something, you can't have success in GW2. sure, farm until you dry up, but in the end you'll still be poor and unrewarded. This game was going to make me feel free, like I was on a fun adventure. I was in the start, but realised something different. This game makes me feel like I'm running on a treadmill with cake hanging in front of me, that I never get to catch.

#2093397 Current State of the Game. Fun? Population? Will you continue to play?

Posted Proxenos on 23 November 2012 - 12:05 PM

I enjoyed the game during the first couple of weeks, then things started going down as I delved deeper into it. Now, after leveling a character to 80, finishing his personal story, decking him with Exotic karma armor and exploring the whole world, I don't like GW2 anymore! The economy is designed with a single purpose on mind: bring money to Anet! Everything that drops is utterly worthless to the vendors, forcing players to use the TP if they want to get more than a couple of silver from an exotic. This in turn forces players to buy gems to trade them for gold. So, a player on a low budget, that doesn't want to grind every single minute he spends in the game, will never be competitive.
The one time events seemed a somewhat good thing at first, when the part where you get a reward lasted for a day or so (like the dungeon and the mad king says part in halloween), but now the Lost Shore has really gone too far: not only the event was awfully short, but the technical issues were huge (I was there and I could barely see any enemy, but I couldn't target anything, so I was a mere spectator), even preventing some (like me) from completing the event, and those who managed to complete it got rewards far superior than the sum of everything I ever got since the headstart.
I stopped playing GW2 a week ago and I don't see any reason to resume playing.

#1959684 Does the elementalist get more powerful later on?

Posted keniasty12 on 23 September 2012 - 12:22 AM

Simply - NO. As an lvl 80 elementalist that's all I can say... What u get later on is the fact that you're the most squishy class from all, dealing medicore dmg. (there are many classes who get more base hp, more def from armor and still easily outdamage you, even if you have glasscannon build). Furthermore, there is no build, that would be good and convenient for all 3 aspects of the game: farming/exploring, going to dungeons and WvWvW. If you choose pwr/crit build, you will be able to explore the world, farm at lvl80 zones, but mobs still won't die in 3 seconds, and as these zones are surrounded with zergs of mobs, there is a high possibility that you will get attacked by 3-4 mobs at once, so you will have to show some skill, dance a lot to actually survive. However, with such build, going to dungeons will be almost impossible as you will be 1-hitted by trash mobs, not mentioning bosses, which leads to corpse running and a lot of repairs. On the other hand, if you decide to build for survivability, sure... you will be able to survive a bit longer/easier in dungeons, but still You will die from time to time, and farming/exploring lvl80 areas will become much safer. Sadly, you will also lose all your dmg potential. Your dmg during dungeons will s***, and killing mobs while exploring/farming will take much longer and become very boring. All in all, playing an elementalist requires more skill than other classes, fast thinking, fast fingers, and it doesn't reward you in any way for all the effort you put in. Statements, that elementalists are rewarded with their 4 different attunements, and a lot of conditions compared to other classes are total bullsh**, as we all know that condition builds s*** in PvE due to bleed cap, and the fact that burn stacks only to duration... I've already made myself a warrior, which I want to exp till 80 and use later for much easier and faster farming t6 nodes in Orr zones.

#1812348 Are we OP or balanced?

Posted Fayne on 25 August 2012 - 02:23 AM

View PostPonzio, on 25 August 2012 - 01:04 AM, said:

They would have to buff the thief to make it competitive in high level play and at the same time it would stomp random games even more. Anet doesnt want one class to be unplayable in tourneys. I dont know if you played WoW but the frost mage is like that, you can stomp multible enemys in unorganised play with the class but at high level play its balanced because people know how to handle it.
The problem is it makes random (hot join) games really anoying if you have more than one on the enemy team. Im all for balancing the game for tPvP but I also want to just hop into a hot join game. Something that would be more or less impossible if they take that balancing approach.

Imo they should give the thief better ways to support and not just buff the damage.

What I glean from all the complaining on here is that what most people are upset about is HS spam.  I get it.  It sort of boggles my mind considering what it is compared to 100b, but there you have it.

People have to stop screaming "Thief is OP," and maybe just say, "heartseeker could use a little nerf to bring it back into balance."

The screamers loose credibility when they make generalized statements without backing them up with information.

People are reacting to the screams for wholesale nerf of a class, not one ability.  Play against an S/D thief or a P/D thief or any other thief but a glass cannon HS spamming D/D thief and you will realize your cries of OP are ridiculous.

I still can't figure out how HS spam is such a big deal to people when they have to use HASTE (60 sec CD) and Devourer Venom (45 sec CD) and Basilisk Venom (45 sec CD) to make it good.

A GS warrior can pull off a Bola ->BC->100B every 32 seconds and it does WAY more damage.  Meanwhile, the thief in this build has 14.2k HP and 1990 armor while the 100b warrior has 29k HP and 2100 armor.

A ranger can go Hunter's Call -> Rapid Fire every 20 seconds. That also does a TON of damage, though they nerfed it a bit. I saw people melting opponents with one application of that combo.

What gives? It just leads me to believe that some newbs got owned by a glass cannon thief they did not know how to handle and now they are crying.

View PostPonzio, on 24 August 2012 - 09:43 PM, said:

Guess what other classes have to sacrifice a ton of damage for survivability, you seriously think mindless heartseeker spam is fine?

Way to cherrypick what is probably the least important of the points I made to argue with,  But to respond, there is no other class that has to make itself as abysmally squishy as the thief makes himself to achieve that build.

View PostPonzio, on 25 August 2012 - 01:04 AM, said:

Imo they should give the thief better ways to support and not just buff the damage.

Every thief agrees with that statement.

#1792983 Rank the last stress test classes, from "best" to "needs work"

Posted Colin Johanson on 23 August 2012 - 03:41 AM

Sandwichmancer = Unbalanced, still needs a lot of work before release.

#1805120 Ranger Pets You Want In Game

Posted Roan Rivers on 24 August 2012 - 10:54 AM

@Jasmine:  Yup, whenever I have to find an animal pic, I look for good proportions, full body shots, and if I can a funny face.  Personally that goat looks like he's saying, "No way really?!"
@faxfinn:  Speaking of full body shots, good pic Fax.  But ya, I'm sure everyone wants a tiger at some point.  They are big, fuzzy, and have huge fluffy paws.
@Baktwerel:  The only problem is that I think A-net is very picky with what self-created animals they allow as pets.  Most the time they will just be real life animals with maybe a different name, but then again they DO have devourers now.  Meh, guess I wouldn't know their intentions.

Apparently a lot of people like the T-Rex...  Y'all just want her to eat my mountain goat.
My only problem with that is it really breaks the whole idea of the ranger companion.  I can't take them as a serious class if people have an overgrown reptile hulking over them.  Owls, cool, wolves, awesome, foxes, neat, eagles, nice, T-Rex, overkill to the point it's not funny anymore.  This is all my opinion though so don't read too much into it.

Gotta contribute to my own thread every other post at least so...  Hmm, what other animal...

Posted Image

There.  Special attack is to stun people with cuteness for at least 2 seconds and removes all aggro from itself.

Actually it would be cool that if you get beastmaster to 30, you could slot a specific trait to allow capture of in-game animals like raptors and stuff.

#1794483 Ranger Pets You Want In Game

Posted Aitchkay on 23 August 2012 - 08:18 AM

Get 'em,  Rabbit of Caerbannog

Posted Image

#1750272 are you going to jump ship?

Posted Shamadamun on 17 August 2012 - 03:54 AM

Oh look, another thread stating their profession is broken.

I think I've seen a thread like this for each and every profession which could only mean one thing... If everything is broken then *gasp* that must mean everything is balanced!!

#1730080 Why Steal sucks. [Video]

Posted auxili on 14 August 2012 - 09:25 AM

Oh gosh, enough with the back and forth about facts and evidence and "my class mechanic is worse than yours!"

A lot of people seem to dislike steal. A lot of people also dislike the shatter/illusion mechanic and shroud. ANet should try to fix these things and, above all else, give these three redheaded professions some build diversity.

We can all agree on that.