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In Topic: Daily achievements change

11 February 2013 - 09:24 PM

As someone into wvw i dont have problems with the combat oriented ones, but all too often i have to go out of my way to mine things i dont want and then i have to fiddle about with crafting them into things i wont use and that result in a monetary loss.

Aquatic slayer is just a pain too, but its the crafting side that really disrupts my gameplay, especially where times and queues are important to being a server commander.I am basically told "stop playing and go do this for 40 minutes"....every day.

In Topic: Update Notes for Jan. 30, 2013

31 January 2013 - 07:39 PM

Anet doesnt ban you for exploiting, it just bans you for making gold more quickly than normal...

....whether you exploited or not.

In Topic: So it seems a lot of naughty boys and girls got one last gift from Santa this...

05 January 2013 - 04:46 PM

I`m uncomfortable with this banning incident. I can see why it was done, but arenanet is also running a very thin line on their justification of bans. To me it looks like this...

"We dont want players having money, so if anyone works out how to get it, we ban them".

We have all seen how profitable things for players to do have been nerfed. Plinx, for example, by arenanets justification, was an "exploit", because it was a more profitable run of events than other activities. They nerfed it, much as they nerfed these amulets, but did they ban all the people who ran plinx's event again and again ? No.

True there are differences between the two, but its a very thin line of difference and i think we can all see where this has been going.

In Topic: Class Balance Philosophies

25 December 2012 - 04:55 PM

View PostMatsy, on 25 December 2012 - 04:42 PM, said:

Stealth shouldn't be in the game or at least it can only last maybe 5 seconds with a long cooldown (and I mean long....)
I hated rogues in WoW because of stealth, its just the most stupid mechanic to have when ever you want, it gives you so many advantages its not even funny.  It might be predictable in some cases but that doesn't remove the fact that the thief controls the battle and if you have no way to counter them (cooldowns, different builds etc), you are dead.
Yes I'm one of them guys.

I could kill thieves in wow, mainly as AOE was a good means to reveal them. They had abilities to wipe it out, but it required some thought on their part. The lesson was that if a thief was around, you blasted the area to hell and that usually kept them at bay. Chances are they had performed an initial attack, so you knew they were there and they had had a fair chance to get a kill, so it worked out. Fighting thieves meant they had the advantage initially and if they didnt use it well, they could either reset the fight, taking a risk, or move on to another target. The same thing applies to the stealth class in team fortress, the spy, who has that choice.

Thieves in GW2 dont need to make that choice as they can sustain their attack and AOE does not reveal them. Once a thief targets you, you cant even count on friends to assist you, as often they wont even realise you are under attack. They are both invisible and intangible and even when the area is turned into the surface of the sun with AOE, its a rare day that the thief will even be exposed for more than a second. Even with successful targetting, incoming shots are often ignored, as they go into the air and then do not connect. They really can dodge bullets.

When a thief is after you, you run, basically. Then you keep running as six or so of your allies desperately try to stamp them out. Where are the flares and the things that should make an area "you cant walk here" for thieves? They werent very good in warcraft, but the anti stealth methods did at least let you cower in an area for a short time while the thief pulled back. They gave you time to think or a way to smoke thieves out if you were lucky. Its like hitting a rat with a stick....unlikely to hit but a damned sight better than nothing and nothing is all we've got.

In Topic: Bots are back :(

01 December 2012 - 08:38 PM

I am glad the bots are gone, as i can sell loot for reasonable amounts. It's hard to make money in this game, especially with things like orichalcum being borderline worthless now.