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Winterday Chest Profitability (Minis etc)

16 December 2012 - 01:43 PM

I always said that when some nice town clothes came along, i may finally spend some real money to buy gems. Now that i am considering doing so, it occured to me that i was going to end up with enough spare gems to buy a few of these new chests.

I checked out the auction house and saw that no new minis were on sale. This puzzled me a bit as i figured that they were the sure fire sellable item from the possible chest contents. Why are there none up for sale? Are they that rare? Are they account bound?

So, as the auction house seems bereft of clues, what light can people shed on whether these chests are worth getting, in the hope of some fund raising, or whether i should sink my spare gems straight into gold.

Greatsaw Greatsword Skin

24 November 2012 - 09:55 PM

I`ve had my eye on the greatsaw skin from halloween for a while and have been patiently saving my coins in the thought of purchasing one. The price settled at 30 gold some time back, with a supply on the market of about 100 or so skins.

A while later, the price started to drop. Lost shores was coming as was wintersday and the price, frankly, was too high for anyone to pay for what was, basically, a fancy skin. Lots of people had bought it to make a profit and it was becoming clear that the people who might buy such an item probably didnt have the money that was being asked for it, so they werent selling.

I was hopeful that the price would settle at something lower, say 15 gold. However, the number of saws on the market dropped to about 55 and the price settled at 28. I figured that, as the item was finally becoming rarer, the price was bound to rise. I thought that some folks must have saved the money and bought them.

However, i check today and there are 77 on sale. They are coming back to the market, despite not having been available for ages....and oddly the price is now 39 gold, despite more being around and them clearly not selling.

What they heck is going on? Are people failing to sell them and figuring that putting the price up will actually help? Its really puzzling as its clearly the same ones floating away and back again, not actually being bought by people to use.