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GW2 as intended is very fun!

18 December 2012 - 06:46 PM

Played nearly 3 hours last night with my brother, a serious rarity for me now that I have children, and we had a blast!

Bottom line is that we just did whatever we felt like, didn't sweat "progress" towards some ridiculous virtual goal, and mixed it up with different characters and events. In that 3 hours, we played four distinct game-modes, with 3 different characters each!

We started with an AC run, which was fun because we did a few things that we hadn't done before, rather than just speed-running it, and we had a few newer players to help along.

Then we went to EB to the jumping puzzle, which I'd never been to. It was a hoot. Didn't get far at all, but had some hilarious 3-way rivalries going with some FA & TC guys: yanking each other around and blasting each other off cliffs. Eventually, more TC showed up so we couldn't progress. Next time!

So the two of us ran around EB being obnoxious: taking camps, jacking yaks out from the middle of small zergs, stealing sentries, or drawing zergs to defend keeps from our two man "attacks". As a mark necro and focus mesmer, we eluded many zergs in some pretty epic chases. Didn't "accomplish" that much, but had some really fun cat and mouse going.

Finally, we dropped into tPvP, where we won our first tournament (we don't play much). We were mostly carried by a helluva thief player, but my brother and I had fun playing a psuedo-bunker-duo with strong team-fight builds. Our teammates were very nice people: didn't even complain when I bombed our first match (15 points maybe?)

So in 3 hours, we did a dungeon, ridiculous jumping puzzle + pvp, hit 'n' run WvW with some really fun chases (we had a group of 4 TC guys chasing us around for nearly 20 minutes), and a tPvP tournament. Never got boring, never felt grindy. We didn't really make much "progress", certainly not compared to focused grinding, but we had a lot of fun!

Much better than mindlessly trying to grind out some achievement, gear, or whatnot.

Simple method for fast(ish) solo levels (no crafting)

16 October 2012 - 05:01 PM

Just thought I'd share my method for fast solo levels. In short, it is:

-Do your daily achievements
-Farm pockets of bonus mobs

That's the gist of it. In practice, there is more to it:

1. Run through a level-appropriate zone, killing any mob of a type you haven't killed before.
2. If you get a big bonus, farm the nearby mobs until the big bonus goes away (you'll get an eye for this quickly).
3. Gather nearby nodes, but don't go out of your way for them.
4. Move in straight lines to maximize exploration and potential DEs. It's fun, too.
5. Always double-dip DEs and hearts. After a DE, if the associated heart(s) is 50%+, finish it.
6. If you're in a DE that isn't double-dipping, don't stick around it very long, unless you're needed. If you're RPing a good guy, finish it :) (and rez NPCs)
7. Once you have ~8-9 on daily variety, waypoint to a different zone

Daily events is typically the last to fall with this method. If you're level 30+, WvWvW is perfect for this. A camp will often net you 2 events (yak + camp), and lone yaks + sentries are great. Additionally, that stuff helps your realm quite a lot!

The best part about this is that it's a pretty relaxed way to play: run along, smash some things here and there, grab some nodes, jump in events, then go explore another zone. As you find remote pockets of high-bonus mobs, nab them for a bunch of XP. It's especially fun if you pull 5+ of them :)

This all said, running as a team is much faster, as they can plow through hearts that involve killing stuff.

Which face with which profession?

16 August 2012 - 05:09 AM

There was another thread like this, but I can't find it :( My apologies!

So I think I have my set of faces for my characters, and now it's just a matter of matching them to their professions! Feedback, critiques, and general suggestions are very welcome. And by all means, post your own faces!

And yes, I love that norn female hairdo :)

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