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In Topic: How many folks are paused in personal story at the 5-man part?

10 March 2013 - 06:32 PM

I kind of miss that in GW1 you had Devona and co. doing their thing but it never impacted on what the story. You could ask about it but it's not, say, on par with you running into four strangers when you get to Lions Arch going "OMG THERE IS THAT PERSON i HATE DIEDIEDIEDIEDIE..." plus one guy you knew from the start.It s weird.

But yeah I think the distinction here is "I want a personal story" not "I can't pug as I'm shy." That would be my reason for not pugging :P

In Topic: No Cantha in Guild Wars 2?

05 March 2013 - 05:17 PM

Yet more westernised stuff with dragons and bad dialogue it is, then. Joy of joys...

In Topic: Should the cap have been level 20?

18 February 2013 - 11:40 PM

I'd go for a level 20 cap and missions that can be re-ran/ farmed with other people. It seems in GW 1 you re-did content because you wanted to or to farm it; in GW 2 you get the all too familiar mmo-grind feel of not wanting to be bothered doing the same thing after a couple of alts.

Granted GW 1 isn't hard in the most part when you unlock a few skills and have heroes. I just know I've been having more fun making a new nightfall character and running the game from scratch than I have in GW 2 so far

In Topic: Chinese New Year Event?

12 February 2013 - 07:33 PM

...Not wanted to be pedantic but didn't they effectively mix a whole bunch of west European cultures together in Ascalon and Kryta? In fact they did worse as whereas in Prophecies Kryta felt very jungle-like and Mediterranean by War on Kryta effectively they pushed it back to being distinctly west European and that's stayed in GW 2 as well. Didn't they in a sense mix up Africa, Turkey, Arabia etc in Elona? It's sort of what Guild Wars did. My apologies if any of this seems over generalised and crass, it's getting late here.

From what I gather they're mainly showing that it's peaceful in Cantha now, well, provided you aren't a tengu or another non human. Isn't there any chance of just showing you can have a distinct culture whilst being at peace? I'd say that could be a very positive message if given a fantastical flair.

Also as someone else said, no Cantha would be a shame. That's the one thing I was looking forward to bar seeing Palawa Joko again (crazy old undead king, you). Hoping they find some way of making it work...

In Topic: Where is Everyone now?

09 February 2013 - 02:34 PM

Not wanting to make a gross generalisation but I think a large part is mainly due to people being tired of mmos in general. Despite the initial claims of Anet, GW2 is pretty much doing what various mmos do. By that I mean grinding the same instance over and over (fractals, whatever), gambling via mystic toilet, grinding (even this isn't worth it due to diminished returns punishing players more than bots) and the fact they haven't made good on many of their promises. To be blunt, at least personally if I wanted a grindy mmo I'd at least stick to something like WoW. I have no interest in games like that as personally they bore me. Why do I stick around? Mainly as 10-15 minutes doing daily achievements on a game I wanted to love and could still get better and I adore the look of doesn't seem such a chore.

I want to be positive about the game, but they don't really have as much for people who just purely want to explore in an mmo and find cool lore easter eggs. Being rooted in one spot, spamming for warriors, guardians and mesmers for a fractal doesn't seem like fun.

Community wise yeah, there's not much reason to even talk to another human being aside from s pvp and when fractals get difficult. They didn't really make it so you need to group up or rely on people, so that shows a lot now. The game just feels very solo player, and I think not what people expected. Again this is making sweeping generalisations.

Personally I think some of those people or guilds might come back if changes are made. Cynically I feel that's mainly due to it being free to play and nothing more. I'd personally love for Anet to make good on its promises and go back to how the game was meant to be, rather than the half a*ed AAA mmo we have now.

Again, I really dislike saying things like that and I didn't think I would.