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#2137278 High level FOTM tips and tricks

Posted dulfy on 07 January 2013 - 05:51 PM

Hey there, having gotten quite a few FOTM runs under my belt and progressing on the L40s atm, I thought I would compile a list of a tip and tricks I have learned from doing the fractals with my groups.

While most of the FOTM is fairly self-explanatory, there are some little here and there that may make alot of difference. Hopefully you will find them useful as well and feel free to add any other tips you may have.

It is a bit lengthy so use the navigation menu at the top!


#1933460 kind of getting bored already.

Posted nf_zeta on 15 September 2012 - 05:10 AM

I guess in a case like this its more because GW2 lacks that absolute feeling of 'after', progression usually gives this but sometimes when it comes to preferences people don't feel the progression as much, also at max level due to the absence of the gear treadmill there is no guided path of what to do, in gear grind games you hit max and decide to get onto the treadmill and although you can do something similar in GW2 with Legendaries and farming dungeon gear, because it lacks that addition of number (hence a sense of progression) people may not find things to do as easily.

Well basically in order to have fun at max level in GW2 you basically need to play the game for the sake of playing it and having fun playing it, just start out somewhere and do whatever, there are things to grind for people who want that and there are things to complete and most of all there is WvW, if you can't motivate yourself to find something in PvE to do and don't feel like PvPing, well that would be a problem as you may just have to wait for new content but because arena net don't always announce that content you need to play the game to find some of the added content.

#1656337 What is Stat System Like?

Posted Micalovits on 31 July 2012 - 12:34 AM

There are 10 stats(actually more, but i'll get to it)in this game, 5 "primary" and 5 "secondary"

The primary stats are:
Power, increases your damage with skills
Precision, increases crit chance
Vitality, Gives you health. Quite simple
Toughnes, gives more armor
The last one depends on your profesion, and does things like reduce the cooldown and the thiefs steal.(hence why there is more than 10 stats in the game, however every profesion will only be having 10 stats)

The secondary stats are:
Malice, increases the damage your conditions do(simply put, your dots damage per tic)
Expertise,increases the duration of your conditions, meaning your slows etc last longer
Prowes, wich increase the damage multiplier of crits
Compasion, increases your heal
Concentration, increases the duration of your boons(buffs such as regeneration)

Only primary stats increase with level, and they are increased by a set amount each level.

However, when you reach level 11 you gain your first "trait", and you keep on gaining one every level till80, were you will then be having 70 trait points.
Traits can be compared alot to talents,however when we are talking stats there are only one interesting thing about them.
The trait system is build up around 5 trait lines, each having one primary and one secondary stat. For every point you put into a trait line, you recive some of both these stats, so while some of your stats are being given out by the game,you can also customise them with traits. Do ntoe however that you normaly pick traits more for the specific things the traits do than for the stats, but that is an entirely diferent topic.

You do offcourse also have a great deal of stats from your gear, so you can do alot of customization with tratis and gear just on the stat level of things.

This is before we even start to talk about what weapon you are using, what utility skills you have and what other people around you have chosen.

The way the game currently is, most profesions(classes) can fufill most roles, entirely depending on how they have their builds, and even then there is a great deal of room for personal variation.

Hope this rambling atleast explains some of it, hope it isnt to long :)