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cavalier stats

15 December 2012 - 03:37 PM

im running with knight and zerker accesories
i want to ask if someone had tried cavalier back + rings
is it worth taking while running knight or is just a bad stat combination. ?

need advice karma farming

20 October 2012 - 12:54 PM

Just dinged 80 with my necro and i need some advice with traits, utilities, sigils, runes and stats.
i know that for karma farming/items farming i need to tag mobs asap so maybe a staff build ? with power and magic find based on marks?
are the damage of the marks  enogh to tag mobs ?

i was  thinking using this traits
http://gw2skills.net...TKI34gK4 IFBbYA

i will appreciate some help.

No HoM rewards :(

06 September 2012 - 08:49 AM

I went to the npc in the HoM in gw2 and he doesnt show my rewards. I checked my acc to see if my gw acc was linked, it was and i did it like 20 times to be sure (got the quangan thingny with a party hat saying gratz your accs are linked). I can see my rewards in the HoM Calculator. When i create a new char i dont get the Portal stone, i have to go to lions arc to get it.

From the FAQ
If you feel that you have earned a reward in Guild Wars that you are not seeing on your Guild Wars 2 account, please consider the following:
  • Do you own Guild Wars: Eye of the North?   (Yes)

  • Have you established a Hall of Monuments?  (i can see my 20 points in the hom calc)

  • Have you reviewed the Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator?  (Yes, 20 points)

  • Are you certain you have registered your achievements in the HoM? (i can see my 20 points in the hom calc)

  • Are your Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 accounts linked? (Yes)

  • Have you checked to verify that you earned the particular reward in Guild Wars?  (i can see my 20 points in the hom calc)
what is wrong ? :(

Stealing: second utility bar

30 July 2012 - 06:59 PM

Right one a lot of people think that the Steal mechanic needs some or a total change.
Release is next month and it will be a shame that the core mechanic of a class is to shadowstep, gain a random skill and forcing you too use it to be able to use your weapon skills.

The wiki says that there are 20 skills that can be stolen from players.

some of them are powerfull others are okey but they are just skills and what makes them powerfull are numbers that can be easily changed.

other posts proposed to be able to steal more skills. I will like to propose to that, to make that list of skills stolen based on the class you targeted.

4 skills of the list based on class, changed as needed and with one last tweak to the mechanic.
The last skill (nr5) in your stolen skills bar will make you return to the weapon you had before stealing (not using the swap weapon cd), letting you save the skills to use them when needed.
the cd of steal will start when used and the skills saved will last as long as the cd of steal is on. pressing F1 will change your skill bar again to the steal skill bar at anytime and when the cd is done you lose all the not used skills and you are able to steal again.
that will make Steal like a second utility bar like the tool belt.
for pve not changes needed, just adding the nr5 skill to change back to your weapon.
steal have a 45 cd if this makes it too power full a longer cd can fix that, again is just numbers and i dont think is too big of a change before realease.

seems that a big changed like this will be way to complicated, i agree.
The important part is to end the random part of Steal. Keeping that as a goal, I will like to hear some thoughts about, giving F2,F3 and F4 profession-specific skills that Steal can get from the 20 skills in the list. Available while the CD of Steal is on or until used and wiped when Steal is ready. 3 defined skills on the F2, F3 and F4 keys leaving the F1 showing the CD of Steal.
For exemple:
stealing from a warrior will always give you: Tooth Stab, Whirling Axe and Bone Crack
stealing from a necro will always give you: Use Staff, Throw Scale and Skull Fear
Edit 1.1...
right now Stealing a class gives 1 of 2 profession-specific skills. Maybe just making those skills available in F2 and F3, changing the duration as necessary and been available as long as the cd of Steal is on and wiped when Steal is ready.
Edit 1.2...
3 skills feels more "complete", there are 20 skill to play with.
This seems easier to learn and use.

also the deadly arts major trait: improvisation needs a change. maybe reducing 5 secs cd of the cd of your utilities when stealing will be better.

gw2 is aming to be a esport game too much randomness isnt good specialy for a core mechanic of a class.

opinions ? ideas ? I just love the class but the mechanic feels wrong.