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#1884879 Necro or Engi

Posted flint11 on 05 September 2012 - 03:25 PM

I've been copy pasting this in related forums. Barr all the negativity I can give you an objective look on both these classes and two more than I'm most familiar with having spent first hand experience between all four when narrowing down my main choice from BWE > Launch. Necromancers while still are better suited for a condition role, they do have more than 1 viable build unlike what others would have you believe here..

Guardians are great at granting boons and washing off conditions in the traditional cleansing fashion. Their strength lies in their lot of AoE denial skills and hard control effects while doing anything else you desire. The Guardian has a lot of options for defensive support to offer, from more reactive types (healing + regeneration) to damage prevention (blinds, protection and aegis) and is more melee-centric than most other classes (Scepter being an oddball range option while Staff being sort of mid-range). Guardians are able to keep swiftness up 100% if they so choose with the staff. Flashing blade, judge's intervention and "Retreat!" also gives them surprisingly good options for mobility should you forgo staff. It is worth highlighting that the Guardian is the best class at providing Stability to their allies, something that must not be overlooked as it is a game changer in team fights.

Necromancers focus on the flip side and is arguably the most condition resilient class in the game. They are unique in the manner that they can pull from conditions inflicted on them/allies for beneficial effects through transfers, conversions, or even feeding off them for a stronger heal. With all cool downs up and proper usage, there should be no reason why you can't best other condition specs in the game as a condition Necromancer. If Guardians are the masters of boons, Necromancers are the master of debuffing and negative conditions. They still have outlets for the more traditional support role, but their ways of healing are a bit more limited compared to other classes. Their Death Shroud mechanic rounds off the Necromancer's defense capability, the trade off being the class probably has the worst mobility in the game (limited access to swiftness and not as much freedom in their teleports etc).

Engineers are extremely versatile and also have a plethora of support options. Obvious choices being the Elixir Gun, Med Kit and assortment of Elixir skills. Much like the Guardian, they also good options to choose from when it comes to hard control effects for peels. It is worth noting that the engineer's playstyle is more fast paced (No CD between kit-swaps) and sometimes unexpected (random elixir effects!), they are extremely mobile and can be hard-to-catch (Swiftness on kit swaps/crits and gaining Vigor when gaining Swiftness) compared to the two above options. Do note that it is the only class now that suffers from not being able to take real good advantage of weapon sigils, let's hope they fix that soon. Overall, really high potential and I'd argue more versatile than the Elementalist on the grounds that you get to pick and choose how little or complicated you wish to run your Engineer. Between all their kits they have the ability to adapt more roles in one build than most classes.

Mesmers although very underrated right now(not so much after the buffs!) are also extremely good at managing conditions for your team. More mobile and squishy compared to the Necromancer and Guardian, they make up for this flaw by having extremely efficient skills and deception. Null Field is the best of the Necromancer's wells combined together in a relatively short CD. With Staff they also have boons/conditions coming out their butts 24/7. They are also the only class alongside Necromancers that have access to offensive boon removal, something definitely worth keeping in mind. Lastly, I'd argue Mesmer is the scholar with the best mobility, with a lot of movement skills built in to their weapon sets and the lowest CD ground target teleport in the game. It's also worth mentioning that Mesmers have access to the best form of hard control in the game (Moa Morph) and the only Quickness that has no drawbacks AND is AoE. If Guardians and Necromancers are two sides of the same coin, Mesmers would be the edge that lines the coin. The end result is a slippery class that plays on trolling people.