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Being Hard is OP [OP] LF 5th core member (NA)

29 May 2013 - 04:59 AM


As stated in the topic we are looking for a 5th for our core tourney team. We are located on the NA server. Looking for an experienced Guard/Thief/Ranger/Engi. We are tentatively planning to run M-Th from 5-8 PST, with variable times on Fri/Sat/Sun as time/schedules permit.

We're planning to be as competitive as we possible as quickly as possible with the intent to compete in as many 3rd party organized tournaments as time/schedules allow. All 4 core members have spent time in the top 100 on the leaderboards, but our current focus will be on improving and preparing for these 3rd party tournaments, so expect experimentation on the ladder with little regard for personal ranking.

Personality-wise, all core members are young working adults, so we're looking for similarly like-minded individuals who are positive and open-minded about improving, accepts constructive criticism well, and can stick to a schedule.

OP also has access to a custom server, as well as another team that runs under another tag which we may set up scrims with. We currently use Team Speak as our VOIP.

You can reply here, PM me on the forums, or send in-game mail to Skyro.3108 or Nothing.8564 with the following info. Thank you and have a nice day.

1) Play schedule/availability
2) Rank
3) Classes/specs played, with the # of tournament matches played/won with each
4) Any prior teams you've played on
5) Any prior experience/success in other competitive games
6) Anything you'd like to add, i.e. ambitions into GW2, etc.

[NA] LF PST semi-casual team R30 Mes/Nec

28 December 2012 - 08:05 AM

R30 Mesmer/Necro w/ experience in paids looking for a mature team playing from around 6-10 PST M-Th.

I say semi-casual as I don't hold any delusions of grandeur of being on some awesome esports team that everyone of these things seem to say. I have neither the time nor energy to devote exorbitant amount of hours into a game which is as of now very underdeveloped from a structural POV.

But that doesn't mean we still can't have fun! I'm looking for a laid back team which can be competitive in paids but also kick back with a few beers and goof off in free tournies with funky builds and team comps from time to time.

I'm open to trying out for a spot on a team or any interested like-minded individuals who may want to form a team up with me. PM here or in-game @ Skyro.3108 and we can discuss my history, previous teams I've played on etc. etc.