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#2066604 How is the Guardian Balanced compared to Warrior?

Posted JaxSilven on 07 November 2012 - 01:32 PM

View PostGalatea, on 07 November 2012 - 03:59 AM, said:

Wow you do an excellent job sounding like a condescending douche bag, i didn't have anything against 12 year olds until you appeared.

If you take a minute of reading anything i wrote im talking my opinion for the sake of conversation, im just here for discussion and gaining knowledge.

You will also notice the scepter can be undermined by the awesome technique of turning the other way!

"No other classes can support like a Guardian can."

Posted Image

Actually no, that's not me being a condescending douche bag, that's me explaining you've made a stupid thread, because you're just too damn lazy to click on existing threads for information that answers your questions/thoughts.

Now, here's me being a condescending douche bag:

View PostGalatea, on 06 November 2012 - 09:11 PM, said:

Ok first of all, i am completely mistified as how the balancing in this game works, specifically with these two classes, i made this threat to put all my toughts in one place and for the sake of discussion, (no flaming pls) Here goes :)

I- Defensive Ability

If you look at the following shard:


You'll noticed that both Warrior and Guardian have good armor but for some reason Guardian has the lowest health in the game while warrior has the highest.

I realize Guardian has "defensive spells" but if you notice our bubbles only block ranged attacks and the Warriors can heal aswell as Guardians and also have their own survival methods.
  • Here you said "...but for some reason Guardian has the lowest health in the game..."
    Then I gave you obvious reason for this: "...This is to stop you having 18khp and then just going clerics amulet/jewel and sitting back drinking a nice cold beverage while you're un-killable with your 2.5k hp dodge roll heals...."
  • "I realize Guardian has "defensive spells" but if you notice our bubbles only block ranged attacks and the Warriors can heal aswell as Guardians and also have their own survival methods."
    Paraphrased basically to say: 'Warriors heal while blocking and are thus superior to Guardian blocks except Guardians have other means of defence.'

Posted Image

Now you can see why I dismissed this outright, you just said some vague summary of a small minority of defensive skills for each class. But if you were actually wondering why Guardian skills can seem weaker in theory, it's because you're not taking boons and increased boon duration, or controls into consideration.


II- Damage Output

The warrior has straight up more damage output than the Guardian, they have a lot of skills to increase damage aswell as conditions. Guardians only have Burning witch only increases in duration.

The warrior can use Rifles and Bows, this gives them incredible long range damage not only that but Kiting potential aswell. So not only do they do more damage and have higher health, but by kiting they can kill a Guardian without recieving any or little damage in return.

Guardians have no effective long range weapon. The scepter is not only slow but easily avoidable and does very little damage. Guardians are the only class in the game that have to get close to their targets, while having the lowest base health and very low duration of stuns/dissables.

In PVP everyone mantains a heavy group formation so getting close is not often a good idea. Kitting becomes an even bigger problem when other classes not only have defence/health and range but survival methods aswell. ex. (rocket jump, slippery oil, knockbacks, knockdowns, slows etc etc.)
  • "The warrior has straight up more damage output than the Guardian, they have a lot of skills to increase damage aswell as conditions. Guardians only have Burning witch only increases in duration."
    Yes but that's only if you can stay alive that long, so yes running a DPS Guardian with 2 bunkers may not be as effective as a burst Warrior, but you can't deal damage when you're dead. So a Burst Guardian without a bunker will have more survivability and therefore deal more damage than a Warrior without a bunker
  • "The warrior can use Rifles and Bows, this gives them incredible long range damage not only that but Kiting potential aswell. So not only do they do more damage and have higher health, but by kiting they can kill a Guardian without recieving any or little damage in return."
    Phew, thank god long ranged doesn't increase your effectiveness in PvP, 1200 is as long as you'll ever need. It's not like you can control enemy movement with the scepter to make your melee more powerful or anything, nor is it like the scepter does 1k+ dps without smite.
  • "In PVP everyone mantains a heavy group formation so getting close is not often a good idea. Kitting becomes an even bigger problem when other classes not only have defence/health and range but survival methods aswell. ex. (rocket jump, slippery oil, knockbacks, knockdowns, slows etc etc.)"
    If you're a Guardian and you can't get close, you're running a bad build. All classes have control abilities, Guardian also has one of the best access to anti-control skills.


III- Other Arguments:

-Guardians are supposed to be a support class:

I would normally accept this, except in this game nobody is "supposed to be anything". (no holy trinity means) Everyone can Support, (Engineers have turrets, Necros have pets, Mesmers have a lot of support skills etc), Everyone can "Tank", DPS, Use ranged weapons etc. this is actually one of the main strenghts of the game.

*Final Note:
This is my opinion from experience and what i have seen, i dont want this to become a flame thread, only smart discussions please.

Thanks :D
False, everything can specialize in this game, and is supposed to be able to specialize better than other classes in particular areas.
If it's your opinion try not to post this sort of thing "The scepter is not only slow but easily avoidable and does very little damage." when you honestly have no clue.
Well done, you've officially wasted my time, thank you very much. Hope this enlightens you so that you can make more educating and insightful posts in the future.

PS. I don't consider WvW PvP, so when I refer to PvP clearly I don't mean that.

#2038223 ANet's handling of Halloween has been nothing but disappointment

Posted RivenVII on 23 October 2012 - 08:25 PM

Reposted from the R and D thread on Black Lion Chests since it wasn't 100% on topic so I brought it here.

This thread is to discuss the way that ANet has handled this installment of Halloween, most notably what they have done with Black Lion Chests. These are my thoughts.

So I had a bit of a flame battle in /map last night in LA over Halloween skins costing ridiculous amounts. Essentially the argument that: "If you don't want it, don't grind for it." is being used rampantly.

This is fundamentally wrong. Legendaries are a legitimate grind. This is HALLOWEEN. It is supposed to be a fun community oriented event. No one, save those people who do nothing but PvE and farm 8 hours a day can reliably afford these skins.

In case you missed it, what ANet did was inflate the economy so that gems trade for more gold. This combats gold sellers with a more competitive price from Dollars --> Gold but it makes the exchange for Gold --> Gems completely absurd. The problem with this is that it blew the economy up overnight. Any player who is not spending money on the game post-purchase is negatively impacted by this event because you can no longer buy gems with gold for any semblance of a reasonable amount.

If they really wanted these skins to be difficult to obtain, in a community event, mind you, they should have made it so you had to complete a certain amount of events or get "Halloween Tokens" which are awarded based on your participation in the actual event.

The real problem with them being in Black Lion Chests is that in 330 hours on my character, I have gotten 3 keys, ever. This is including the personal story. I've gotten one from a drop maybe one time. The amount of keys that you get in this game is probably a ratio of 1 key to 100 chests. The idea that not only are keys almost impossible to get in a drop, but because they are in the trading post, gem prices exploded because they make an insanely rare item put in a chest that is insanely hard to open. It's exponential, if you didn't realize.

These skins aren't account bound like EVERYTHING else you get from a chest. So people who are lucky enough to make it out of the flawed system, turn around and make the economy explode even more charging 40g for a skin driving 99% of the population who can't afford the skins to try and buy just enough gems to open a couple chests and pray that the astronomical odds work in their favor.

If anyone is going to argue that you can "Just roll a new character and get the key from the story quest." There is a serious problem. There should not be people having to grind outside of the Halloween event to get anything involved within the Halloween event. The ANet marketing team and their e-conomists seriously dropped the ball on this.

We, as a community, cannot let them think that this is ok. If the only argument that can be brought up is that if you want it, grind for it just like a legendary, or to take advantage of story quests by re-rolling characters in order to get keys that -never- drop otherwise, this is fundamentally wrong.

This is a community every reward/item should be available within the parameters of the event just like the legacy left by GW1's holiday events has established. I am incredibly disappointed by the way this marketing ploy was designed.

*This is a marketing issue, not a content issue, to be clear. I have thoroughly enjoyed the other content in this event. I have not tried to open chests and I do not plan on it. I also have not bought gems or bought a skin with in-game gold. This is outrage based on principle and what has happened to others. I have not been cheated in any way, but ANet needs to know that this is wrong.

EDIT: I have received a lot of hateful comments on account of my opinion. I have even received private messages from individuals (who obviously made fake accounts just to cuss me out [wow]) insulting me in any number of ways. I made this post to take a public stand against something ANet has done. I played the original Guild Wars and the debacle with the chests is just horrendous compared to the legacy GW1 has left.

Let everyone remember that this is a forum for shared ideas, not insults. If you are toxic to the conversation, you will be reported. Do not think that you are so pretentious that you are allowed to insult other posters. If you feel that you need to insult others, go play Xbox Live or League. I have a lot of respect for members of this community, but if individuals continue to insult, berate, and degrade, I will begin to feel sorry that I ever stood up for this community to begin with.

EDIT #2: ANet has provided a solution to the issue.

#275 is my response to the semantics behind the word chance and SEVERAL possible solutions that ANet could use in the future or could have used now. (substitute "Wintersday" where appropriate)

#1998779 PvMesmer: Mesmerize the World

Posted Shasow on 07 October 2012 - 01:03 AM

Less Mesmers, please. They're way too overpowered. I don't think we need an article to make mesmers even more annoying.

#1987112 Patch Notes: October 1, 2012

Posted c0c0c0 on 02 October 2012 - 06:09 PM

Sure would like it if they would fix Opening Strikes.  That trait line is dead to me until they do.

#1986597 Patch Notes: October 1, 2012

Posted Eon Lilu on 02 October 2012 - 02:49 PM

Guardian gets nerfed again lol Thief and mesmer get a buff with multiple target hits.....

I have found some skillpoints still bugged aswell.

Im starting to think Arena Net have no clue on balance changes....

#1951510 With a subscription, GW2 would be "pulling a TOR"

Posted Ender4000 on 20 September 2012 - 12:44 PM

I really hope this is a troll post because this comparison is just awful.

#1948774 Fury of the BEAST

Posted Alkaholic on 19 September 2012 - 06:06 PM

Pets go to target, pause to attack, target moves outta range, pets run to target, pause to attack, target moves outta range.  It's not about micromanagement, it's about the pets being wonky.  Go to Mist and send ur pet on the running robot, see how long it takes to kill it.

#1945213 Compiling a list of useless traits...

Posted JROH on 18 September 2012 - 08:50 PM

The purpose of this isn't just complaining. It is to try and highlight something that needs change. Traits don't need revision just for the Ranger class, but for every class.

Going down each trait line, I'm going to state the trait, minors then majors, and then a brief explanation as to why it's useless. Note that this is in direct regards to pvp, so pve arguments are irrelevant. If I have overlooked or undervalued a trait and you can give a legitimate reasoning, I will take that into account and alter the list accordingly. Note that this is opinion. Without further ado, here it is:


Opening Strike: Causes Vulnerability with your first strike when entering combat.

This trait is useless, especially in the Marksman line. We have pets that have vulnerability on auto attack and a longbow 3 for 10s of vulnerability. It would be more useful if it proc'd on crit or some other type effect. But as it stands, this does nothing noteworthy or substantial.

Apha Training: Pets have Opening Strike.

See above reasoning and factor in Pet AI when it comes to applying this to a moving opponent, and it's worse than regular opening strike.

Precise Strike: Opening Strike always critcals.

This would almost be useful... if it didn't depend on Opening Strike and 25 points into Marksmanship. This entire chain of opening strike minor traits would be infinitely more useful if it was something as simple as "your crits have x chance to cause vulnerability", "your pets crits have x chance to cause vulnerability", "critical damage increased +x% on foes with vulnerability"

Malicious Training: Increased duration for conditions applied by your pet.

This would be useful on a build with your pet being your main source of damage. That being said, builds like that aren't viable due to pet AI, and the fact that your pet will never be as good as you want it to be because you can't control or direct its actions; you aren't your pet. However, as it has been pointed out to me below:

View PostFBRin, on 19 September 2012 - 01:41 AM, said:

To be fair, the extra pet condi duration applies to their CCs, making it a fairly good choice if you go 10+ into Marks without filling it out for signet traits.

Warranting this trait some viability, especially when compared to other selections for the slot this trait is in.

Spotter: Increase precision of nearby allies by up to 70 points.

70 precision is really not that much, and the proximity of where you have to be for this to be effective is limited. It's a negligible trait.

Beastmasters Might: Activating a signet grants might.

This grants 1 stack of might for 5s, and our lowest possible signet recharge is 24s, which works out to 45 extra power and condition damage for 5s, every 24s. This is too much of a sacrifice for too little of an effect.

Remorseless: Regain opening strike when you kill a foe.

This is just a waste of a grandmasters slot. I don't have any suggestions for what to replace it with, but, refer back to Opening Strike comments as to why this isn't good, and then insert what could be better without being game breaking overpowered.


Trappers Defense: Create a spike trap while reviving an ally.

Every class for the most part has a trait like this, and there are always better options than this. This type of trait is to encourage reviving by promoting defensive tactics, but it's overally effect versus what you can choose instead of it isn't worth it, and every trait like this in the game could be reworked to be better or removed for something else.

Companions Might: Critical hits grant might to your pet.

So this basically takes a basic part of the elite skill, Rampage as One, turns it into a crit proc, and gives might to only your pet. Refer back to where I've mentioned pets in pvp earlier to note that pet builds, as it stands, aren't viable, as pet damage isn't reliable on other players.

Agility Training: Pets move 30% faster.

Pets still come to a dead halt when they attack. Lower then movement speed, and apply the effect to the player as well, whether it's through this trait or some other trait that has synergy with this one (example trait: Beastmastery 30 grandmaster trait: any traits that apply to your pet also apply to you, as long as your pet is alive)

Honed Axes: You do 10% more critical damage when wielding an axe in your main hand.

This trait provided 33% more damage in the beta, which was admittedly too much. However, this isn't a happy middle ground, as the damage on an axe done by direct damage isn't really the highest damage, especially taking into account attacking speed. I'm not saying this is terrible, but it could be just a build in overall 5% damage increase all the time like other traits.

Moment of Clarity: Gain and attack of opportunity for you and your pet on interrupt. This effect can only trigger once every 5s.

Basically, your next attack does 150% damage. Rangers don't have interrupts on low cooldowns to take advantage of something like this, and overall, this could be an entirely different trait (personally, I'd like to see remove a condition on critical, but that's asking for too much I'm sure)

Wilderness Survival

Soften the Fall: Create muddy terrain when you take fall damage. Take 50% less damage from falling.

Almost every class has a trait like this too, and they are all useless for spvp. However, as contributed by Xsorus, a common and effective tactic in WvW is to abuse the 50% fall damage while being chased to lead many unsuspecting attackers to follow off cliffs and jump to their deaths, and is one of the better traits you can use in this slot in WvW.

Healers Celerity: Grants swiftness to you and your ally when you revive someone.

There is really no benefit to this trait whatsoever. I'd personally rather have a quickness gain on a cooldown while reviving, so I could revive people faster from time to time, and that would be much more useful than whatever this trait is trying to accomplish.

Expertise Training: Pets deal extra condition damage.

See reasoning behind Malicious Training.

Oakheart Salve: Gain regeneration for 5s when you suffer from bleeding, poison or burning. This can only trigger once every 20 seconds.

Regeneration does not counteract damage taken from these conditions, and this doesn't proc often enough to increase survival or even help against these conditions, even if the person isn't running high condition damage. Conditions are easily applied and stacked in this game, and this trait is overwhelmed by them.

Empathic Bond: Pets periodically take conditions from you.

Signet of Renewal is signet whose passive does the same thing, and the effect is subpar regardless. Yes, it is nice to have condition removal. But compared to what other classes receive in regards to being able to remove conditions, this trait is underwhelming. Removes a condition every 10s if your pet is in range. This could just do so much more. 10s and you don't even know when it's occuring, you basically never see this trait in effect when you need it.

Nature Magic

Due to the nerf to spirits since the beta, making them barely effective and not able to survive anything, spirit builds just aren't viable. So, instead of examining each individual trait, and saying that it would or would not be useful if spirits were useful, I am going to list all of the spirit related traits that are no longer useful:
Vigorous Spirits
Natures Vengeance
Spiritual Knowledge
Spirits Unbound

Continuing now with the rest of the traits in this line:

Rejuvenation: Gain regeneration at 75% health.

The regen gained is barely effective at all, and doesn't last long enough. Engineers have much better minor traits for survival, and should be used more as a model to alter traits like this one for rangers.

Fortifying Bond: Any boon you get is shared with you pet.

See previous reasoning as to viability and pets in pvp.

Circle of Life: Create a healing spring on death.

This trait is a conundrum that equals bad regardless. Basically, die, to help your team heal, but not yourself, which in turn, by being dead, you aren't helping your team. I'm not sure why this trait even exists. Healing Spring on being downed on a 90s cooldown would be better than this, and that's just sad.

Enlargement: Pets get enlarged when you reach 25% health.

See previous reasoning as to why pets and pvp aren't viable.

Evasive Purity: Dodging removes blind and poison from you.

I'm not sure what they were thinking with this. Pour 30 points into an almost useless skill tree to remove conditions that have fairly short lasting effects anyhow that on top of that are not easy for most classes to apply. To be useful, this needs to remove more conditions.


For the sake of time, and for not wanting to type out the "refer to where I already said pets aren't viable" sentence, I am going to list all of the traits here that apply to pet's that aren't viable because of that explanation, and then examine the remaining ones that need examination. So here's the list:
Masters Bond
Rending Attacks
Stability Training
Intimidation Training
Vigorous Training
Instinctual Bond
Natural Healing


Compassion Training: Pets heal for more.

This is almost, if not, exclusive to moas, and you can't control when they are to use their heals anyhow, so it's basically gambling, and you have to be in range.

So that's the end of the list. Some traits, even if they aren't on here, would be better if they were under a different trait tree, but as it stands, I would only be forming that opinion based on where larger concentrations of useless traits are in skill trees, so I'm not going to because I already stated the most basic problem.

#1929549 Shortbow = faceroll

Posted thepostman on 14 September 2012 - 04:55 AM

This guy trolls every forum.

#1931521 Greatsword overnerfed?

Posted Daiug on 14 September 2012 - 04:59 PM

I have to ask a question.

It's just me or the Greatsword for rangers has been nerfed to oblivion?

The autoattack deal the same identical damage of the 1h sword, having half the attack speed and no utility (cripple, might, jump, dodge, poision).

Maul: It's a good skill, problem is half the damage is from bleeding, useless in a power build.

Swoop: This is really good, sometimes it bugs, but hey it deal a good amount of damage.

Counterattack/Crippling Throw: The 20 second recharge is a bit too much in my opinion. Decent skill overall.

Hilt Bash: Horrible skill in my opinion. The damage is null, and 1 second daze/stun on 30 second cooldown it's horrible. And the passive that makes your bet hit harder sucks since you can't actually decide what skill he's gonna do.

Overall, i can't find any reason to go for GS instead of 1h sword.

(This is purely based for a melee power ranger, i know Shortbow/Longbow builds work, but hey i miss my 2h)


#1931538 Does anyone else think axes are too small?

Posted horrorslice on 14 September 2012 - 05:04 PM

View PostLord_Demosthene, on 14 September 2012 - 04:22 PM, said:

Weapons in fantasy games (well, most of them) are already dysproportional and inflated in size and weight, to highlight the "super hero" status of player characters. In order to attain some sense of logic and real-life resemblance necessary for the fantasy world to feel real and natural, developers have to avoid the big uncanny valley of anything between "realistic with fantasy touch" to "fantastic with a little touch of realism". For this sole reason, the game (generally speaking) has force of gravity and most basic ballistics, as well as character models (in one way or another) humanised to a degree (sentient, bipedal species).

When it comes to weapons, axes are shorther than swords on average, but not necessarily less massive or having less weight. The whole point of an axe is concentrating the impact on a tiny space, for armour-penetrating effect. Force = mass * acceleration. See what I did there? Smaller axe with good handle will hit harder than over-sized axe of longsword proportions. Similarly, a precise, swift strike will be much more lethal than a crude, blunt-like display of raw force. Many weapons are already oversized for the "epic" feel, and in order to maintain some consistency and logic behind weapon design, axes will generally be shorter than swords, hammers more massive than greatswords etc.

EDIT: copy-paste is trolling me, disregard anything written here until this edit.

They also put some realism into the size of fireballs that Elementalist's can cast. They are slightly bigger than what you can cast in real life, but it's for realism.

REALLY DUDE? I just want a huge, epic looking, badass axe. I don't play for realism, and I doubt anyone does. I'm a hero slaying dragons in the world of Tyria. I want an axe that looks like it can slay a dragon, not a toy one.

#1917111 Ranger short bow speed needs to be nerfed.

Posted Swiftly on 11 September 2012 - 01:48 PM

View PostSolid_Gold, on 11 September 2012 - 01:40 PM, said:

No it doesn't.

Rangers always drew the short straw on GW1, pretty much ignored when it came to skill updates.

About time we had something that was half decent.

Completely agreed.  That is the reason I have avoided Rangers in GW2...

But it is like the Mafia, just when I think I am clear, they draw me back in.

#1916801 Ranger short bow speed needs to be nerfed.

Posted Skolops on 11 September 2012 - 12:29 PM

View Postthedeapee, on 11 September 2012 - 12:22 PM, said:

Yeah it does, I don't think I've ever beaten a ranger 1v1.  Of course I know the least about them.  What is that spell where they pretty much immobilize you forever?  You can't attack the roots, it just says obstructed...so no clue what to do but die there.

Virtually everyone - ranger and non-ranger - agrees that the ranger as a profession is in a fairly bad spot right now.  They're certainly stronger one on one, but they melt in a team fight.  Practice more and get better, because rangers are by no means anything more than average, right now, if not underpowered.  

The degree to which you simply don't understand what you're fighting against is shown in your comment that you can't attack the roots, because you can. :)  Not only does the ability tooltip say you need to attack the roots, but I have attacked the roots plenty of times when it has been done to me, and most people I have done it to have attacked the roots.  They actually die fairly quickly to anyone with a moderate or higher amount of power in their builds, and if you're running a condition build then you should probably have the defense to survive while you chop them down - if not, your problem is that you're a glass cannon, not with the ability.

That isn't to say it isn't strong - it is.  It's an elite skill, after all.  However, it's not as strong as you've gotten the impression of.  All I can think of is that it happened to you once that they were obstructed - due to a bug, or some strange positioning problem.  It can't be too common, though, as I've never ever seen anyone or had a problem myself with killing them.

Please understand that none of this is meant to be insulting or rude to you.  Just keep at it and you'll figure it out.

#1913700 This is where Guild Wars 2 fails:

Posted Vsin on 10 September 2012 - 09:03 PM

Y'know what, I'm going to say this in an arrogant and bigoted way: 3D visuals are overrated.  The 2D cinematics are designed as an information collage, NOT an active sequence.  As such, I consider that part to be a solid design decision, and I see nothing objectively wrong with them.

Also, your "quest" text part is phrased really, really oddly.  I'm assuming you mean the personal story dialog segments?  Y'know, the parts where you're literally transplanted out of the world in the first place?  "Open World Questing" (hearts, DEs) have absolutely no cutscenes, the quest text is optional, and you get farmers running up to you and yelling that bandits are burning their farm.  In other words, the places where cutscenes are used is appropriate, and everywhere else they use the "Skyrim way" of expression during gameplay.

Granted, I'm not the biggest fan of super old fashioned "Two Characters One Screen" cutscenes, but oh well.


My best rebuttal is

You do NOT need a segment which goes "Use WASD!  Now press 1!  Now jump over this obstacle!"  And quite frankly, the little popups during gameplay are just fine, so long as you actually bothered paying attention to their neon orange brightness.  If people aren't learning, then I'd sooner blame the game for not requiring you to do things (eg: dodging is 100% optional in the 1-15 zones, but not dodging get you killed everywhere else).  And if that's the case, then it's something that can be improved, because that would also improve the experience for experienced players.


More video rebuttals!  

Basically, the story is there.  It's not readily apparent if you just stand there looking at the world, but if you actually bother exploring and searching, there's a fairly solid, overarching plot, interwoven with dynamic events.


I'm going to start off by saying that the GW1 system was broken.  Yes, you had tons of customization, and from a casual standpoint it was loads of fun to use all sorts of random skill bars.  From a PvP standpoint though, it was basically impossible to balance.  So many bloody combinations meant that even if you nerfed one build, another one would pop up and we'd all wonder why we didn't notice it before.  Rinse, lather, repeat for 7 years.

However, I actually do agree that the current customization options are weak.  Not because of limited options, but rather because the options given do not create a distinct difference.  Hurray for Rangers, where all our customization basically boils down to "Which passive bonus do I want?"


Ehhh, preferences are preferences.  You say you want there to be a constant gear curve, I say I'd rather not bother with the gear curve.  You say that crafting takes forever to level, while I say that it's fun to spend all that time trying to figure out how to piece together recipes.  You say enemies hit too hard, and oddly I'm saying that enemies don't hit hard enough (maybe it's because I haven't done EMs yet).

#1913697 This is where Guild Wars 2 fails:

Posted Red_Falcon on 10 September 2012 - 09:02 PM

View PostSigillumMilitum, on 10 September 2012 - 08:55 PM, said:

Well OP, you're gonna be seeing all the apologists and fanboys coming out of the woodwork. I am in agreement with some of your points.

I am actually going to admit that parts of this game are NOT newbie friendly to people who did not already research how to play it in advance. I actually gave away a prepurchase beta key to a friend who "didn't enjoy the game." He picked Asura during BWE3, I have no idea what he did, but from what I remember, Rata Sum was a charlie-foxtrot to navigate compared to Divinity's Reach and Hoelbrak. I assume he probably didn't know what to do, and ended up getting little done while trying to find out what to do.

If you bothered to read articles and interviews, they said they wouldn't spoonfeed new players but push them to find out things themselves.
You might be surprised that some people like to discover and test things rather than have mom hold their hand all the time.

But of course since you started your post with "anyone who disagree with me is a fanboy, I'm the omniscent god of objectivity", I don't go further to explain you how a mature person should inform before buying or how such a formula might actually be why people play GW2 and not some "I do everything for you" MMO.
I wouldn't dare to open your eyes saying there is people out there with different tastes and all, it's all about fanboys vs geniuses that would have made a 100x better game with their hands broken, obviously.