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GW2 2012 Best (Worst) of Awards

17 January 2013 - 11:10 PM

GW2 2012 Best (Worst) of Awards

  It’s that time of the year again! Where we look back into the previous year and project into the new year. To make the best of 2013, we have to look at the good, the bad, and the awful in 2012. So in the spirit of the Golden Globe and everything else award related, <IRL> brings you the “2012 Guild Wars 2 Best of/Worst of and Everything in Between Award”. The 2012GW2Bo/WoaEiB award is the most prestigious award of GW2, because this is the only one that exists! It is based on prejudice, bias, stereotyping and to some extent lack of apparent knowledge of the game, proudly brought to you by all of the 5 active members in <IRL> (if you know what an iron ring is, HIGH FIVE!), so sit tight tight, (or sit back?), and feel free to agree to disagree! We would love to hear what you think, because we certainly won’t care what you say!

I. Profession Awards:

1. Best professions that seems like they are busy but aren’t doing anything award:

Award Description: They make a scene, they demand your attention, they radiate with apparent importance by shouting on top of their lungs and being colorful, they steal away your envy by leaping back and forth going in and out. Then you notice that they’re just randomly pushing buttons.

The Nominees:
  • Elementalist: For all the particle effects, and the urge to let everyone know each time they switch and attunement.
  • Mesmer: For the ability to make everything purple
Stand there and move only when you have to? Thieves will have none of that. They’ll run around the boss and swing their hands like a child desperate of attention, or as my guildmates likes to put it: a stabbed Kangaroo!

2. Profession that does a lot of work but no one notices award:

Award Description: You make it to the end of the dungeon and suddenly, a creepy thought occurs to you --- There’s not 4, but FIVE people in your group! How is that possible? Where and who is that fifth person! No wonder you feel that your run had been extra smooth despite having only 4 people.

The Nominees:
  • Grenadier Engineer: For it’s 25 stacks of vulnerability
  • Ranger: longbow shortbow bleed pierce move to the back pet control and all that, but sorry I don’t have a telescope, I can’t see as far as 1400 yards.
  • Necromancer: Still scratching our heads on how they can be useful.
THE WINNER: Engineer

Common guys, why do no one appreciates engineers. We are giving them this one just so they can win something!

3. Profession most likely to end up dead in a dungeon award:

Award Description: They’ll trip over a rock by the way point and die to that. They’ll press space bar and die from fall damage. They’ll heal themselves to death. And they drown.

The Nominees:
  • Thief (D/D Glass Cannon): No one goes from a somersault to dead on the floor so gracefully and smoothly like a D/D thief.
  • Elementalist (D/D Glass Cannon): Fight like a warrior,  wear toilet paper
  • Warrior (Signet): Hit like a truck, drop like a stone.
THE WINNER: Thief (D/D Glass Cannon)
Every piece of tile I walk by in a dungeon, I feel it is smeared with D/D thieves:D

4. Top Complainer award

Award Description: Do you ever wonder what you’re doing wrong and how bad you are in life? He’ll tell you, he’ll tell you no matter what. He’ll tell you in the middle of a boss fight, he’ll tell you when you’re afk, he’ll even tell you when he himself is afk.

The Nominees:
  • Thief: Twitchy class results in twitchy behaviors.
  • Warrior: “I never die, why do you die”.
  • Ranger: Too much to complain about the class, so... they end up complaining a lot!
Somehow thieves just... talks a lot both in game and outside in the community. Maybe it’s just the lone wolf lifestyle, or their frequent backstabbing business that makes them... a bit antisocial. Well deserved win!

5. Most silent profession award

Award Description: ...

The Nominees:
  • Engineer: ...
  • Necromancer: ...
  • Guardian: ...
THE WINNER: Necromancer
… … …

6. Best Profession to annoy you despite being nice and polite award

Award Description: “I am rain and ice!” “Shake it off!” “Retreat!”, too much color on your screen, too many things stacking on the boss, or that big Norn booty is simply constantly in your face --- You can’t help but feel annoyed by all these.

The Nominees:
  • Elementalist: If they switch attunement too much they are annoying, if they don’t they are bad at the profession, sad..
  • Ranger/Necro: You just can’t help but feel that sour taste in the mouth when you see one join you in high level fractal :(
  • Mesmer: Just because you like purple, doesn’t mean the whole world should be purple.
  • Norn/Char: Mister, are you here in this jumping puzzle just to troll me?
THE WINNER: Elementalist
"Elemental fire, obey me!" "I am the flames!" "Consuming Fire!",
"Elemental air, heed me!" "I am the wind!" "Join as (or joyous? o_O) Air!",
"Elemental water, attend me!" "I am rain and ice!" "Persistent Water!",
"Elemental earth, hear me!" "I am rock and soil!" "Solid Earth!",
, etc, etc... or it could be "element of" =.=, well, w/e. Also a special shoutout to the male Sylvari’s, we like their indian-like accent twist.

7. Best profession you will shamelessly embrace despite being a jerk award

Award Description: Dignity is sometimes a luxury, especially if someone is desperately needed in your group, OR that bad behaviour is already expected of them.

The Nominees:
  • Mesmer: The idea of asking for portal fee has come across every mesmer’s mind, sometimes even quite vocal about it, so what do you usually do? You roll your eyes while typing a lot of “Plz”s  and “Thank You!!”s.
  • Guardian: Need a guardian, just a guardan, everything else is a bonus!
  • Thief: We love you!! (only because of your stealth)
THE WINNER: Guardian
What else is there to say? Nothing really... Just need a guardian, PLEASE!!!

8. Best taste in fashion award

Award Description: They have the wisdom to make up a profession population of primarily human females. They have the good fashion sense of wearing as little as possible. And most importantly, you KNOW they’ll easily spend 20 gold to get that helm that you’ve just posted on the TP because it matches their boots.

The Nominees:
  • Elementalist: We like their ability to decorate themselves with elements of nature
  • Mesmer: We like the fact that showing a lot of skin is a necessary part of their profession.
  • Ranger: Can get away with anything with a cute pet beside them.
There is a reason why mesmers dominate the human nobility. Queen Jennah, Courtess Anise. Clothes and fashion and looking good is part of their profession, and they are rich, killer combo!  

9. Worst taste in fashion award

Award Description: Sometimes you wonder, how did they live to level 80 without ever tempted to look into the mirror.

The Nominees:
  • Necromancer: No matter what they wear, they still only attract rotten flesh, insects, and foul smell.
  • Guardian: Dress like a warrior, only talk about magic.
  • Engineer: Have you ever seem a good looking engineer? (both in game and IRL?)
THE WINNER: Engineer
No one looks good in working suits holding heavy duty tool covered with a hard hat sweaty under the sun.. oh wait a minute... inappropriate pictures are forming in my head...

II. Dubious Mentions:

1. Best spec that no one played award

Blind Spamming thieves!
There is no fun making here, go play them!

2. Worst spec that everyone played award:
A tie between signet warrior and 2222 thieves. :D Stay classy!

3. Top (or worst?) combat noises:
  • Sylvari females being attacked VO: Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
  • The army of Rabsovich: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!
  • Glitched Raving Asura: Best remix ever.
4. Top excuses that are never true:
  • "lagg!."
  • "They are all focusing on me!."
  • "bug!."
5. Most apparent and shameless lie
  • Male Asura: "I feel six feet tall"! - only in your fantasy
  • Lionguard Lyns: "all contributions goes to the rebuild of Lion's Arch!" -  I’ve been giving weapons armor and food for 3 months and now you have only managed putting up a wooden scaffold and two unfinished fish.
  • “I have everything you need!” - Of course, Parsley is all I need!
4. Best glitches that should have never been fixed:
  • Airplane: I’m like an airplane running into fight like a shooting star~~~~
  • Sit Jump:Pity, nearly resulted in the entirety of our guild rage quit the game.
  • Flamethrower Ooze: Don’t really mind seen them around.
  • Land shark: You think you have seen everything Tyria has to offer?
5. Best trolling effort from Arenanet:
  • The Commando: teased me good!
  • Near Edge Jumping Glitch: this has raised a lot of self doubt before we knew about the bug. Know that heart sinking feeling? Expecting a jump while you walk off the edge?
  • The Raining Dye Bug: We all thought we can afford to look good now! We can’t be more wrong... Didn’t cash in when unidentified dyes were 2 silver each and black dye were 1.5 gold each? *Yao Ming Face*
III. Fractal STAR Awards:

Oh good ol’ fractals, you think we forgot about them huh? WRONG! It’s the only thing people cared about in the past 2 month, so we feel it is necessary to honor the heroes who have contributed the most to cause of jumping into random places through space and time and killing everything for no apparent reason. We have also included a short version of the transcripts of the winning speech.

1. Urban Battleground

STAR: Elementalist

“Thank you, thank you. Well you see, it all came very natural to me, everything on staff being an Aye Oh Yee and all. My instructor had once told me that I had a problem with focus --- Get it? GET IT?! Focus! … What, I think that’s funny.”

2. Swamp

STAR: Mesmer

“You know, people have gotten so much better with wisp carrying, that is just aweful. Like, SO not fair. You know what? They should make the floor in swamp covered with traps that strip away stability and swiftness. Yeah that’s right, bring me or beat it girl!”

3. Raving Asura

STAR: Engineer

“It’s indeed pretty sweet that I can hit those harpies from below the platform... What? That’s not why I won? I won because of the glitch? Oh that’s just such an insult! I mean I can’t even.... No no no don’t kick me I’m putting turret down now...”

4. Volcano

STAR: Guardian

“I hear you are wiping on worms. So I thought to myself: how pathetic. Let me show you how much better your life would be with ME in it.”

5. Frost

STAR: Thief

“It’s not an easy win, those pesty mesmers have stealth too, and this spy kit thing is really bad for business. But of course, we still get some cash, because mesmers are a bunch of sissies and the Charrs in Ash Legion apparently don’t move.”

6. Dredge

STAR: Mesmer

“Oh the second one of the day, as expected. Why? Because I’m sexy and awesome that’s why. Yeah that’s right, it’s all about feedback timing baby... What’s that? You’re bringing me because of the portal glitch? Whaa... I don’t even... “

7. Underwater

STAR: Engineer

“Oh that is just so biased, what if I don’t use grenade huh? What if... No no no don’t kick me I’m switching now...”

8. Cliffside

STAR: Warrior

“Oh yeah, give the warrior an award because he didn’t win anything, real mature, real mature... And yes I’ll still take it. Suck on that Necros.”

9. Solid Ocean

STAR: Ranger

“Hey, hey! I’m here! No that’s my pet! Yeah I know he’s the one who ACTUALLY did the rezzing, but you see... No Snoopy don’t chew on that mommy needs it to show off!”


STAR: Guardian

“What would you do without me. Heh.”

GLHF 2013!!!!!!

P.S: If you are a winner, Feel free to pm for in game cookies.

Trading between GW1 and GW2

31 July 2012 - 05:27 AM

Hi all,

   New to the forum, but I have been following Guild Wars 2 for  along time:)

   I bought and started playing GW1 about a month ago to catch up with the lore and earn some points for Hall of Monuments, at this point I have got to 10 points and I think I will stop actually playing at this point. However I still have a lot of points that I can get if I had enough gold to simply purchase, for example hero armor, weapons and pets.

   I'm wondering if anyone have any ideas to make it possible for safe transfer between currencies in GW2 and GW1. I mean between someone who is a long time GW1 player that will also playing GW2 and someone who only play GW2 like me. I anticipate spending a lot of time playing GW2 and I have some spare money to buy gems as well. So I give him GW2 currency, and he gives me GW1 currency.

  It would be awesome if Arenanet will actually implement some kind of cross game trading possible to make it safe. I think a lot of people would be interested in getting those HoM awards, GW2 is a lot about collectables and appearances, and the things in HoM looks really cool. For someone who don't even play GW1, from my limited experience I would say it is very easy to get to 10 points simply from buying from other players. It probably will extend the life of GW1 as well if such trading turned out to be very popular. I heard the trading post will be made available from a browser, if so then there is definitely an easier way to tie it in.

I would like to see what people thinks, I have been strolling around the GW related forums and pages a lot, and haven't seen such people bringing it up. If a lot of people are interested I will send something to Anet directly I suppose. I haven't really considered the impact on GW1 economy, so there maybe certainly negative effects that I haven't considered.

  Also I know there are 3rd party gold sellers out there for gw1, I'm just trying to avoid those basically, just that I can see some way to make it legit with GW2.

THanks in advance for any input!