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Outfits & Alts

25 March 2013 - 07:51 AM

Hey guys, hopefully you guys can either persuade me or tell me im crazy.

I currently have a level 80 warrior (my main) and i LOVE his look, it all ties into my weapon and race choice.

On my warrior i play a hammer & Axe/sheild build that has high sustained dps (quite high) and lots of cc and support via my gameplay, he also rocks in WvW and of course, look fabulous :)
but when it does come to organised content, dungeons, fractals, ect, i feel pigeonholed into dps and rocking a boring Great sword as all warriors are 'expected' to do, and others don't appreciate what i bring to the group. at the end, its just.. nice heals guardian.

So why not just roll a guardian if you like the support capabilities and utility the class can deliver, and at the very least use that alt for dungeons/ organised play?

well, i have a lvl 80 asuran guardian, with T3 race armor.. but this is why im posting to the screenshot thread.

im very big on aesthetics, and while the asura T3 gear looks awesome, i wish my guardian had the exact look as my warrior, cause i LOVE it soooo much :)
Is it crazy to re-roll my guardian to the exact same race and the exact same gear skins?

im only doing this because i would like to have a main, but that is usually based on who gets the best looking gear, and because everything is soulbound in this game, it makes it hard to share it around :P
so ill just make the two classes i love the most, give them both the same look i love and win all round, the only thing is, ill never be able to choose a main due to the class indifference.

TL;DR: Crazy to roll a warrior and guardian same race, same style, same gear skins, same look basically?

Gw2 will not fit on my 32GB USB, help!

31 July 2012 - 06:08 AM

So I just purchased a new laptop.
I'm trying to transfer guild wars 2 from one computer to another so I do not have to download everything again.
I tried to used an empty 16gb USB (actual storage = 14.9gb) and it would not fit, figured that it wouldnt let me load it to capacity, for some strange reason.
Anyway I used a 32GB USB and still to no prevail.

My question is; "WTF, why?"
Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance!