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S/P stun/daze lock build

08 September 2013 - 09:46 PM

Sup, guys
I’ve been playing for a while with my fancy S/P build and found it is quite annoying and powerful at chasing, finishing, disturbing, interrupting, completing secondary objectives and killing.
Don’t know if any of you interested of dropping S/D, but i can say that this build is greatly superior to D/P and goes on pair with S/D.

So here are the build
http://intothemists....k6;2KJG4KJG46Rc – this is somewhat condition clearing build, as you have all your skills and traits, aswell as runes and sigils synergize with each other.

http://intothemists....k6;2KJG4KJG46RQ – this is more damaging variant, where you are losing some passive and active aspects of build (i.e. weakness on target + condition clearing every 45 sec instead of 36), but i find it as awesome as previous one.

Here are the vid, with my playing.

I have to say that is not my best acting, as i was having ping issues while recording it, but it is good source of understanding how S/P works.
Also this is sPvP, not tPvP, but as i said, i had some ping issues, preventing me from playing on my best, while recording these videos. Basically it is result of two days of playing (almost straight up montage).
Good luck on trying, of you are interested.

Need help with Engi's WvWvW

23 October 2012 - 11:22 PM

Need help with my engi's wvwvw build.
Atm i'm using this:
Rely on condition stacking, mobility, some defensive/offensive tools, and high amount of crit.
I'm playing in const party of 10.
Using some shaman's gear and some precision/tougness/cond damage.
My role on the battlefield is to put pressure on enemies, stack various conditions on them and use some of my defensive cooldowns to keep my squad members alive.

Roles i'd like to fulfil:
Tank/Initiator - the one, who run in, stomp in juggernaut form, scare enemies with only its appearence and having some high amounts of survivability, mobility and control
Support/Control - the one who stand behind the scene, giving some defensive tools to protect alies, and having some tricks to disengage combat when needed.
Glass gun - pretty much simple build, but i still want to know which one you, my dear brothers, using atm.

Looking forward for any constructive help, thanks in advance.

Edit: tried this:
Even crafted full exo berserker for this build and found that this is no much damage improvement, at least for PvE, when grenades can't be very reliable source of damage due to projectile time, so i'm not gonna try anything of "glass-guns" anymore, i guess.

Fighter build. Oldschool fighter.

17 October 2012 - 12:15 PM

Good day, my dear engineers.
I'm not playing engi from BWEs, but it isn't very short time i'm playing engi.

Someday i thought: "huh, why there isn't anything that provide simple fighter style?"
And then I did this Drunken Master build:

First of all, I'd like to describe your role:
1. Fighter
2. Control
3. Tank
4. Survive master
This is all about putting pressure on your target. You are being offensive, but saving defensive tools, to survive some tunnelling. You can rush-in use your heal, drink elixir R, and you will become the power who push enemies of the lines. Make them scaried, focus you, run from you and so on. This is the fighter style. Stacking might during the fight and putting direct damage and controlling what enemy is doing - this is the how this build performs.
All you need is some experience with this build and you should understand what I mean. You're in the front-lines. Tank Warrior as it meant to be.

Now about my choices for build
Acidic Elixirs: Thrown elixirs cause damage when they land. Actually. this is the only choice in this tier. You can take Empowering adrenaline but I prefer this one.
Enhance Performance: Gain 3 stacks of might for 15 seconds when you use a heal skill. This effect cannot trigger more than once every 10 seconds. As I said, stacking might is what it should be. So no other variations

Protective Shield: Gain protection for 3 seconds when you are hit with a critical attack 20 second cooldown. This or energized armor . One of them for defensive power, and the second one is for offensive power.
Reinforced Shield: Gain 90 toughness while holding a shield and shield skills recharge 20% faster. This or elite supplies. Once again - one for defensive, second one - offensive.

Fast-Acting Elixirs: Elixir skills recharge 20% faster.
Potent Elixirs: Increases elixir durations by 20%.
HGH: All elixirs give 20 seconds of might.

We are drunken muster, huh? All traits for elixiers, but it wasn't very easy choice. In the first tier we have Protection Enjection and Self regaluating armors. And both of them are very good traits for this build, its up to you to decide, at what role you should be better, but I prefer faster elixiers - because this is the base of my build.
In second tier there are cleaning formula 409, sounds very good and this is the main question in building this tank. You can take elixir b and take cleaning formula, but in this case you won't have time for two 5's on your elixir R. So that why i prefer this root of my tactics.
Last tier has automatic response, but this is again offensive/defensive choice
As you may see this build is primarily offensive, but have defensive options. Again.
You are not landing big number. You are staying live long enough to outlast your enemies. To survive their tunneling, to throw elixir B to get ressed, YOU ARE DUNKEN McLEOD FROM McLEOD's CLAN.
If I had better grafics I'd would ofc record and upload some videos but actually I can't.

This is my vision of fighter engineer.
All questions and suggestions welcomed)

With love from, Jhar Guar