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Skeletal Lich

23 October 2013 - 01:00 AM

So, I was raiding the Legendary Skeletal Lich with an overflow zerg on my lowbie Guardian (yes, I use the event to level up lowbies), when the debate arose...

"Ranged, get into melee range! You're healing him!"
"Don't you see he has life steal? Melees are actually healing him thanks to the life steal! Learn to read!"

(And this is the watered down and shortened version of the debate that occurred on the map chat)

Points in favor of the ranged option:
1) You don't get one-shot when the small skeletons are summoned (I noticed they buff themselves with Retaliation, therefore if you AoE them you're practically bound to see your HP dropping dramatically :D)

2) You don't get one-shot by its OHKO skill thanks to kiting

Points in favor of the melee option:
1) You're grouped so closely with other players that if you get downed, you're rezzed super fast (and also get banners buffs, since all Warriors apparently go melee)

2) You can keep the skeleton spawns under control, preventing them from going everywhere unchecked and disturb the rear line

3) You aren't subjected to the life steal skill of the boss

Problems is, ranged get their life stolen by the boss, according to a Ranger friend who raided the Lich from afar. But I haven't witnessed it personally.
So, who's right between the two schools? I'm personally inclined to believe that the melee raid force is more effective, as every successful raid had a majority of people hugging the boss, while the last attempts I've joined had so many Rangers/Elementalists/staff Guardians that the boss ended up being healed back to full health, despite the efforts of us melee players.

[Answered] DR laurel vendor unaccessible

05 September 2013 - 09:43 AM

I'm pretty sure I missed something along the road of the months I didn't play the game and thus skipped some content... But is there a reason I can't access this area, not even with human characters?

Posted Image

Maguuma Explorer achievement problem

05 March 2013 - 08:46 PM

Okay, I finished exploring Sparkfly Fen, which was my last Maguuma map to explore. However... I found out I have 166/167 areas uncovered. Since I already checked the wiki entries for each area over and over for hidden caves and such (and I have 100% exploration on each map, meaning I don't miss any waypoint/PoI/heart at the present state of the game), do I have to enter the guild jumping puzzle in Brisban Wildlands to get the achievement?
I'm pretty sure I don't miss anything, but in case I can provide screenshots of my world map.

Edit: shortly after posting this, I found out I had to go to the door of the guild jp to get the achievement. /case closed and sorry for the loss of time and forum space >_>'