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#1725462 To V-Sync or not...

Posted Quaker on 13 August 2012 - 03:33 PM

I would say that if your system can't maintain a steady 60 fps, then it might be best to leave Vsync off.

There are some people who swear they can tell the difference in reaction times, etc, in PvP by having a high fps (without Vsync) but I've never experienced any benefit from it. (Although, the fact I don't PvP may have something to do with that. :) )

I always have Vsync on - I always make sure that my system can deliver a steady 60+ fps (even if it requires some lowering of settings). There is little purpose in putting more stress on your system, and creating more heat, by having your system generate frames that you'll never really see. Keep in mind that your average 60Hz LCD monitor cannot actually display more than 60fps no matter how many frames the game can render. The extra frames will either be dropped or the content of a frame may change during it's rendering - which can lead to tearing.
For example, say your game is running at 120fps and your monitor is 60Hz. In that case either every second frame will be skipped (and never displayed) or each displayed frame will consist of half of one frame and half of the next. If those two halves are significantly different, you may see the difference as "tearing".
Of course, those ratios are not apt to be a tidy 2:1, so the number of dropped frames will vary and/or the tearing will happen at various points in the frame.