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#2038277 ANet's handling of Halloween has been nothing but disappointment

Posted Woutman on 23 October 2012 - 08:50 PM

In GW1, all you got guaranteed was a hat. You still have your free hat. And on top of that some nice weapon skins to work towards.

If you're going to compare, at least do it properly.

#1624414 Dance Vendor

Posted Linfang on 23 July 2012 - 09:41 PM

ugh, what happened to just dancing like /dance. I grow tired of being charged for everything I want to do

#1620994 Now that BWE3 is over, What will be your first race?

Posted NeoN707 on 23 July 2012 - 07:06 AM

Play all the races!!

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#1661262 Putting together a giant list of UI & polish requests for ArenaNet

Posted MisterFrogs on 01 August 2012 - 04:35 AM

Let's make a mega-list of polish, ui and easy-to-implement features. Collect the best suggestions from everywhere on the internet and send them ArenaNet's way! NO balance requests please, let's stick to useful things ArenaNet can implement easy to really create the slickest MMO ever launched.

MEGAUPDATE: Visit the FULL LIST right here


People who are worried that ArenaNet might not see this... they will definitely see it. We'll send it to their support team by twitter. Last time we did this with the WvW ranking system out on reddit, they saw that and actually sent a shout out to thank everyone at reddit. So let's get a good list going here.


Also, I’d like to give a special shout-out to the gamers at Reddit for their extremely detailed analysis—thank you for all the hard work and great suggestions! - Mike Ferguson

They definitely pay attention to the fans and even have people whose job it is to read things we say. One of them may even be reading right now!

  • Display Keybind changes on the UI element
  • Saving personal map waypoints permanently with notes
  • Take the death log from PVP and make it available in PVE (as an option)
  • Please add auto-complete to mail recipients... From the friend and/or guild list would be fine
  • When you click on an achievement popup, take you to that achievement in your achievement list.
  • Return of the High Resolution screenshot button
  • Shift+Print Screen to take a fast, UI-less screenshot
  • Right click utility skill on bar to go to slot skills window
  • Optionally Auto-switch to town clothes when you enter a city instance.
Hero Menu
  • WvW's B menu should be accessible from the hero tab
  • use an icon that is a pair of crossed swords over a small globe of Tyria in gold placed under the SPVP icon in the hero menu.
  • List chain skills in hero tab and downed skills
  • Saving personal build and add a "minus" symbol to decrease traits stats
  • Should need to click "apply" before traits are confirmed
  • A comprehensive player stats page listing effects of traits, armour & weapon damage
  • Inventory, traits and stats page have buttons to display your PvE or current PvP build
  • Skill descriptions do a very poor job of describing exactly how they work, please fix
  • Drag and drop skills in slot skill window to pick active skills.
  • Copy/paste from chat
  • Have an option to enable clickable URLs
  • Multiple chat windows
  • Multi-guild chat to see more than just one guild
  • When viewing chat-linked item also display current item equipped
  • Right click on player's names to open the Player UI options (invite to party etc)
  • Key binds for specific tabs of the hero pane so I can go straight to my traits or to the PVP tab
  • Allow players to divide the "f" key's interact and loot and heal functions to different keys
  • Be able to use keybinds on mouse wheel.
  • option to enable loot key to loot all nearby sources of loot
  • Be able to rebind chat linking's Left Ctrl, Left Shit, and Left Alt functions
  • Character specific keybinds
Inventory UI
  • Bank inventory information in tooltips: mouse over a bear scrotum, tells you how many you have on you, in your bank
  • Preview item and item chat-linking from the trading post and crafting station
  • Key+click combination to sell directly to merchants from your own inventory.
  • Merchants/Inventory list items that cannot be used by your profession in red
  • Ctrl-click on items to preview them. (Right click preview works but not ctrl-click.)
  • Dye interface, clicking applies the dye. Double-click to undo that change.
Character Creation & Cosmetic
  • Character Creation - Colour Palettes should say what they change. problems most evident in Sylvari
  • Move Skin colour to Body Features - Physique
  • Eye Colour could go where skin colour is currently i.e. Faces & Skin Color which will be rename accordingly
  • choose your starter weapon in character creation
  • More Beards, goatees, sideburns for Human Males without mustaches!
  • Player names allow 1 apostrophe and a total of 3 Upper case letters in your names: (Jonathan McGowen, Robert d’Iberville, etc, seem like valid human names)
Combat UI
  • Option to enable display of Exact Range to target
  • This would display as part of the target marker, unobtrusive
  • Ability to turn off combat sounds except for party & enemies as The dynamic events and WvW gets very, very noisy
  • The option to keep the mouse pointer visible when moving the camera. especially for people using fast ground targeting
  • Allow Elementalists & Engineers to be able to toggle weapon sets outside of combat, as there is no good reason to force them to have to dig through their inventory.
  • Prioritize healing player over pet: If the pet isn't yours, player must set pet as a target before heal key works
  • Alternately, stow pet on death. Don't deploy it again until switched or reviving.
  • Being able to move the enemy health bar element (Target) from the top of the screen
  • Allow us to hot-swap the weapon skills for each weapon set out of combat a-la GW1 (by moving the tiles around).
  • When using fast ground targeting, holding button displays the target on the ground. Releasing would cast the spell/ability. This would be especially useful on siege equipment
Other Requests (post launch?)
  • In WvW see the range of siege equipment while in blueprint mode, Like how a blue transparent sphere appears around  the engineer in TF2 when deploying a sentry.
  • Underwater castle in WvW
  • "The Deeps" Underground map for WvW would allow more to play
I actually have an even bigger list... this is just a small sample of the suggestions I've collected from everyone  view or edit the source file here.

Also there's a backup here to deal with spammers:

Please suggest away!