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#1749174 HoM Rewards: How soon can we obtain the rewards in-game?

Posted by MysticAngelic on 17 August 2012 - 12:17 AM

Then, the player must visit an NPC in the GW2 Hall of Monuments, which can be reached from one's home instance[1]. The NPC can then generate as many of the items as often as the player would like. [2]

- Official GW2 Wiki

So for human race, the home instance would be Divinity's Reach. Will the NPC (unknown name) be present in your home instance on your first time arriving in Divinity's Reach? or do we have to go through a series of quest chains to first unlock the NPC to be present in town? I've done my search but I don't see this part answered specifically.

Why I'm very eager to know is that many others including myself didn't link our GW1 to our GW2 account during registration for various reasons. We don't know if the linking option in our GW2 account management will be implemented in time before the head start which is just 8 days away. If the HoM rewards and achievements are available first time you arrive in your home instance, then many of us will be on a MAJOR setback in gaming experience and fun. Not to mention that I'd love to wear my GWAMM title on day 1 :)
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#1714363 Guild Wars 2: Main Character Poll

Posted by MysticAngelic on 11 August 2012 - 08:05 PM

1. For me it's Human for first time complete role playing purposes of the main storyline
2. Mesmer - Because I have faith in Arena-Net to make the Mesmer "right" before/after official launch. (Fully polished)
3. Main focus will be PvE and eventually a mix of PvP later on

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#1707603 Arenanet and the future nerfs.

Posted by MysticAngelic on 10 August 2012 - 06:27 PM

I certainly hope that Arena-Net will get it right between the difference of "challenging" and "impossible"
I honestly don't mind challenge content as end-game activities to do in game, so long the challenge is 100% friendly and viable for ALL professions.

Remember back in GW1, and you wants to join a UWSC or that typoe of elite content, you have to be playing that certain type of profession to be welcome in the group -Assassin, Ele, Mes, Monk, etc. No ones care if you have spent 200 hours into your warrior and only to find out it's one of the least favoured and useless profession in end-game elite content. What do you do? you hope that your "friend" will kindly take you in based on 2nd profession alternative or REROLL, end of story.

I hope A-net get it right this time and make EVERY profession viable and group friendly in ALL elite end game content. I don't want to spent X amount of time on a X profession only to find out that I CANNOT play certain end game content that I PAID for in this game.

Balancing =/= Nerf. Instead of nerfing the class, why not buff others to make them equally strong and viable? (Unless it's considered as an exploid or game breaking mechanic.)

I never understood why dev wants to nerf certain skills/build if the community favors it, and if it's not game breaking or an exploid.

If most customers like to buy "Big Mac" combo at macdonalds, the management isn't going to "nerf" Big Mac combo but instead make all other combos/meals more attractive to the public. It makes no sense to discourage what people favors or like. If they like the value or taste in Big Mac, Macdonalds isn't going to take out a tomato, a slice of beef, or a slice of lettuce or make it not taste as good as before so customers are forced to try out other difference combos to make their monthyly sales report looking "balaced".
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