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Grandmaster dueling trait Confusing Combatants Bugged

15 September 2012 - 01:35 AM

I thoroughly tested Confusing Combatants grandmaster dueling trait at Heart of the Mist against Enemy NPCs (not stationary golems), and it’s not working as intended.

“Your illusions cause 3 seconds of confusion when they are killed. "
“Notes: “Killed” means either destroyed by enemy damage or by being overwritten with a newly summoned illusion. "

Illusion: “There are two kinds of illusions: clones and phantasms.”

I tested it using sword, pistol, and staff illusion summoning skills. Only clones do apply confusion when it’s killed but phantasms are not effected by this trait. All illusions tested were killed by melee type enemies and within range to apply confusion.

My Mesmer is currently level 65 so it's not fully traited yet to confirm the bug testing in PvE. I'd very much appreciate others to do some bug tests in PvE and confirm my findings. Please do submit an in game bug report if you also get the same bug and make a post reply on guildwars2 bug forum- https://forum-en.gui...irst#post109205

Grandmaster dueling trait Confusing Combatants Bugged

15 September 2012 - 01:29 AM

I apologize for duplicate post, I meant to post it in the PvE section. I didn't realize it's split into two now. Please refer to the post in PvE section.

Does Critical Chance/Damage effect Condition Damage?

08 September 2012 - 10:11 PM

Hi guys,

I've searched on google and GW2 wiki but I didn't find the answer I'm looking for.

Can anyone confirm if the critical % chance and critical damage bonus applies to condition damage like bleed, burning, poison, and confusion?

We know that all condition damage are damage over time except confusion. For each tick or pulse from DOT condition damage like bleed, burning or poison, does critical % chance/damage increase their damage? What about non-DOT condition damage like confusion (backfire), does it gain critical damage and % critical chance?

If the answer to the above is yes, then does critical % chance and damage applies to Mesmer's illusions?

Thanks guys :)

Signet of Illusion Bug Found (Detail & Screenshot)

06 September 2012 - 11:36 AM

I've just submitted the bug report on guildwars2.com. https://forum-en.gui...first#post16183 For other people who are using Signet of Illusions and experiencing this bug, please make a post reply there to bring this bug to notice by their QA team.

Skill Description:
Passive: Grants more health to your illusions.
Active: Recharge your shatter skills.
Illusion Health Bonus: 50%

I’m reporting this bug in regards to the passive side of the skill, and I’ve thoroughly tested the skill to find an underlying problem in its passive mechanic. The severity of this bug is considered to be high, as its passive ability isn’t functioning properly. The illusions summoned are not granted the health bonus after seconds delayed. In most cases, the summoned illusions are killed before it gains the benefit from the skill’s passive.

I’ve thoroughly tested Signet of Illusions using staff, sword, and pistol skills that creates illusions (clones and phantasms). The bug is currently effecting both clones and phantasms created (Phantasmal Duelist, Illusionary Leap, Phantasmal Warlock, Phase Retreat). There is also another bug associated with Phase Retreat’s teleport that cause the character to be locked within a nearby environment that normally would not have access to by any means (Inside a tree or glitched under the map).

Continue with the bug detail of Signet of Illusions, I’ve monitored the changes in illusions health bar while they’re taking damage from a single enemy before and after the delayed activation of the passive effect of Signet of Illusions. By left mouse clicking the illusion summoned, it’s where to check the skill icon to be displayed under its name and to know that the signet of illusions has a delayed passive activation by seconds.

I had to make sure it’s not just the case with the delayed skill icon appearance but it is in fact delayed in granting passive bonus to illusions summoned. The difference in the portion of health bar taken by the enemy is noticeable before and after the passive bonus is granted to the illusion. In the heat of the battle, the delayed activation of Signet of Illusion passive bonus can be means that the illusion summoned is killed the second before the health bonus from the passive is granted to the illusion.

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Does Phantasmal Healing and Illusionary Membrane stack?

02 September 2012 - 01:07 AM

Illusionary Membrane - Gain protection for 2 seconds when you gain regeneration.
Phantasmal Healing - Phantasms grant regeneration to nearby allies.

So by their description, do I gain protection for 2s every time I gain regeneration from Phantasms and signet of inspiration (random)? approx how large is the nearby radius? is it the same aoe as a guardian granting boon to nearby allies for example?