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#1929138 Warrior, outclassed in every way

Posted Giac on 14 September 2012 - 02:14 AM

The best defense in this game is mobility in combat and damage evasion. Incidentally that's exactly what this class is not good at.

For those playing at the high levels of TPvP, think about which classes actually engage in melee. It's guardians, thieves and warriors.

Guardians lack in-combat mobility, though they have access to an insane amount of evasion and prolonged stability with a lot of stun breaking utilities that are actually useful for the role they assume. So while they are not hard to catch, they are incredibly hard to lock down.

Thieves have incredible in-combat mobility and evasion. Locking them down is almost impossible. Pistol Whip also offers excellent control, damage and defense all in one ability and thanks to Shadow Return, they can break out of stuns at will, as long as they have initiative.

The warrior has very weak in-combat mobility and is easy to catch. Their strongest burst weapon offers limited evasion and absolutely underwhelming utility, while their burst roots them in place. Once you have fired 100 blades and whirlwind, you better switch weapon set, because any other offers more sustained damage. The warrior's utility skills are one-dimensional, poorly thought through, nonetheless some of them are absolutely mandatory, if you want to deal damage that is considered a threat.

The stun break on frenzy is ridiculous for instance. When are you going to break a stun with frenzy? You'd be insane. In order to use your stationary burst from the GS, you better bring balanced stance and endure pain, or you will simply get shut down or killed. So you have now used up all of your utilities to be able to use the one skill that hurts and if that wasn't enough, you'll have to pick up a control ability as well, forcing you to pick up a hammer (stun), a sword (root) or a mace (stun). After this, you are locked into the GS for at least 5 seconds (more like 10, since not everybody picks up fast hands and even if you do, it doesn't work for the first weapon swap in combat)

That's just too much compared to what a thief needs to do to deal equal or superior damage.

#1719640 "Kit Refinement" trait - Details

Posted Killyox on 12 August 2012 - 07:09 PM

So I've decided to see what does what. There are few basic things to know about this trait:

- every kit has its own internal cooldown
- cooldowns are not shared
- all effects are PBAoE

-You cause Fire Nova effect around yourself that applies 2 seconds of Burning to enemies in short radius
- 10 seconds Cooldown

Elixir Gun:
- persisten AoE healing field with ~240 radius
- Light Field
- Heals every second
- Lasts 10 seconds
- 20 seconds Cooldown

Bomb Kit:
- small AoE explosion doing ~500 dmg hits with 1485 power
- NO Cooldown

Med Kit:
- same effect as with Bomb Kit, smaller damage, ~140 dmg hits with 1485 power
- NO Cooldown

Grenade Kit:
- throw ~6 grenades around yourself
- each grenade does ~400 dmg hits with 1485 power
- 25 seconds Cooldown

- throw caltrops
- applies cripple every second for 1 second
- applies bleed every second for 2 seconds
- lasts 5 seconds
- ~240 radius
- 10 seconds Cooldown

Hopefully you will like this info and have some insight on this trait.

#1708594 Most effective condition builds for tournaments

Posted Grayle on 10 August 2012 - 09:13 PM

View PostThe Eggman, on 10 August 2012 - 07:52 PM, said:

I still don't understand engineer's going for bleeding duration. (not trying to single you out, just a general comment) We have access to all 4 types of condition damage as well as a lot of non-damaging conditions that are also affected by expertise/condition duration. The other thing with slotting rune of the afflicted is you will lose condition damage from the nightmare's 4 piece for what will most likely be no extra bleeding tick, and you will lose extra ticks on conditions that last 2sec since they need that 50%. (it has to be a full extra second for duration to increase bleeding and confusion ticks, it will not round up.) Afflicted would only be adding 9% bleed duration since you removed 6%.

The only time going for bleeding duration only will work is if you don't want to put 30 pts in explosives. But even then you would have to do some close testing to see if bumping up your bleed duration gives as much as increasing the damage for all your conditions across the board.

It depends what you have to give up and what conditions you apply most. Most of our Burns are 2 seconds, so they need 50% more duration for an extra tick, which is almost impossible to get without going 30 explosives (but easy with, ofc, and then fo sho go +50% to all). Plus, they stack in duration anyway, and I believe all burning from all targets gets added onto a single stack. So every little bit can help, turning it into a 2.2 second Burn can still result in an 'extra' tick if you or someone else add some more x.y second Burning to it.

Bleeds, however, come in many variations and are stupid easy to apply. It's also a waste to try and get the 2 second Bleed up to 3 without 30 Expl, but it's fairly easy to get it to +35% for an extra tick on all 3s and up Bleeds. And turning a three-tick into a four-tick is basically a 33% damage boost for that Condition (4 ticks at 100 =~ 3 ticks at 133). Yes, it's not perfect, as it can get cleansed and it's slower in its application of the damage, but it's still a sizeable damage boost for not such a big investment (10 to all in Expl, 2-piece for another +10% (2-piece Lyssa is awesome) to all and a two-piece for +15). For 33 more Bleed damage per tick you'd need around 600 extra Condition Damage.

Poison is basically always at +20% if you go 10 in Explosives (any Cond build should go at least there for the Burn on crit) and go with 2-piece Lyssa or another way to boost all Cond +10%. That's two extra ticks for a Poison Volley, if they all hit. Go 4 deep in Afflicted, I believe (the one whose 2-piece is +15 Bleed), for the +15% Poison for a total of +35% too (made a stupid booboo in the post Aefk mentioned, couldn't even add 10, 10 and 15 properly) and even when you miss almost half your darts, you've still got enough poison to last the Volley CD.

And then, as you said, it becomes about "how much did I lose out on my other conditions for this extra Bleeding and Poison duration".
Compared to full Undead you lose 100 Condition Damage and around 80ish from the 5% of Toughness to Condition Damage? That's 9 for Bleed, 18 for Poison and 45 for Burning. Bleed makes up for it, as does Poison (even if it was dead-even dmg-wise, a bit longer healing debuff is never bad). Burning loses out, though. But depending on your build, could be your only source of Burning is Incendiary Powder, so probably evens out again in that case. This is compared to more condition damage, not more +all condition duration, as that's really only viable if you can get it to 50% or at least +35% by going Explosives imo, but then it does become a clear winner.

I hope that made sense, I'm no good at this.

#1703930 Most effective condition builds for tournaments

Posted Morhilion on 10 August 2012 - 02:59 AM

Basically what the title says. What builds have you all tested to be viable in tournament pvp? I threw one together quickly that basically fills the role of a roamer. http://www.gw2build....

Can maintain swiftness to get around the map with speedy kits, provide solid sustained condition damage, provide stability or stealth by throwing elixir S(important for stomping), and revive teammates and remove conditions with elixir R. I put bomb kit in for the tool belt skill but i'm considering swapping it for mines. Any feedback is welcome.

#1702722 Stress Test 8/9 Changes

Posted The Eggman on 09 August 2012 - 11:20 PM

View PostGrayle, on 09 August 2012 - 10:46 PM, said:

And the trait that adds 10% of Vitality to Condition Damage only transfers whatever +Vit you get from the tree itself, not what your Vitality actually is. Basically, it adds either 10, 20 or 30. That's what I noticed anyway, it sure didn't add 140 Condition Damage even though my Vitality was roughly 1400. I believe this is what all of these "add X% of stat A to stat B" actually do, but I didn't test because I'm lazy.

Blood Injection has been giving 5% of Vitality since BWE1. It has never given 10%. For me it was still giving me 5% of my vitality to condition damage, not just based off my points in the tree.

Also to the other poster, Blood Injection is a tier 1 trait, not tier 2.

#1696184 Rune of the Undead, best rune for condition builds?

Posted Grayle on 08 August 2012 - 07:07 PM

All you need to do in that case is what Aefk did, look at the shortest Bleed and see how much +duration you need to add an extra tick. If you have to sacrifice too much to get that tick, go one up to the next shortest. 35% gives an extra tick for 3s Bleeds, and by extension also gives an extra tick and change for any 4 and 5 second Bleeds.

That's what you should shoot for imo. You could then see if a minimal extra investment would allow one of the longer Bleeds to tick yet again, but Bleeds are a dime a dozen and I think after the +35% you'll be sacrificing too much for something that might not pay off (Bleed getting removed before the new tick mark, which has a higher chance of happening on the longer duration ones and so you get less bang for buck on those).

In short: up the lowest duration one without sacrificing too much, see great returns. Everything else is gravy.

#1696376 Rune of the Undead, best rune for condition builds?

Posted Grayle on 08 August 2012 - 07:40 PM

His conclusion was that it wasn't worth it to get anything *more* than +35% duration, as our shortest possible reliable Bleed is 3 seconds. If you don't rely on that one, then of course, use less +duration.

#1695305 3 part Engineer Guide with the new balance changes

Posted Grayle on 08 August 2012 - 01:46 PM

You could also go 2 Lyssa (+10% to all Conditions and +25 Precision) and 4 Afflicted for +15% Bleed and +15% Poison (and some Cond damage). With 10 in Explosives that's +25% for Poison, meaning 5 Poison Volley hits is 12.5 seconds of Poison instead of 10 seconds. 2.5 extra seconds of crap healing for the enemy could be nice. And now the duration exceeds the cooldown on Poison Volley, making perma-poison that much easier. After 4 volleys with this he'll have the same amount of poison as after 5 volleys without the extra duration. And that's not even counting the 20% sec reduced CD on Pistol trait. And it gets better if he dodges a dart or two, as you still have a decent stack of Poison up, possibly enough to last you the CD. 3 hits = 7.5 seconds of Poison, that means only half a second where the enemy can properly heal before the traited Volley is off cooldown.

Nothing changes for Bleeding, of course, same +35% total as you said.