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[Video] Hp stealing axe+mace WvWvW

24 December 2012 - 06:58 PM

So I decided to finally start making videos after I came up with a build I enjoy playing alot.

This build focuses on keeping your adrenaline up to give you the passive healing from it. Along with Omnomberry Pies and Sigil of Blood you will have some nice healing on you as you go. In addition to that, 3stack of adrenaline gives you 12% more damage and Healing Surge will heal you for 8.6k. Leg Specialist trait and offhand mace providing you the CC you need to chase down players or interrupt them.

Overall this build has nice survivability and overall damage imo.
Gear and traits found at the end of the video.

Feel free to comment and ask questions if you have any. Enjoy!


Ok so this is my 2nd video with axe/mace. The build has gone through some changes to be a bit tankier but still able to deal some nice damage. Again focuses on keeping adrenaline up for passive healing + 12% dmg increase.

Switching Endure Pain with Signet of Stamina from time to time as you can see on the video. Also Defy Pain trait for Spiked Armor and Turtle's Defence for Cull the Weak when damage is needed mroe than defence.

Build is working well for me in dungeons aswell, I have no problem staying alive in fractal lvl 20, Arah etc. with PUGs.

Build: http://www.guildhead...kil7070M7kGL70V


Decided to give shiled a try once in a while aswell, also switched armors for full berserker. Traits remaining relatively similiar, just switching on Missile Deflection when using the shield. Hopefully you'll like the new video!:


Feel free to comment.

[Transmuting between armor types]

04 August 2012 - 08:17 PM

Hi, so I was testing in the last stress test to transmute my warriors heavy armor into this cool medium armor coat I got and sadly it didnt work. Anyone got any idea if they will at some point make us able to do this? Playing a rifle warrior and running around in heavy armor is just so odd looking :P Thank you.