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You can log out anytime, including during combat. It restores you fully and removes all...

02 November 2012 - 06:15 AM

You can log out to character select anytime you like. Close to dying in a fight? Log out. Got a lot of mobs chasing you? Log out. Got conditions you don't want to wait for? Log out. Low health and stuck in combat for some reason? Log out.

It's the first time I've seen such a glaring oversight in any game, let alone a major title. So many ways to abuse this. Should be fixed in beta, must be fixed asap.

I'm forced to use weird quest toolkits too often

10 October 2012 - 02:37 PM

You know the kind. Some quest requires you to use a certain gun or enter a golem suit or something, and it gives you a new bar of skills. And it almost always sucks. This is just not good gameplay. I hate playing every time I have to do this. It makes me want to not play.

1) It doesn't feel like my character. MMORPGs are all about your own character and feeling like you've built something that works. It's why we carefully spec our characters, it's why we get gear, it's why we do pretty much anything in this game. Forcing me into a new toolkit also forces me out of the character I've chosen to play. Some random toolkit is never better than the character I've chosen to play.

2) It never suits my build. For obvious reasons, it's very unlikely that your gear/traits suit some new skills you suddenly have to use. If you're built for condition damage and the quest gives you a toolkit without any conditions, it's suddenly much harder. If you're a ranged DPS with light armor and the toolkit has only melee attacks, things can become almost impossible.

3) These skills are just never good. Obviously less development time went into the various quest toolkits than the professions themselves, and it really shows. The skills are almost always completely terrible to play with, like that SCRAP-suit in the Asura starting area.

4) You're never familiar with these skills. It takes a while to learn any new skillbar and you just haven't got that when you're spontaneously thrown into a toolkit and told to do some quest. You aren't prepared for it, and it doesn't last long enough to figure out or for there to be some reason to learn it anyway. When I have to do a quest, I don't want to first sit and read five tooltips, let alone play with abilities I've never used before.

I'd just really like for there to usually be the option of completing the quest without the toolkit. Sometimes there is, but usually there isn't. The toolkits are terrible and should be optional. The concept stands in stark contrast to everything an MMORPG is about. When leveling up, I don't want to be forced into a new set of skills every twenty minutes. It's just really bad gameplay and I'd like to be given the choice of dropping the toolkit and completing the quests with my own character.

Observations on leveling

20 September 2012 - 02:11 AM

Having leveled two characters to 80, I have the following observations and opinions:

- The time it takes to get from 1 to 80 is suitable, but the first 40 levels can feel really slow while the last 10 fly past. Most classes struggle to formulate any kind of decent build until level 40, and the early levels can be very boring. Conversely, the last ten to fifteen levels are faster even though they don't particularly need to be since the game gets more fun once you have access to all the traits and skills. You spend too much time in that leveling limbo where your class feels completely unfinished, and perhaps not enough time in the home stretch where you can make proper builds and it's time to really learn your class in preparation for level 80 gameplay.

- Content scales up faster than you level, unless you do the same dynamic events over and over. If you just do everything once, like it seems to be intended, you will usually find that mobs level faster than you do. Since some zones are particularly crappy regarding DEs, this forces you to visit multiple zones in the same level bracket. This hurts replayability. With my first character, I had to play in three out of the four level 50-60 zones in order to keep up with the content. Consequently, my second character had very little new content available and it felt like repetition much sooner than it could have. I feel like your level should match the content pacing of your race's part of the world so that you don't need to complete multiple zones in the same level range unless you wish to. The need to do this just makes it boring to play another character whose native zones you've already seen.

- There's a noticeable mismatch between the amount of content available at any given level and the time it takes to get through those levels. The first twenty levels can be really slow and sluggish, and you'll almost certainly deplete your starting zones long before you're high enough level to move on, but this is also a point in time when it's least convenient to move across the game world and play in a different zone. Then once you hit 60 and especially 70, there re times when you seem to level up faster than the content is exhausted and you can often move on after finishing just half of a zone.

- Travel is irritating because of mob density and the way movement speed works in combat. It's often frustrating to run somewhere because it's impossible to avoid mobs along the way, and they'll slow you down even if you don't stop to attack them at all. I think movement speed buffs should persist until you go below 75% health instead of wearing off after one hit, and I think you should get one minute of +25% movement speed after using a waypoint. While leveling, you find yourself having to look for events all over a zone -- this is really annoying when mobs keep slowing you down, and also the classes without easy access to Swiftness are at a considerable disadvantage.

Purity and Signet of Resolve timing

16 September 2012 - 09:27 AM

Does anyone know if these trigger simultaneously? It's kinda hard to test because you can't duel, but if it works kinda like the thief trait and signet that generate extra initiative, that makes it a lot better.

How the thief combo works is the trait generates two extra initiative every ten seconds and the signet generates one, but they don't happen at the same time. I'm not sure of the exact timing - maybe it just begins when you select the trait/signet. It seems pretty random and sometimes you'll regenerate a chunk of 3-4 initiative in one tick and other times it seems more spread out.

If Purity and Signet of Resolve can be spread out like this, that makes it much stronger than if both removals happen simultaneously. Obviously it's better to remove one condition every five seconds than two every ten seconds chronologically.

So, which is it?

Weird permastun bug

13 September 2012 - 10:25 AM

Sometimes when I get hit by CC, I stay completely locked up for ages, long after the actual effect has worn off. I'm talking 20+ seconds. It has only happened a few times, but it always persists until I get killed or hit with something that "breaks" the lock-up, such as a knockback. I also seem to lose the ability to use any hotkey or keyboard shortcut at all, including escape for the main menu, but I can alt-tab out so I know my keyboard isn't broken or anything. What's the deal with this?