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Requesting build trait advice/help

20 November 2012 - 09:09 PM

I'm a PvE staff elementalist and I'm hoping people can give me some good advice :), I've had a look around at builds but they tend not to always line up with one another or with my play style, because obviously everyone is going to want to play a different way. That being said hopefully some of you can give me some recommendations:

I'm level 73 at the moment and I really just want to get some advice on where to allocate my last 10 trait points.

At the moment I have 20 on Fire, 20 on Water and 20 on Arcane.
I have pretty decent damage output and healing capabilities and the Arcane buffs and blasting staff are quite useful.

I don't really want to put the last 10 points in Air, it seems like people do this for the speed boost but with the attunement swap speed boost and skill Air Staff skill 4 and skill 5+Arcane blast I can't see the point in this.
Putting it in Earth doesn't seem all that efficient? I know there's a bit of argument about vitality vs toughness for the elementalist though so opinions are appreciated.

I'm ignoring gear stats in this discussion, simply because they're easy enough to figure out and adapt to the base stats you end up with depending on your traits.

So yeah, any help would be very much appreciated:

20 in Fire with Internal fire and Pyromancers Alacrity
20 in Water with Shard of Ice and Aquamancers Alacrity
20 in Arcane with Elemental Attunement and Blasting Staff

For my Utility skills I tend to have Arcane Blast, Arcane Wave and then adapt the 3rd one to the situation, quite often using Armor of Earth or Glyph of Storms and then I have Conjure Elemental for my elite.

New Charr armour in LA? The Lost Shores

02 November 2012 - 09:56 PM

So I was exploring LA admiring all the really cool new changes (Ships everywhere, new buildings etc. -sadface- beached Whales) when I stumbled across this Charr NPC. He's a Blood Legion Soldier.

This might be absolutely nothing new, but I haven't seen this armour before and it kinddd of fits in with those pink reptile drakes from the screenshots on the Lost Shores page.

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My issue with the personal story

06 October 2012 - 07:36 PM

I've been thinking it through and I think I've realised part of the reason the personal story feels so stale to me.

First off I definitely want to iterate that I don't DISLIKE the personal story, I just feel as if it's not as engaging as it could be. As someone who played GW1 since it's release I had thought that the personal story would feel a lot like GW1's story, which usually felt really well paced and epic - as if every mission I did had a huge significance.

Obviously I could go off about how the personal story could be better written etc etc etc, but I think thats been done to death and isn't completely necessary for me to see..

Instead my inclination is that it is the cut scene dialogues that kill it (as in when the screen just shows two characters talking against some pretty backdrop). Don't get me wrong, I definitely think these are gorgeous and I love being able to watch me characters expression change and adapt to what else is being said. But I think they have the tendency to completely remove you from the game. Suddenly you're no longer out in the open negotiating with bandits, or up high in the pale tree, you're just watching two characters talk - and it feels stale.

I think in order for it to feel epic they really needed to stick with traditional cut scenes, have the characters move around and talk so you still feel as if you're in the action. I'm not sure if there is more of this later on? I'm only up to level 45 story I think. I did get this kind of cut scene ONCE near the beginning of the Sylvari storyline and it was so out of place and unexpected, but it worked soo much better.

Anyway, please don't be all like "NO YOU'RE WRONG", this is just my general feeling. So... No trolls please ^_^ Just friendly discussion as to why you believe one way or the other:

City Renown Hearts.

30 August 2012 - 06:02 AM

I know that some people have suggested (more?) Dynamic Events for the major cities, but I actually think they need renown hearts.

I absolutely LOVE going around the main zones fighting enemies, questing, doing jumping puzzles and finding vistas.

But shift all of that into the cities and it feels really stale, time consuming and it gives me a headache....

THe PoI's, Vistas and waypoints are made to make you go around the entire city, and thats cool because you get to see all of the really cool things! But it takes time and I literally just feel like I'm spending my entire time running around just to get to the next point. It's not fun.

I think part of the reason it works in the zones is because there's combat, I'm happy to run around to these points when I can whack some mosquito's along the way.. I realise that you can't really inject combat into the cities since they have no enemies, but I really think there should be renown hearts with different kinds of activities in them, just to make it more fun.


Name reserving/Tutorial playing

24 August 2012 - 08:04 PM

Just wondering, if I create a character and watch the opening cinematic but then log out at the start of the tutorial zone to go create another character and reserve their name, when I log back in to the original character will I get to play through the entire tutorial?

In BWE2 I did log out during the tutorial and when I came back I got to finish it, but I was just wondering if anyone else tested this out a little more extensively?