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#1691836 Gold buyers and my take on it?

Posted Mexay on 07 August 2012 - 07:06 PM

View PostReikou, on 07 August 2012 - 04:40 PM, said:

Believe what you want.

If you really think "gold buyers AND sellers" are not legitimate players as well, are gem buyers and sellers illegitimate players as well?  Taking this further, are players with macros, shortcuts, glitch finders and users, illegitimate players?  What about in the future? Will you consider physically and mentally augmented players (to be superior to "human") to be illegitimate players?

Honestly it sounds to me like you're a bit of a spoil sport.  The options and opportunities are out there, but for some reason you refuse to pick them up, and then afterwards, blame everyone else for leaving you behind to bite the dust.

Okay, bear with me for a second here, I'm about to totally destroy your logic and opinion.

1. Gold BUYERS and SELLERS are not playing the game the way it's intended. They are PAYING FOR AN ADVANTAGE that the designers DO NOT SUPPORT and are in fact against. They are HARMING the community by:
  • Increasing prices for the economy in an unnatural fashion
  • Assisting in legitimate players losing their accounts (where do you think most of that money actually comes from?)
  • Spamming chat
2. GEM buyers and sellers are participating in a supported and CONTROLLED transaction. ArenaNet is able to monitor this and adjust it if necessary. Nobody is spamming, nobody is being hacked

3. Players who uses macros, TO AN EXTENT (if your macro looks more like a script, it doesn't count) are still legitimate players, as they are harming nobody. ArenaNet supports the use of macros TO AN EXTENT. Same deal with shortcuts THAT ARE BUILT IN TO THE GAME

4. People who ABUSE glitches are not legitimate players. In fact, you will get banned for doing so. Read the EULA. There is no "lel xd fayc i em taking adventayg iz rennayt falt" about it (I wrote it like that because that's how people sound when they say it, not because I wanted to sound like shit head, just to clarify). If there is a bug/glitch that allows you to kill an enemy and gain 100 gold, and you explicitly abuse it without reporting it, you're not a legitimate player because you are harming your community. If you FIND a glitch or go out of your way to find them, BUT you do not abuse them and you report them, then this does not apply. Nor does this apply to glitches and bugs that do not harm anyone. (see: Jumpsitting in BWE1)

5. Things like that are actually a matter of ethics, some would argue that we wont get to that stage, so I refuse to go there. However I can't see a way they could provide any advantage in game play, with the exception of PvP, but this is 20 - 100 years in the future

I'm not a spoil sport, I just want fair ground. Look, go ahead, buy gold, exploit glitches... but don't expect to keep your account.

Those kind of things are against the EULA for a reason. It's no different to why I was once banned in GW1 for using a racial slur (I used the N word as a joke, I wasn't ACTUALLY being racist, but I accepted my ban because it obviously offended someone and that's not a good thing). If you participate in acts that HARM the community then no, you are not a legitimate player, you do not deserve the same respect as any other honest player. Are you of the opinion that scamming people is okay? What about harassing people? What about going into guilds for the sole purpose of gaining the guilds trust over time to get promoted, JUST to kick all their members?

I have no issue with people exploiting the game in anyway... if it's single player. Guild Wars 2 is an MMO. Your actions will actively harm and potentially disrupt other peoples experience. Sure, it's not going to ruin my day if I see a gold seller spamming in Divinity's Reach, but should I have to see it? No. Should I have to put up with inflation that would otherwise not be to the same extent? No.

You have very skewed logic and I would suggest you seriously think about your opinions before you log in to Guild Wars 2, because people like you don't have a place in our community.

View PostObbiShadowdragon, on 07 August 2012 - 07:30 AM, said:

Ok this is just a few thoughts i had after reading another thread that mentions gold buyers/sellers. I hate gold spam and how it kills games etc but was thinking of how it would if it could effect GW2. This is just my idea of how it would basically effect GW2 if it was to happen.
I was thinking that if parasites sell gold cheap then people trade said gold for gems the exchange rate will rise for the legit gem buyers?
Is that sounding about right and in saying that wouldn't Anets Gem shop cancel Gold parasites out with the exchange rising to high that gold will devalue to a point where its not worth selling? Or is that just in the case people we're to only use it for Gem shop related purchases and not AH?

Could someone enlighten me if I'm incorrect and give me a better understanding of what the outcome may be. Thanks and YAY GW2 is finally here!!!

It's probably the case that if things get bad enough the price of gems will rise and the AH will be unstable, but HOPEFULLY that wont happen, seeing as less people will have the incentive to buy gold due to gems. I, myself, probably wont ever buy gems to convert to gold, but obviously the temptation is there and it may just end up that I buy gems to just "tip" ArenaNet... though I have no idea what I would spend them on. Hell, after a certain point, Gold becomes redundant.