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What gets you pumping playing GW2?

04 June 2013 - 04:42 AM

When I play I love listening to this in the background. Makes me all nutty and charges me up while I play. See what you think and please don't be shy, post what does it for you. would be good to see how others get there kicks while wvwing and running dungeons. Thanks all for checking out my post :)

Warning awesome New Zealand heavy metal band

Legendary let down?

25 April 2013 - 01:27 AM

I know good things come in time and this has possibly been posted about but i havnt seen anything about it yet. Anyway when it comes to legendary weapons its not an easy road to travel obtaining one atleast for myself anyway but what my issue/let down is, is that there is only one legendary weapon of each weapon type. I mean really? the only Legendary that has more then one is greatsword and they all look pretty much the same with maybe alittle colour veriation? Theres no choice for people wanting to stand out if  they do manage to somehow obtain a precursor (which is a joke/insane luck) and get all the rediculous requirments. I know it may sound unreasonable to some but why not have a range of say legendary weapon types, each with there own background story etc. Like a mighty hammer from the far shiver peaks, another that was once weilded by a great dwarven hero or king. Is it really too much to ask to add some meaning to legendarys to atleast make the obseen requirments alittle easier to stomach?

Any views are welcome and appreciated but please dont turn this into a troll fest thanks.

Incentive to repeat champion events

12 December 2012 - 07:32 PM

Just something i thought was important. Events with champions like the cyclops need to give item drops or chests. I enjoy killing the cyclops and it takes a decent sized group and some time to do. I do however find the xp,karma and tiny amount of gold isnt enough to keep people interested. I think having a player level based chest would make people more interested in taking time to side track from what they are doing and join in. I just think its hard to motivate yourself to repeat these sorts of things when its just the normal event rewards especially when they take as long as some of them do. Anyone else feel this way?

Another I love GW2 post

11 December 2012 - 05:09 AM

This is just me voicing my opinion after reading so many posts about people leaving and lower player number etc. To be honest i really love Guild Wars 2, I'm ex GW1 and the way GW2 plays is perfect for me, I played all Beta's and was on 24/7 for the 1st few months. I dropped back to a few hours a day with odd days i'm to busy to get on. I enjoy how each class plays and have never been the sort of gamer to rush to end game content. The fact you can enjoy any area on any level toon is great and I'll be leveling my toons until all 7 are level 80. I can see the major content that would be in the works being an ex gw1'r and knowing how much more there is to tyria so in saying that. I'm not stressing over lack of content and i'm just taking the time to enjoy it. I have a level 80 guard, 30 warrior, 30 elementalist, 12 theif, 5 ranger, 3 engineer and a level 2 necro. I'm going to enjoy leveling away on these despite those who crave end game leaving i'll be here long term and loving it, keep up the epic work Anet. I'm a player indefinate! :)

Ps' the multi guild option SUX!!!! we need gw1 style guilding!!!!

Cultural Armor price is a joke!

23 September 2012 - 07:24 PM

Now i know you can make gold in game easy enough (sort of) but if someone wanted to exchange gems bought with real money to buy a tier 3 cultural armor set it would cost $600 US dollars, Its not even max stat! WTF is Anet thinking selling a Armor set for $600 dollars real money, Is it designed to be farmed with in game gold drops and only for cosmetic not actual stats? Whats your thoughts on the real money price of none max level gear?