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ESL/Bloodytech GvG Tournament 2

14 March 2014 - 06:05 PM

We at ESL are proud to present the Guild Wars 2 6v6 Guild vs. Guild Tournament in cooperation with BloodyTech.net! The tournament will feature a total prize pool of £240 and 16800 gems! So grab your friends, create a team and sign up!
The EU tournament is going to be on the 21st of March at 20:00 CET.
The NA tournament is going to be on the 22nd of March 4pm EDT.

NA Sign-Ups
EU Sign-Ups

Rules and Format
General Rules
- Class stacking is not allowed
- Map: Legacy of the Foefire
- Teamsize: 6

- Killing the Guild Lord wins you the match
- You must capture the middle node once, before you can kill the Lord. If you do not capture the middle node before attacking the Lord, your team will be disqualified
- You only need to Capture the Middle NODE ONCE.
- Even if the middle node is neutralized away from your favour, you are still allowed to kill the Lord as long as you’ve captured it before it was neutralized.
- You can only capture the middle node, capturing the side nodes will see your team disqualified.
- The match is set to run for 15 minutes. If by the end of those 15 minutes, no team kills the Guild Lord, the team with the highest score from holding the middle node wins the match.
- No use of glitches or bugs; For instance, use of any teleport + Fiery Rush on the Fiery Greatsword will see your team disqualified.

Here’s also a few useful links if you’re new to ESL’s website.
Quick Start guide for ESL
ESL GW2 Cup Guide

For up-to-date information follow us on Twitter or Facebook:
ESL GW2 Facebook Page
BloodyTech Website
@ESL_GW2 (GW2 ESL official)
@TeamBloodyTech (BloodyTech)
@ESLfzninuse (ESL Admin)
@oliverbrix (ESL Admin)
@ESL_Face (ESL Admin)
@Dr_BLU (ESL Admin)
@TheFragen_ESL (ESL Admin)
ESL Admin Team
BloodyTech Management

Bloodytech's Skyhammer Golf Tournament

16 February 2014 - 11:36 AM

Hello fellow GW2 PvPers and Welcome to another crazy tournament put together by the dedicated members of Bloodytech. This tournament is not something any of us are used to so take your time to read what the rules.
This tournament is all about trying to knock your opponents off skyhammer and making your team the last men standing.
We know that there are many factors that can really make things complicated within a tournament such as this, For instance; what happens when you down someone but don’t knock them off ? or what if people use elites right at the start? Well we’ve created rules to help reduce the level of cheese that may crop up in this tournament and we’ve tested builds that could be considered over-powered in this mode and these are the rules we’ve come up with so far.

Please read the rules;
The Skyhammer Golf Tournament Rules
Map: Skyhammer (Skyhammer Control Room)
Team Size: 2

- You don’t score points by killing, you score points by forcing people off skyhammer through CCs. If you die by direct damage, you’re allowed to respawn and come back into the fight.
- No respawns if knocked off.
- The team with the last man standing wins the fight.
- Steady Weapons only
- No class stacking
- No Elites
- Only soldier amulet
- No Runes
- Only 2 sources of Stability allowed per character
- Each match lasts 7 mins.
- If the match ends in a draw. The teams will have to fight a tie-breaker match. The first team to knock someone off the edge wins.

Please Note: You will be inspected before the match starts so please abide by all the rules.
Banned Skill: Hallowed Ground.

First Place: 2.8k gems, 50 British Pounds each
Second Place: 1.6k gems 30 British pounds each
Third Place: 800 Gems

Teams that sign up must send Ceimash their contact details in-game (dirame.8521) or by email ([email protected])
Players are required to check in with Ceimash 15 minutes before the tournament starts and to also have Paypal accounts so that pay-outs can be transferred.

EU SIGN UPS: Starts 4pm GMT

NA SIGN-UPS: Starts 11am PDT or 20 minutes after the EU tournament

Please ask any questions you have about the tournament here or on our website;

CeiMash's Guide: The Engineer Turret Burst Build

10 February 2014 - 06:48 PM

Hey guys, it's been a while since I posted a new Engineer build but here is my take on the most loathed skills on the Engie; Turrets.

It focuses on damage through a combination of CC from the turrets and the damage options of the rifle. Traits also play a large part in the build with regards to how much damage it can do so make sure you take a look at the video. Also make sure to not skip out on the tips and tricks section at the end which goes into a few cool things that could be done with the build.

Check out the build below;
Kill it fast edition;

Improved Survivability edition: Minor tweaks to add more dodge capability

CeiMash's Guide to the Power of 3

16 January 2014 - 12:10 AM

Hey guys! As some of you already know, there’s going to be a tournament on Friday and Saturday hosted by Bloodytech.net and the ESL. This tournament has very different rules to that of our normal capture points and is somewhat alien to many members of this playerbase.

Bearing this fact in mind, we all know a different format requires a different approach in tactics and to help with that, I’ve put together 3 builds that form 1 approach that can be taken within the tournament.
Click the link below to find out more about these 3 builds and how they function together and what they can do to really change the outcome of games if played well.

Check out more information about the upcoming tournament here; https://forum-en.gui...rst#post3464417

Feel free to leave any constructive thoughts below.

The Bloodytech 6v6 GvG Tournament Returns[2k14 edition]

07 January 2014 - 07:03 PM

Prepare for a tournament that deviates from the normal conquest format.

Sign-ups are up now; http://www.esl.eu/eu...s2/news/234574/