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#2038383 ANet's handling of Halloween has been nothing but disappointment

Posted RivenVII on 23 October 2012 - 09:34 PM

View PostWoutman, on 23 October 2012 - 08:50 PM, said:

In GW1, all you got guaranteed was a hat. You still have your free hat. And on top of that some nice weapon skins to work towards.

If you're going to compare, at least do it properly.

I played GW1 since launch. I have 7 birthday presents on my Warrior and 6 each on my other 7 characters in there and still have content and items from the very first Halloween and Wintersday events. I am comparing this because they blatantly are exploiting the market. I did not say these skins shouldn't be something to work towards. I didn't not leave my opinion without a solution. I think that these skins, if intended to be difficult to attain, should be something tangible, not a random, incredibly rare, drop from a chest that causes gem prices to skyrocket.

View Postcheckmate187, on 23 October 2012 - 08:55 PM, said:

The event is fine... this self entitlement is not.  If everyone could get these things easily, they wouldn't be special.

I never said they should be easy to acquire. Please show me where I feel entitled? In fact, in the real world as well as in the game, entitlement is one thing that particularly offends me. If you wanted to talk about the concept of being "special", your avatar aside, how about the fact that these items are only available to people that are playing the event during this week? If you don't play this week, you don't get the opportunity to work for the skins. If they want it to be a grind, fine, but make it a grind within the event itself and not one of monetary significance that taints the entire in-game economy.

View PostStrife025, on 23 October 2012 - 08:59 PM, said:

People who make these kinds of threads probably haven't ever held a real job or realize how much they are actually getting for a $60 retail game whose only grind is for cosmetics and not content/character power.

Once again, I played GW1 since launch. I know what to expect from these events. ANet needed to stabilize the gem market, but this is the wrong way to do it. Prices will skyrocket for this event then drop back down. I'm 22, a senior in college, and I have had a job since I was 16 years old. I pay for my food, my gas, my car insurance. Don't condescend me saying that I don't have a job. ANet has a standard of service that they have provided for their loyal fanbase. I bought this game on the basis that I LOVE Guild Wars 1. It is an outstanding franchise, but I am disappointed in their handling of this. Look at other F2P models. League of Legends sells skins for money. If it was really their intent to have these skins drive up gem prices, why not just sell them in the gem store? Currently, the results are B2P anyway and it doesn't screw all those players who thought they had a chance at it by opening chests. There is no sense of earning something at that point. I am in full favor of grinding the events to get awesome skins, they could be very hard to obtain and take 12 or 15 or 24 hours of event grinding, but they would be attainable within the event and be within the spirit of the precedent that ANet has set for the past 7 years in GW1.

View PostAzure Skye, on 23 October 2012 - 09:00 PM, said:

I agree with you. Quests, Hat and candies,which we farmed asses of to get a title. http://wiki.guildwar.../Halloween_2012 Look,Op,this is what we had each year for 7 years and we were happy little players to get a hat. Lol We get alot of things to do in GW2. =)

I know what we had for 7 years and I loved it. I am not denying this event has amazing content, once again that is not the problem. their marketing team is exploiting the risky business of Black Lion Chests exponentially driving up the cost of gems. Overnight, gem prices went up 140% This only benefits people spending money on gems and screws everyone else. I don't want it to be easy, but these items should be attainable within the event's own parameters.

View Postcheezewiz, on 23 October 2012 - 09:22 PM, said:

what is wrong with all you people? Its a game!! They dont HAVE to do anything for halloween! They are providing FREE content and its up to YOU wether you want to pay for ANYTHING! How many games offer FREE content like this? People are acting like a bunch of babies i swear!!!

Your spelling and grammar makes you seem like the baby. ANet is wonderful at what they do; AGAIN, the content isn't the problem. They are negatively impacting everyone that plays the game and they did this overnight. Look how volatile the economy is and what has happened over the past 24 hours. 50 silver per 100 gems to 1.2g per 100 gems and ZERO guarantee of that much outlay of in-game gold. ANet needs to sell these things for gems in the gem store if they want your money, but don't ruin the entire game economy while disappointing tens of thousands of players who spent possibly all the gold they had on chests.

I am arguing on the principle here. I think the staff is cool being a scythe, but I don't want it that badly. I'm not asking for a handout, but I am taking a stand that this is fundamentally wrong. Don't come in here and insult me about not having a job or being some self-entitled child because you just make yourself look like an a**.

#2038223 ANet's handling of Halloween has been nothing but disappointment

Posted RivenVII on 23 October 2012 - 08:25 PM

Reposted from the R and D thread on Black Lion Chests since it wasn't 100% on topic so I brought it here.

This thread is to discuss the way that ANet has handled this installment of Halloween, most notably what they have done with Black Lion Chests. These are my thoughts.

So I had a bit of a flame battle in /map last night in LA over Halloween skins costing ridiculous amounts. Essentially the argument that: "If you don't want it, don't grind for it." is being used rampantly.

This is fundamentally wrong. Legendaries are a legitimate grind. This is HALLOWEEN. It is supposed to be a fun community oriented event. No one, save those people who do nothing but PvE and farm 8 hours a day can reliably afford these skins.

In case you missed it, what ANet did was inflate the economy so that gems trade for more gold. This combats gold sellers with a more competitive price from Dollars --> Gold but it makes the exchange for Gold --> Gems completely absurd. The problem with this is that it blew the economy up overnight. Any player who is not spending money on the game post-purchase is negatively impacted by this event because you can no longer buy gems with gold for any semblance of a reasonable amount.

If they really wanted these skins to be difficult to obtain, in a community event, mind you, they should have made it so you had to complete a certain amount of events or get "Halloween Tokens" which are awarded based on your participation in the actual event.

The real problem with them being in Black Lion Chests is that in 330 hours on my character, I have gotten 3 keys, ever. This is including the personal story. I've gotten one from a drop maybe one time. The amount of keys that you get in this game is probably a ratio of 1 key to 100 chests. The idea that not only are keys almost impossible to get in a drop, but because they are in the trading post, gem prices exploded because they make an insanely rare item put in a chest that is insanely hard to open. It's exponential, if you didn't realize.

These skins aren't account bound like EVERYTHING else you get from a chest. So people who are lucky enough to make it out of the flawed system, turn around and make the economy explode even more charging 40g for a skin driving 99% of the population who can't afford the skins to try and buy just enough gems to open a couple chests and pray that the astronomical odds work in their favor.

If anyone is going to argue that you can "Just roll a new character and get the key from the story quest." There is a serious problem. There should not be people having to grind outside of the Halloween event to get anything involved within the Halloween event. The ANet marketing team and their e-conomists seriously dropped the ball on this.

We, as a community, cannot let them think that this is ok. If the only argument that can be brought up is that if you want it, grind for it just like a legendary, or to take advantage of story quests by re-rolling characters in order to get keys that -never- drop otherwise, this is fundamentally wrong.

This is a community every reward/item should be available within the parameters of the event just like the legacy left by GW1's holiday events has established. I am incredibly disappointed by the way this marketing ploy was designed.

*This is a marketing issue, not a content issue, to be clear. I have thoroughly enjoyed the other content in this event. I have not tried to open chests and I do not plan on it. I also have not bought gems or bought a skin with in-game gold. This is outrage based on principle and what has happened to others. I have not been cheated in any way, but ANet needs to know that this is wrong.

EDIT: I have received a lot of hateful comments on account of my opinion. I have even received private messages from individuals (who obviously made fake accounts just to cuss me out [wow]) insulting me in any number of ways. I made this post to take a public stand against something ANet has done. I played the original Guild Wars and the debacle with the chests is just horrendous compared to the legacy GW1 has left.

Let everyone remember that this is a forum for shared ideas, not insults. If you are toxic to the conversation, you will be reported. Do not think that you are so pretentious that you are allowed to insult other posters. If you feel that you need to insult others, go play Xbox Live or League. I have a lot of respect for members of this community, but if individuals continue to insult, berate, and degrade, I will begin to feel sorry that I ever stood up for this community to begin with.

EDIT #2: ANet has provided a solution to the issue.

#275 is my response to the semantics behind the word chance and SEVERAL possible solutions that ANet could use in the future or could have used now. (substitute "Wintersday" where appropriate)

#1480828 Playing Custom Music Ingame

Posted Milennin on 30 May 2012 - 01:55 PM

Thought I'd add this short guide on how to add custom playlists in the game, since the next BWE is coming up next weekend, and people might be interested in trying it out. Also I finally found out why some people who attempted to try this were unable to get it to work, I'll have the solution for this near the bottom of my post.
ArenaNet has offered the ability for people to replace Guild Wars 2 ingame music with different custom playlists that will play at certain locations / situations. This guide will explain how to do this.

Getting Started:
What you need is any media program that can create and save music playlists. The following playlist formats are supported: .wpl, .m3u, .pls, .asx, and .wax
For Windows users Windows Media Player is the easiest option.
Supported audio files are: everything FMOD supports by default, which includes .mp3, .ogg, .flac, .wav. aiff, and a bunch of old-school music formats, like .mid or .it files

Setting Up The Playlists:
Drag the song(s) you want for your playlist inside the playlist menu, and go to File, then select Save Now Playing list as... and locate your Guild Wars 2 music folder, which should be under: C:\Users\Your Name\My Documents\Guild Wars 2\Music
These are the recognised playlists: Ambient, Battle, Underwater, City, Crafting, BossBattle, NightTime, and MainMenu - Saving under any other names will not play the list ingame.

A how-to-do video on setting up your playlists (excuse my English... not my main language...):

How They Work:
Custom playlists work the way you'd think they'll work. Whenever you're out in the field during daytime you'll have your Ambient playlist playing. During battle with more than 3 enemies at a time, the game will activate the Battle playlist. In the huge instanced cities, your City playlists will be playing.
Songs don't seem to get randomised very well. A playlist will always start off with the first song on the list. What I've noticed from the little testing that I did with the MainMenu playlist is that after the first song it does seem to randomise the songs. So a possible solution might be add one very short silent sound file as your first song on the list.

Edit: Xuphor tested this, and using a short audio file as the first song indeed does function as a playlist randomiser.

A Fix To Quiet Playlists
In the previous custom music thread there were people having trouble with getting it to work. The most common problem was setting up the playlists as described in my video, but not hearing any music ingame.
Luckily I found out what caused this, and how to fix this.

This is caused by having your Windows Media Player writing shortcuts for the file location in the playlist. Then moving the playlist to another drive, the game will not be able to find the location of the audio file from the written shortcut in the playlist.

The easy way to fix this is to save your playlist on a different drive than the one you saved it on previously, and then copy/paste that playlist into your Guild Wars 2\Music folder.

If you don't have a second drive to save your playlists on, you can try this. Open your playlist file in Notepad. You'll see the file location for each song in the list is noted as a shortcut. Manually edit the noted location so it shows the full location. Example of playlist with full locations for each song:
Posted Image

Custom Playlists In Action
During the last Stress Test I recorded some PvE gameplay footage while having custom playlists on. Playlists featured are: Ambient, NightTime and Battle.

If there's any questions or problems with setting up custom playlists, post below, and I'll try to answer.

#2000256 What does Anet's behavior say to you

Posted bowsaway on 07 October 2012 - 07:44 PM

Being a level 80 I just see to many diminishing returns. I get on the game more now to chat with guild mates.

It was a fun experience leveling. For me leveling another toon is boring me to tears (been there done that type of thing). I think the community in general is lacking, got in a cursing match the other day because I made the mistake of asking when they might add something to the game that is not a money sink.

Who wants to play a game in this manner? Fast levels just to end at nothing? Rich and poor separation is just huge, now nerfing karma and that was the one thing I needed at 80 for my armor.

This thread is probably going to go downhill fast. But, oh well, I inserted my opinion anyways.

#1972994 Titles not really appealing?

Posted Ss Heretic on 27 September 2012 - 04:04 AM

Agree, in gw1 the title was clearly visible underneath the players name.
I personally never click on other players around me. And knowing this doesn't really motivate to hunt titles like in GW1.

People will say that its just a personal feeling of achievement and it doesn't matter if other players can see you boast with titles. I think its part of your characters appearance and background, just like you would wear a nice looking helmet.

#1972975 Titles not really appealing?

Posted broski on 27 September 2012 - 03:57 AM

In games I've played in the past titles always appeal to me, but in here, total opposite.

When someone has on a title, you have to click the person, and see a hardly noticeable white title under their HP bar and over their buffs/boons.

Whuuut y u no wun 2 show off title? :huh:

#1927092 Does anyone else feel like the games not quite done yet.lo

Posted Eon Lilu on 13 September 2012 - 03:59 PM

Yeah half the stuff that was said to be in the game is not, and half the stuff they said wouldn't be in the game is....

I definetly feel the game is unfinished, wasn't ready, think they took shortcuts especially with dungeons, plenty of things that could of been taken further and explored more rather than just releasing them half finished.

But I think the majority of players are just happy to be playing the game and don't realy care because they believe the game will be updated over time and it will be, personally I would not of minded waiting another few months but that's just me.

#1933349 kind of getting bored already.

Posted saddler164 on 15 September 2012 - 04:11 AM

It lacks that wow factor that MMOs like WoW and ever quest gave me sure events are cool the first few times but it gets old. Jump puzzles dont give me a sense of acomplishment. It feels like it is lacking somthing that other mmos like ever quest had i cant put my finger on it. Its a good game i enjoy playing in my tournament group but the pve aspect is very tedious even with dungeons having a event or two there's a been there done that feeling. I dont know but i guess i cant complain much i dont have to drop my WoW subscription for guild wars 2. i will say this pvp is un matched they created a spectacular pvp game but the bulk of my time is spent in dungeons.

Anyone else have this bored already did it feeling?

Dont troll cause i can play wow and guild wars 2 there is nothing wrong with that im just simply asking opinions of other gamers.

btw i am a level 80 i took my time in all the zones i did got most view points ect.

#1933360 kind of getting bored already.

Posted Casiidy on 15 September 2012 - 04:17 AM

I'm not level 80 but I thought I'd share my observations. My boyfriend hit level 80 on Wednesday. So he didn't really "speed" level. He took his time, explored areas, did events and hearts as he came across them, and did a lot of crafting (not for the leveling, but for the gear for himself and two guild mates). He's been 80 now for two days and he's getting bored. He says there isn't much beyond finishing his story quest, farming, and doing PvP at his level. Sure, he's been farming mats to craft epic and beyond weapons and gear, but the amount of time required to grind for that stuff is insane.

So for the first time since headstart release, I saw him playing a different game. Too bad. I'm enjoying the game at level 35 but knowing there is no point to hit 80 right now, I'm getting bored now too.

And don't get me wrong - we both love the game. It looks great, and it has gone places no other MMO ever has. Just needs some more exciting end-game content (you know...other than farming).

#1928077 Legendary Weapons Guide

Posted Xaragoth on 13 September 2012 - 08:10 PM

WARNING: Some of the GW2DB Items aren't entirely correct. That is due to the Database being in a beta state. If you find things, please tell me immediately. Thank you!

List of things to do here:
  • Add GW2DB Links so you can see a mouse-over when they become available
  • Update Text, Research correct names of some items.
  • Write more details on Dungeon Gifts
How you can contribute to our efforts even now:
  • We need more data on the level range the weapons used to create the base need to have. For now we assume it's all items above 76+
  • We need more Data on the drop locations of Cores and Lodestones
  • We need to find out which 2nd Gift is used for the Torch. The Wiki is unclear on this.
  • Help us find the correct names for some of the Exotics & Legendary. I already found 3 wrong names in the list that have changed towards the launch.
Here is a list of Screenshots from this thread on reddit for your viewing pleasure, before you start. Please note that Twilight doesn't show the right skin and a few weapons are appearently not even in the game yet. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


If you need more Information on how to actually FARM the stuff for your Legendary (Gold, Karma, Mats) please check out this Guide: http://www.guildwars...egendary-guide/

Making Legendaries are a long process, which will devour roughly over 100g and 2 Million Karma. Not to mention your time. Some parts are made from crafting, others are obtained as loot, some are random, but pretty much all of them need to be thrown into the Mystic Forge. This thread is meant to walk you through the process step-by-step. So let's start...

Obtaining the Exotics
Each of the Legendaries has it's own exotic base weapon. These are always " ____ of Rage" items, because it's the default Superior Sigil. They can be obtained by throwing 4 rare/exotic weapons above level 76 (research ongoing) of the type you want to obtain into the Mystic Forge (4x Greatsword for Dusk or Dawn) and getting lucky. Or you might be able to obtain them as loot from events or enemies while being out in the world. Either way, you need to obtain the following specific items to craft your Legendary.

This is unconfirmed, but according to someone over at MMO-Champion you can use Mystic Forge Stones to substitute a exotic weapon. Not yet proven: Greatsword - Sunrise + Twilight - Used for: Eternity

Crafting Gifts
Depending on what Legendary you are crafting, you will have to create specific Gifts. These are related to different Crafting Skills. Gifts are Account-Bound, so buying them on the Trading Post is impossible. The Recipes for these gifts are sold by Miyani in Lion's Arch. You can find her next to the Mystic Forge. The list here will link to the Wiki, where you can see what you need. AT THIS TIME NOT ALL WIKI ENTIRES MAY BE CORRECT, SO PLEASE TAKE CARE! The Gifts are used as part of the final 3 components you will make with the Mystic Forge later on.

Legendaries and which Gifts they need:
Just click on the items, it will take you to GW2DB and show you which profession makes which Gift. How to make/obtain Lodestones:
Lodestones used for crafting weapon-specific Gifts drop from high level Elementals and the following Dungeons (research ongoing):

Twilight Arbor - Onyx Lodestone
Citadel of Flame - Molten Lodestone
Honor of the Waves - Glacial Lodestone
Crucible of Eternity - Charged Lodestone
Arah - Corrupted Lodestone
Sorrow's Embrace - Destroyer Lodestone

Unknown Locations:
Crystal Lodestone

You can also make them in the Mystic Forge if you have Cores (1 Tier below Lodestones):

2x Core + 1x Crystal + 1x Bottle of Elonian wine + 1x Pile of Crystalline Dust

You can obtain Bottle of Elonian Wine from Miyani by the Mystic Forge for 25 silver. She also sells Crystals for 3 Skill points.

How to make/obtain Dungeon Gifts:
Each of the weapon specific gifts needs a specific Dungeon item. Since I don't have the time right now to update this section, just let me tell you the quick version.

You can buy a Dungeon Gift from the Vendors in LA that also sell the armor. Each costs 500 Tokens from their respective Dungeons. Check the Recipe you have bought for what you need.

Ascalonian Catacombs - Gift of Ascalon: Twilight, Sunrise, Bolt, The Chosen
Arah - Gift of Zhaitan:  Bitfrost, Maw of the Deep
Twilight Arbor - Gift of Thorns: The Dreamer, Howler, Kudzu
Honor the Waves - Gift of the Sanctuary: Frenzy, Frostfang
Citadel of Flame - Gift of Baelfire: Incinerator
Sorrow's Embrace - Gift of Forgeman: The Juggernaut, Kraitkin
Caudecus's Manor - Gift of Nobleman: The Minstrel, Quip, The Moot
Crucible of Eternity - Gift of Knowledge: Predator, Meteorlogicus

Gift of Darkness & Gift of Light both need Gift of Ascalon to be crafted.

Mystic Forge Gifts & Components
To obtain your Legendary, you will need to use the Mystic Forge to combine a great many things. While none of the components are actually "easy" to obtain, I will still try to list them in the order in which you can most likely obtain them.

Gift of Mastery
The first component for a Legendary is obtained by adding the following materials into the Mystic Forge:

Bloodstone Shard + 250x Obsidian Shard + Gift of Exploration + Gift of Battle

Let's start with the Bloodstone Shard[s, since it's easy. You can obtain this from Miyani right next to the Forge for 200 Skill points.

Obsidian Shard are obtained from Tactician Deathstrider at the Temple of Balthazar in Straits of Devastation
for 2100 Karma each. So you better bring those 525000 Karma with you.

2 Gifts of Exploration is obtained by reaching 100% World Completion. So get exploring!

Gift of Battle is obtained from any Weaponsmith in the WvW area. It will cost you 500 Badges of honor - so better start the queue, if your realm is full.

Congratulation, you are now one step closer to your Legendary.

Gift of Fortune
The second component for a Legendary is obtained by adding the following materials into the Mystic Forge:

77x Mystic Clover + 250x Globs of Ectoplasm + Gift of Magic + Gift of Might

Mystic Clover are made in the Mystic Forge. They are a rare component obtained when using the T6 Crafting Recipe (yields 20-50 T6 Mats or 10 Clovers). KEEP THOSE T6 MATS!
The recipe is:

10 Obsidian Shards + 10 Mystic Coins + 10 Ectos + 10 Crystals

You already know where to get Obsidian Shards from the 1st Component.

5 Crystals can be bought from Miyani for 3 Skill points.

Mystic Coins are rewarded for Daily/Monthly Achievements, you should know this by now.

Globs of Ectoplasm are crafting Materials, gained from salvaging 70+ rare/exotic items with at least a Master's Salvage Kit, probably better to get some Mystic Salvage Kits for this ;)

1x Glob of Ectoplasm + 6x Philosopher's stone + 1x Obsidian Shard + 1x Mystic Coin = 1-3 T6 or a Mystic Clover

Now, all those attempts to get the Mystic Clover you need should've left you win hundred of T6 Crafting Mats. Which is good. Since you will need them now.

Gift of Magic is made from the Mystic Forge by throwing the following into it:

250x Vicious Fangs + 250x Armored Scale + 250x Vicious Claw+ 250x Ancient Bone

Gift of Might is made from the Mystic Forge by throwing the following into it:

250x Vial of Powerful Blood + 250x Powerful Venom Sac + 250x Elaborate Totem + 250x Pile of Crystalline Dust

Congratulations. You have now obtained your 2nd Component. And if you aren't broke yet, you will be soon.

Gift of <Insert Legendary Name>
You need specific Superior Sigil depending on what you want to craft, but they are most likely themed. Also the Mystic Forge won't accept any other Sigils than the one that works with the specific components you threw into it (as far as we know).

This Component needs:

Crafting Gift A + Crafting Gift B + 100x Icy Runestones + Superior Sigil of X.

Icy Runestones cost 1 gold each and can be bought after defeating the Claw of Jormag in Frostgorge Sound.

Now just throw all that stuff into the Mystic Forge after you have spend 100G on it and you can make a Gift of <Insert Legendary Name>.

Gift of Light + Gift of Metal + 100x Icy Runestones + Superior Sigil of Strength = Gift of Sunrise.

Legendaries and which Superior Sigils they need: Obtaining the Legendary
Now just take your exotic base weapon and your components and throw them into the Forge.

Dawn + Gift of Sunrise + Component 2 + Component 3 = Sunrise

Congratulations! - you have now obtained your Legendary. And probably in more than a week! If you manage to make one in a week or less, Munkee will be forced by us all to give you a special price.

Don't forget to post your Legendary so we can drool at it.

Special thanks

Major help
Tentenhun and comments from reddit http://www.reddit.co..._makes_exotics/
The other thread and owner of thread here on GW2 guru (cant find link sorry)

Mid help
Murky from Blackgate
Yggdra Ashlander

Minor help/speculation

#1927940 ArenaNet are a bunch of trolls

Posted Herr Roy Raven on 13 September 2012 - 07:34 PM

But it's awesome.  The whole "lets hold Mesmer as the last profession despite it's obvious" thing... to being able to eat an experimental ooze that poisons you, to picking up unexploded mortar shells that explode in your face.

Well, I didn't expect such a tiny critter to kill me, especially one that is friendly.

I know it's a cliche title, but it made me crack up.  This was the funniest death I've ever experience in GW2.  I was laughing the entire time.

Oh, and to the people that can't take a joke... no, I'm not bashing ArenaNet.  I love that they added little things like this into the game.  If the title is too offensive feel free to change it.

#1921915 Disappointed. Possible to get a refund?

Posted Raytla on 12 September 2012 - 11:19 AM

I personally like GW2 for me its better than playing traditional games. GW2 won't please everyone just like traditional gaming won't please everyone.

#1921888 Disappointed. Possible to get a refund?

Posted skrir on 12 September 2012 - 11:13 AM

I hope you don't get a refund. :) Don't get me wrong - It sucks that you don't like the game, and as a long-time gamer I know the feeling very well. But trying to get your money back because the game's not to your liking is a bit like returning a fruit to the supermarket because you don't think it tastes as good as some other fruits you've tried. Or something...

#1917585 Fix dungeons loot. - Not fun in my eyes

Posted Rezip on 11 September 2012 - 03:11 PM

View PostNoccturnal, on 11 September 2012 - 02:40 PM, said:


#1910711 So, do you buy gear for stats or for looks?

Posted Milennin on 10 September 2012 - 12:10 PM

Generally a combination of the two. I want something with good stats so my character doesn't perform poorly. But I also want something good looking. Luckily transmutation stones allow for the best stats for the best looks. :D