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Mace/Shield - Greatsword

26 June 2013 - 09:35 PM

Hey everyone!
I have been busy buildcrafting a bit after the latest patch with warrior.
There are some really interesting options now and I have found one that is performing quite well.
Thought I'd share it with you guys.

The build: http://intothemists....X4;2KJG4KJG46gG

Weaponset 1
Mace + Sigil of the flame
Shield + Sigil of leeching

Weaponset 2
Greatsword + Sigil of the flame

Strength: 0
Arms: 20
+200 precision
+200 condition damage
5 - Precise Strikes: 33% chance to inflict bleeding on critical hits.
10 - IV - Unsuspecting Foe: 50% critical-hit chance against stunned foes.
15 - Critical Burst: Burst skills have a 10% increased critical-hit chance.
20 - X - Forceful Greatsword: Gain might on a critical hit with greatsword or spear. Greatsword and spear skill recharge 20% faster.
Defense: 20
+200 toughness
+200 healing power
5 - Thick Skin: Extra armor when health is above 90%.
10 - I - Shield Master: Gain +90 toughness while using a shield. Shield skills recharge 20% faster.
15 - Adrenal Health: Regenerate health based on adrenal level.
20 - IX - Cleansing Ire: Gain adrenaline when hit. Remove a condition for every bar of adrenaline spent
Tactics: 0
Discipline: 30
+30 critical hit damage
+30% burst skill recharge
5 - Versatile Rage: Gain 5 strikes of adrenaline on weapon swap.
10 - VI - Signet Mastery: Signets recharge 20% faster.
15 - Fast Hands: Weapon-swapping recharges 5 seconds faster.
20 - VIII - Destruction of the Empowered: Deal 3% bonus damage per boon on your target.
25 - Versatile Power: Gain might for 10 seconds on weapon swap.
30 - XI Burst Mastery: Burst skills deal more damage and cost less.

6x Rune of Lyssa
(1) +25 precision
(2) +10% condition duration
(3) +50 precision
(4) When you use a healing skill, gain a random boon for 10 seconds. (cooldown: 10 seconds)
(5) +90 precision
(6) When you use an elite skill, lose all conditions and gain all boons for 5 seconds.

Soldier's Amulet
+798 power
+569 toughness
+569 vitality

Soldier's Jewel
+125 power
+75 toughness
+75 vitality

Utility skills:
Mending: Heals for 5,760 and remove 2 conditions. 25 seconds recharge.
Balanced Stance: Break stun. + stability, + swiftness (8 seconds). 40 seconds recharge.
Frenzy: Break stun. Skills and actions activate 50% faster. Take 25% more damage (6 seconds). 60 seconds recharge.
Signet of Stamina: Passive: Grants faster endurance regeneration (+50%). Active: Cure all conditions. 36 seconds recharge with Signet Mastery.
Signet of Rage: +5 might, + fury, + swiftness (30 seconds). 48 seconds recharge with Signet Mastery.

  • You have 3,071 armor. +90 when wielding shield.
  • A health pool of 24,812.
  • Critical hit chance is 21%. With fury it's 41% and against stunned foes 91%.
  • Your attack is at 2,939 when wielding your greatsword. 2,798 when wielding your mace. 30% critical damage.
  • You are very maneuverable with your greatsword and you have 2 skills that grant you swiftness.
  • You have 3 skills to interrupt and stun or daze your opponent.
  • 2 skills to block enemy attacks.
  • Your stun/daze skills can be used both offensive and defensive.
  • One of your most powerful combo's is Skull Crack (mace burst skill) -> Frenzy -> Hundred blades. With fury this gives you a 91% chance to gain a critical hit, you also gain might on each critical hit, increasing your damage output.
  • 5 ways of removing a good amount of conditions! Mending (2 conditions). Burst skill #1 at full adrenaline removes 3 -> weapon swap into Burst skill #2 for a 4th. Using Signet of Rage or Signet of Stamina removes all conditions.
Personally I am finding this a very efficient build.
Ofcourse, it's not perfect.
Constructive feedback is appreciated!

GO! Warriors! GO!

[EU] r23 Warrior (open for more) looking for tPvP team

20 October 2012 - 01:02 AM

I am looking for a tPvP team who want to improve themselves and become a highly competitive team. I prefer to play on a daily basis.

Warrior is the main class that I play, but I am learning every other class. If you know them, you know how to deal with them. Ofcourse I am open for other classes.

In the past I have been the caller and tactician in all of my teams. My way of playing is either offense or support, bunker is not really my playstyle, but I am always up for it if necessary.

My current rank is 23.

If you are interested, contact me ingame: Terran Marauder