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#1966150 Everyone else regret their main?

Posted Auenwing on 25 September 2012 - 07:05 AM

View Postthehotsung, on 25 September 2012 - 02:10 AM, said:

I have a level 52 ranger name Saskia Vyvern.  I wanted to look like Eir daughter because her armor is badass!  Problem was I didn't really want my ranger to be my main but during release, every starting area lag but the Norn area and I couldn't see myself playing as a male Norn ranger.  I already had a list of what class and race I was going to play for all 5 of my character slots.

I didn't know about the Azura gate until I was level 30 and because of that I was force to play as a Norn because of the access to the Norn starting area.  The problem I have and as many who did not participates in all the beta events is that medium armor is ugly.  It took me to level 50 to look semi-decent but I have lost interest many levels before.  I thought I had no problems with being a female ranger because I was a female ranger in GW1 and they had so many good looking armor (I love the one cover by only leave).  I didn't realize that whoever (Kristin Perry) made medium armor for GW2 thought it was a good idea to have mostly trench coat and perhaps some clothing that look as bad as WoW MoP pirates like theme.  

I have a level 24 warrior and a level 20 guardian and their armor is so much better than medium armor that I regret ever making my ranger.   The problem is sure I can delete my ranger but I level slower than most of you guys, what take other a week to get to level 80 would take me months.  At level 48, my ranger armor look worst than my level 3 mesmer might I add.

I thought the same people who made ranger and assassin armors in GW1 would be the one in charge of it in GW2 as well...unfortunately that is not the case.  

I would also like to add that playing as a ranger in GW2 is pretty boring.

So tell me, do any of you guys regret your main?

I have spent months rolling characters in various games, to get to "endgame" and find something about the character (looks/race) suddenly doesn't work anymore.

I will spend months rerolling (my poor long suffering guildmates), because I know and they know, if it isn't right, nothing will offset that feel.

And an MMO, and gaming experience is all about "feel". No matter how you break it down.

Investing now, before you get too much further may be the best thing for you. If you don't enjoy how your character looks in armor, and can't find any (at any level) that feels / looks right (assuming you are willing to wait for high end gear, have checked out cultural / use a lot of trans stones), then why keep going and end up feeling unhappy?

Especially if you feel the class itself is not enjoyable. (Yes, I also have a ranger, and can understand why you could feel that way.)

Good luck with whatever you decide. And I hope you find something that works.