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The new map: A secondary use for bunker guardian?

28 February 2013 - 09:39 AM

So I've been playing the new map basically exclusively today and I've come to mostly the same conclusions as other people have on it.  Screw Elementalists.  Bunkers are really good for running the orb.  One thing I've found exceptionally useful though, is not only bunkers to run the orb, but to guard it also.

This is the strat I've come up with for this map.  You wanna run 3 bunkers, and 2 DPS roamers.  At least two of the bunkers have to be Guardian (specifically with this build, http://gw2skills.net...0lwLbOuuk5s Y8B although any tweaks you may want to suggest are welcome.) and the two guardians running this sit on the orb spawn/run the orb.  The third bunker's job is to switch between several points, trying to switch it up every 2 orb captures or so, and the roamers are there to provide support for the runners and also clear the way for the point bunker to do their thing.  After you hold a single point for too long a smart team is gonna realize if they decap that, then they can stop your point influx, so that's why it's essential to keep switching it up so your point bunker doesn't get zerged out.  Avoidance works a lot better than simply delaying the inevitable.

The reason I suggest you use 2 bunker guardians on the orb spawn is based primarily around the recent buff to the staff.  If you have 2 guardians use Empower, that's 24 stacks of might for the both of them.  This sets their attack to about 3600 with a cleric's jewel, and with the extra boon and might duration from your runes and traits, those 24 stacks lasts for 15 seconds.  With the reduced 2h trait, Empower is on a 16 second CD.  These together allow the two bunkers to keep near infinite 24 stacks of might (25 if they pop Save Yourselves.)  The idea is to have a nearly unkillable duo while also dealing significant damage thanks to so much might.  (And really high Retaliation damage.)
And finally, when you get down to the really big mindgames, all 3 of the bunkers should be able to solo hold a point with this build, so if the opposing team decides to just zerg the orb spawn down so hard that even your bunker duo and the roamers can't handle it, you can just switch it up to double or triple capping all three points and focus on that since you probably have a pretty early lead thanks to how you handled the orbs earlier in the game.

If you guys have any suggestions on how to change this build, or the strategy in general feel free to post.

Bunker off-hand sigils

20 February 2013 - 08:22 AM

So I've been using this bunker build for a while now, http://gw2skills.net...TUAgzCts Y8xuBA (I'm still playing with runes too.  I have it narrowed down to either all soldier's or 3 monk 3 water, but that's not why I'm posting this) but what I thought of the other day is about my focus' sigil.  I've been using Life up til now since it's just free healing power, but since my build revolves around retaliation I wonder if it wouldn't be worth switching it out for a bloodlust sigil.  The extra power would help with pressuring when say a single guy is attacking my point, and more importantly it would increase my retal damage.  I also wouldn't be affected by weakness too much since with this build (especially if I use soldier runes) I have ridiculous amounts of condition removal.

Considering I have around1K healing power already, do you guys think it would be worth it to switch Life to Bloodlust?
(Edit: whoops, put a torch in the build editor instead of focus.)

Sigil of Strength

07 February 2013 - 11:06 PM

Does Altruistic Healing heal when Sigil of Strength procs?

Tome of Wrath vs Time Warp

26 January 2013 - 07:00 PM

So I was trying to get into a CoF path 1 speed group today, but they said they wanted a Mesmer.  I asked why and they said it was because they wanted quickness.  I tried to argue that Guardian has group quickness too, but it wasn't getting anywhere.  Now in PvE I always use tome of wrath because usually the full health from tome of courage won't cast in time to save anyone, and renewed focus is more of a PvP skill.
Now I can typically out DPS most mesmers on my guardian while keeping the melee DPS alive with symbol heals and protection so they have less downtime and can get more damage in; so if the only deciding factor of absolutely NEEDING NOTHING BUT A MESMER NOTHING BUT A MESMER WILL DO, is for their quickness, then it seems highly arguable that a guardian should be just as viable an option.

If you do your rotation properly with ToW, you can squeeze out two uses of it's quickness buff.  As soon as you get your book skills you wanna cast 4, and then by the end of the book's duration it'll be off CD just long enough to cast it again.  This equals to 6 seconds per cast of Tome of Wrath.  What I usually do is cast ToW>cast quickness>do 3 auto attacks>then the 5 skill (There's just enough time on quickness so it'll end right as you begin casting the 5, so it casts in half the time and does a big aoe knockdown and about 5K damage.) and then I switch between the auto attack and the 3 skill buff for the group until the quickness is off cooldown which if you timed everything right, will just barely cast in time before the book closes.  Also I do not use that trait that makes elites last longer.  This rotation is with the basic elite and nothing else.  I've found this to be pretty much the most efficient use of the skill.  It's probably also worth noting that ToW is on a 180 second CD, vs the 210 second CD on TW, so you could feasibly do two ToW's in a single boss fight where it might not be worth it to waste a second TW on the same boss.

Of course, one of the easy to see downsides is that unless you're well coordinated with your group, guardian quickness is MUCH less obvious to see, and it's broken up into parts, so it could make it more difficult for people to properly capitalize on it like they do with Time Warp.

What do you guys think?

About the upcoming guesting...

17 January 2013 - 03:19 PM

Isn't anyone foreseeing a problem with the 2 worlds a day limit?  This doesn't seem to fix the issue of overflows and dungeons unless you only run two a day.  You're still gonna need an overflow to run FotM most of the time.