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#2103398 Guild Wars 2 and Fading

Posted Senatic on 01 December 2012 - 10:52 AM

Well I'll give you the basic MMO advises as they help me keep interested in the game on a day to day basis.


Make sure you are playing with people whose company you enjoy. Seriously, having a guild where you have real friends will get you involved in many aspects of the game you would not else care for. I can not stress enough how important this point is. Being in a very social and friendly environment means you will do things like (and enjoy doing them much more):
  • Go play lower level zones just to accompany your friends, or vice versa.
  • Check out Jumping puzzles/mini dungeons when your friends stumbles upon a new one, or vice versa.
  • Do dungeons you've already went though just to play with your friends.
  • Have the opportunity to try playing Dungeons in a coordinated and strategic effort instead of the randomness and amateur pugg style.
So much much more I could add to this list, but simply put MMO's are social and should be played in a social way. The game provides you with the platform to have fun and friends enrich that environment.

Set attainable goals for yourself

Setting goals for yourself that you can achieve on a regular basis is a very important part of maintaining interest in a game like this for longer durations. You have to realize that there is a lot of things to do within the game world that is not directly encouraged by the game itself. The game itself artificially encourages you towards some of these goals. For example completing the game, outfitting yourself in level 80 exotics, completing the map exploration and so on. But there are other goals that you can set for yourself when you have done these things. Examples:
  • Working towards a Legendary (the most obvious one so I'm getting it out of the way)
  • Getting a dungeon armor for the skin (if there's any you like)
  • Completing specific achievements - may they be boss kills, mini dungeons or jumping puzzles. (these achievements in particular are good because there are many of them and they are relatively easily attainable, granting you a feeling of steady accomplishment.)
  • If the Legendary grind is too much for you there are other cool looking weapons you can make in the mystic forge that are not as unattainable but yet require a little more effort then your normal weapons, I recommend you check these out.
  • Maxing out crafting professions can be a fun little side show to the real game.
  • Going after each of the world bosses is also a good and relatively easily attainable goal.
Only your imagination sets the bar for what your goals may be, they could be as mundane as amassing tons of gold, or as practical as leveling a specific alt to level 80. Be creative and make sure you always have direction for what you are doing in game. If you don't have fun doing a specific thing, stop doing it and make a different goal for yourself.

It's okay to divert from direction once you have it, but playing without it will result in boredom and the feeling of *There's nothing to aim for* which simply isn't true. The game just doesn't spoon feed you tons of objectives. Try to combine long term goals with short term goals and mix it up, don't overwork yourself on one thing or you will lose interest.

Mix up your type of game play

A LOT of people limit themselves to being only one kind of a player. Either you're a World VS World player, a PvE player or a sPvP player. This kind of thinking will guarantee in the long run that you will bore of the game. Mixing it up between all of them means it will take more time for you to divulge content. Which means it's more likely by the time you're starting to get bored ArenaNet will have had sufficient time to pump out some new content for you to enjoy. And who knows, maybe you find something new you like. And if you don't, no harm done.

Take a break from the game

Remember that Guild Wars 2 does not have a sub fee. There are other games out there and lots of real life activities to enjoy. As with anything, doing the same thing over and over again for hundreds of hours without variation is gonna bore you of it. It doesn't matter what it is, when you grind the same thing for thousands of hours it will get boring to the point where you want to rip your hair out. If you are a hardcore gamer I might suggest picking up one of the very good recent releases such as Hitman Absolution, Assassins Creed 3 or Far Cry 3.

So every now and then, play something different. Or do something different, go out with friends, watch a movie, go to a bar and get wasted. Don't obsess over the same game each and every night, you are doing both yourself and the game you want to enjoy a disservice.

I hope you can garner some wisdom from this wall of text and that it may help you enjoy the game more, I wish you good luck.

#2084456 Is there a reward for the Investigation "quests"?

Posted Trei on 17 November 2012 - 05:15 AM

Well, I thi...


Yeah I was sayi...




Let me kill Blingg instead of Noll please.
I no longer care about rewards.

#2084198 As a GW1 Veteran I'm starting to feel like home ^.^

Posted Nabuko Darayon on 17 November 2012 - 01:01 AM

You guys know what I'm talking about :)
The new dungeon is awesome!

#2075619 Linsey Murdock Unveils New High End Ascended Gear

Posted DEDENX on 13 November 2012 - 05:01 AM

Here's hoping somewhere in the midst of all these crazy item additions, someone adds some decent aquatic helms...

#2059122 Power/Precision or Condition/Support?

Posted Kelthien on 03 November 2012 - 03:39 AM

So I think there are TONS of mesmer builds which work, first off.

I love, love, love power/precision builds when I'm just out doing solo PvE.  Getting my 100% exploration or a quick Story Mode dungeon: the best.  Fast kills, feeling powerful, etc.  Also awesome when I can play them in a dungeon, which isn't that often.

Support builds make me feel great about myself, but suck soloing.  No one cares about Regeneration when you're at full health.  And all your Reflection talents/skills mean nothing when soloing a bunch of melee mobs.

If you want some "Jack of trades" build, be prepared to make some sacrifices in one area or another.

That said, I'd recommend a few builds I've tried and adored, in no particular order.

First, 0/20/30/0/20
Lots of clones.  Staff and whatever weapon you're in the mood for. Super balanced between Power-based damage and conditions. Can swap from a shatter build to a Phantasm build no problem.  Little less supportive in a traditional way.  Mesmers are often known for bringing Reflection and this isn't capping out on it.

Next, 0/20/20/20/10
Clone on dodge.  Staff skills for damage reduction or conditions.  A hearty helping of support in the Illusion line and 10 in Illusions for a nice little damage boost.  Great build, very balanced.  Lots of reflects, solid damage.  Stack it with some Might-granting weapon sigils and an Inspiration signet utility and be a might-granting powerhouse.

Finally, 0/25/25/0/20
Running this one right now.  Pure conditions.  An insane amount of Might, confusion, vulnerability when Staff is your main weapon. More offensive than the previous build. the goal is to keep up illusions, let your enemies pick them off and be punished for it.  I think I prefer this one a bit more than the last for WvW.  Confusion is a tricky condition: not very strong on most PvE encounters but an absolute beast on the battlefield.  You miss out on the Focus cooldowns, but honestly I don't always miss them.

Play around with them, find your own builds, and see what works best! Respecs are cheap, so use them often. :-)

#1953794 Best female armor for Ele?

Posted Shadowrose on 20 September 2012 - 11:54 PM

so many winged fans ;_;

Here I'll suggest the choices I would get, be sure to check them out:

-PvP stately armor set, check it out in the locker @ the heart of the mists. (Iron marches karma set, transmute time)
-Exotic acolyte coat looks good with the feathered mantle.
-Masquerade boots and gauntlets look great, and are great complements for any armor set that might have pieces that don't fit.
-Feathered set + low level Acolyte coat (not the exotic one) is what I used for around 20 levels.
-Shadow armor with the helm hidden.
-Winged hood is great for other sets as well.
-Crucible of eternity gloves are amazing, I plan on getting those. The leggings also show an unparalleled level of detail. Helm is also cool.

Well, that's coming from someone who loves mixing parts to get a unique set. So far the only set I would truly use in its entirety is the PvP stately set, but since I'm going for something better I'm only using the leggings which are top tier.

Posted Image

Here's my current build:

-Feathered mantle
-Feathered helm (tho it doesn't matter, I always toggle it off)
-Exalted acolyte exotic coat
-Iron marches karma merchant leggings
-Masquerade boots and gloves

#2036116 How do I get more consistent fighting action?

Posted Shadowrose on 23 October 2012 - 01:01 AM

press H, go to the heart of the mists.

#2008995 This Community is one of the BEST.

Posted Asteria Rose on 10 October 2012 - 06:01 PM

So, I just found a post on reddit that I believe everyone should see:


I believe I can speak for a large number of people from Sanctum of Rall when I say that tonight something happened that I never would have expected.
While playing WvWvW tonight against Yak's Bend and Northern Shiverpeaks, we were greatly upset to discover that someone had hacked their way into our Garrison on the Sanctum of Rall Borderlands and stole our orb. We then watched as the orb flew around the map before finally stopping in Yak's Bend's Ascension Bay to be placed upon their altar.
So far, this story is similar to a lot of the stories that have been popping up as of late, tales of hacking and cheating to get the advantage. This next part is where it gets really interesting though. We were nearly instantly contacted by the leader from FOO, one of the major guilds on Yak's Bend. Turns out that they were as bothered by the cheating as we were, and they wanted to make amends in the best way that they could.
Yak's Bend, under the leadership of FOO, collaborated with the leaders of EPIC from Sanctum of Rall in order to organize the trading of Ascension Bay. We were allowed to seize Ascension Bay entirely unopposed such that we may take back the orb that rightfully belonged to us. In exchange for this kindness, we in turn left Ascension Bay immediately after capturing the point so that the zerg from Yak's Bend could take the keep back. Aside from a few pugs, not a single attack took place from either server while this exchange took place. It was quite possibly one of the most impressive things I've seen since this game came out.
I would like to thank Yak's Bend for suggesting this exchange, and for ensuring that the deeds of the many overcame the negative actions of the few, and taking a risk in letting us seize a stronghold for the purpose of rectifying a mistake.

TL;DR Someone from Yak's Bend hacked the SoR orb from our Garrison, Yak's Bend let us take their keep, seize the orb, and leave without killing a single SoR player in order to make up for the hacker.

To me, this is incredible. To see a community like this that understands their morals and will even give up an orb because they knew it was wrong: Yak's Bend, for the players who were on the team that day,

I salute you.

#1989018 Is GW2 dead?

Posted BlackBoxx on 03 October 2012 - 02:36 PM

Yup.  Dead as a door nail.  It's so dead, I was wandering Frostsound Gorge all by my lonesome, looking for mithril and the odd orichalcum for crafting, when I was bombarded with ice shards and a dragon's wail.  No way was I going to fight a dragon alone, so I ran.  Not two minutes later, there was a horde of 50+ players all spread out, taking out the three ice crystals.

Wait... what was I saying?  Dead?  Seriously?  Naw, man.  You just don't know where people are hanging out until something draws them together.  As it turns out, the higher level zones are much more rewarding for higher level players, so they tend to hang out there.

#1873888 Combat system lacking

Posted Majic on 03 September 2012 - 08:46 PM

I would like to see the weapon skills become customizable like the utility skills, and a few more skills added for each weapon/combo, so we could select which ones we want in slots 1-5 and in what order. An extra autoattack chain or two with different effects would also be nice.

Of course, I wouldn't expect any of this right away, but once they get past the post-launch bug-squashing, I'm hopeful they will take a stab at adding more variety to the weapon skills.

#1860038 The real effects of Anet's strict banning

Posted Nikorasu on 01 September 2012 - 08:59 AM

Will less people play the game, outraged by Anet's police state philosophy? No.

Will the pressure from the constant whining force Anet to change their policy or face a collapse of their playerbase? of course not.

Those are the conclusions people with little sense of dimension, and short-term reasoning arrive to, but that's now how all this is going to pan out. Arenanet is doing a great job with these bans, and it has little to do on whether or not they are fair.

Let me elaborate:

GW2, as any major MMO release, has hundreds of bugs. For those of you who address this problem in a condescending way "Anet, learn to program your games", you have no idea how hard it is to program a MMO and should jump into a pire.

Some of these exploitable bugs can be extremely harmful to the economy, an economy where real money is involved. Instability in a system in which actual dollars are concerned is the last a company wants, as it might get them in all sort of legal trouble.

So when one of those inevitable bugs surfaced, in the form of karma vendors, what did you expect Anet to do? If they had followed the "fair" route, of cleaning all these items from the accounts and politely notifying about it, how do you think the player attitude would've evolved?

Immediately, everybody and their dog would start looking for their own ways to maximize profit, since Anet is not going to punish them.

By whipping out the extremely unfair banhammer, completely on purpose, they have managed to create fear in the players. They are having fun, and they don't want it taken from them. Now, all players will notify anything they find strange, at least to know if it's allowed or not. This works as the perfect bug report mechanism for Anet, which may then focus their efforts into fixing the game rather than correcting massive blows to the economy perpetrated by irresponsable streamers.

The offensive name issue is a pretty similar scenario. Whether or not a specific name was offensive enough to warrant the suspension is irrelevant. The important thing is that Anet is making it clear that you should not be trying your luck.

What is the end result of these decisions?

All the rage about unfair bans will last only so long. These things die quick. However, the health of the game system, specially the economy, will dictate how many people join and enjoy it in the future, and this early atmosphere of fear will have helped stabilize it. I predict that once the game runs stable and mostly exploit-free, Anet's ban policy will relax a great deal.

My personal conclusion and bottom line is that my respect for Anet has grown, as they give priority to the health of their game above their own reputation, and also above their early profit.

Good job, Anet.

#1816087 Arena net techs fixing the server issues:

Posted Orbital on 25 August 2012 - 11:54 AM

I honestly just wet my pants. struggling for breath.

#1810478 "We're finally allowed to reveal that GW2..."

Posted dragongit on 24 August 2012 - 09:38 PM

Isn't this what SWTOR was trying to hype their game on, and GW2 has no subscription fee. Arena net has balls of mythril to attempt something of this magnatude, and I love it. I salute you Anet and will hopefully be able to buy stuff from your store to keep you guys afloat.

#1796670 Well, nobody can say this game wasn't tested properly!

Posted Amon on 23 August 2012 - 02:25 PM

This game was not tested properly! I could only play it for three days and then it crashed for a full month! This happened three times!!! Then it was only working for four hours each time! And don't get me started on the recent disaster of only one hour of play time... then it crashed again!


#1704217 Asuras and... nudity?

Posted Alaroxr on 10 August 2012 - 04:11 AM

Erm, they don't have nipples. It's okay for them to show their chests.


The thing about the female underwear, ArenaNet had 3 options:

1.) They give female Asura a bikini, but that doesn't make any sense since they don't have breasts.

2.) The don't give female Asura any upper body clothing, in which case people would either be confused between male/female Asura, or think "Zomg! ArenaNet are pedophiles!"

3.) Give female Asura a one piece underwear that covers the chest, thus eliminating the issues of the other two.