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In Topic: Precursor R & D Thread

20 April 2014 - 11:44 AM

So, with the recent change to the mystic forge, i thought id do some research.
Here's the results, in case some of you are curious about what got changed.

I used lvl 80 rares only. Stopped after 4,064 rares.

Dropchance of exotics in general: 20.63%
(seems to still be 20%, with me being "lucky")

Out of these exotics, the dropchance of lvl 80 Exotics is: 58.88%
Dropchance of lvl 76-lvl79 Exotics*: 41.12%
(*I got exactly 1 lvl 75 Exotic, all the others were between lvl76 and lvl79)
So either it's 60 / 40 or its supposed to be 50/50. Please keep in mind that i only used ~4000rares overall, so these numbers are not necesarrily representing the real average.

With rares currently being quite expensive to craft (~44-45s/ea for Swords), and you getting back exotics below lvl 80 (which soon won't be worth much), gambling seems to make less sense. On the other hand, quite some Precs are reaching the 1k gold mark, so ye..

Basically the change to the Mystic Forge aims at increasing the price of precursors. Why anet did that is beyond my comprehension.


In Topic: Making Gold though Dungeons

10 March 2014 - 10:18 AM

cof 1+2
ac 1+3
se 1+3
hotw 1
arah 1 (+2+3)
coe 1+2+3

I dont do TA & CM, but there's surely easy paths as well.

In Topic: Missile Deflection

29 November 2013 - 05:44 PM

Eh, although this wasnt exactly my question, just to clarify - for soloing lupicus i was using GS + axe/sword, so i'd still have +5% dps boost. Sword #5 is reflecting his projectiles. It's been quite a while since i did these solos, but if i remember correctly, i'd hit him 2(-3?) times in phase 2, dealing ~25kdmg. So that should be more than 90k. (Again, if i remember the numbers correctly.)

In Topic: Screenshot of the Week

12 July 2013 - 04:31 PM

Posted Image

In Topic: Precursor R & D Thread

05 April 2013 - 09:08 PM

Alright, i kept selling the exotics i got back last time, and invested the returns directly into new materials (im def. not gonna stop after throwing in 1,5k gold).
Got lucky!

Im too lazy to write it down, so i just made a pic of my statistics this time.
(Ye i know, some excel sheet wouldve looked prettier, but writing it down by hand is easier and quicker :P).

V means Versuche, which is german and stands for Tries (= rares thrown into the mf).
Exos is selfexplaining i guess.
The next-to-last cell shows the amount of rares that i got from the mf (which i threw back into it).
A smiley indicates a precursor :).
Posted Image

So ye, overall ive thrown like 35k rares into the MF - and i still cant give any advise or recommendation wheter to buy that damn thing or gamble.

Here's the rares needed for each precursor:
  • Dusk: took me ~ 3.550 rares
  • Dawn  ~ 50 rares
  • Legend  ~ 950rares
  • Spark  ~ 780 rares
  • Zap  ~ 330 rares
  • Legend  ~ 3.200 rares
  • Legend  ~ 1.500 rares
  • Colossus  ~ 400 rares
  • Lover  ~ 2.450 rares
  • Spark  ~ 8.900 rares (ive used 8200 GS rares without any precursor, then swapped to daggers)
  • Colossus  ~ 280 rares
  • Legend  ~ 2.400 rares
  • Spark ~ 11.900 rares (mainly staves before i switched to daggers)
  • Legend ~ 600 rares
  • Spark ~ 400 rares
Ridiculous variance.
I really hope the announced precursor scavenger hunt will be implemented soon... prices atm are a joke. How can sth that is totally random make up half (or even more, depending) of what is needed for making a legendary?? (not to mention the clovers part...)

Decide for yourself if you want to take the risk or buy it off the TP. You can either lose everything or get a pretty penny :\. GL