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In Topic: PCGamer: NCsoft Seattle offices undergoing “realignment”

05 December 2012 - 10:03 PM


Companies reorganize themselves all the time, for better or worse.  NCsoft will probably "reorganize" again when Blade & Soul and/or Wildstar are released.  Put your tinfoil hats away.

You clearly have no clue whatsoever about businesses. Companies do not actually do this all the time. Companies do this when they *have* to.

NCsofts stocks are tanking and are steadily getting worse. They are doing everything they can to reverse this trend. Denying this would make YOU the tinfoil hat, because what I just said is pretty much basic company 101. Pretty much all decisions that NCsoft is doing right now have only one goal: Get their image back on track. Not the consumer image, of course (that one is tanking as well, none of the non-F2P game companies have that crappy an image, and that's saying something), I'm talking about the one to investors.

That is why they restructure. That is why they are doing several things across their entire portfolio to get positive press *among investors*.
Arenanet is likely just one company that is getting pressured into generating positive press.

This isn't even unusual. This happens every single time a company is taking as badly as NCsoft right now. They have to do this. Not because of Nexon, it's just because the other stock holders will demand it as well. Only an extreme tinfoil hatter would deny the existance of basic business strategies.

In Topic: Anet on why there is vertical progression

03 December 2012 - 07:45 PM


But then what is the definition of an RPG? RPGs are about building a character (not playing one, you play a "character" of some sort in many games), and building pretty much implies Vertical progression.

But then what is the definition of a moon? A moon is a round object with holes (not a planet, since we are on a planet and therefore the moon isn't one and can therefore not be a rock), so it being round with holes pretty much implies that it's cheese.


No, actually a RPG is not about building a character, but playing one. You citing the real definition and then pretending that can't be is a funny trick, but it doesn't work.

Yes, true RPGs are about playing a character and giving you choices to do so.

The problem is that MMORPGs do not give this option anymore. Early MMOs were often NOT about stats, but instead about actions.  In some, crafter was as possible a job as fighter. In some, the reason you played wasn't OMGBESTESTSTATSOMGOMGOMGMASTURBATESTATS, it was affecting the world in tangible ways through war. Not like WvWvW, which is temporary and fleeting (and STILL the closest to this that GW2 has next to world exploration)

A true RPG would allow you to play anyone. You would have a chance to become the king. Or queen, if your alliance was strong enough. An alliance would have fighters - and crafters and people producing food. You would have builders, likely CREATE cities. THAT is what a true RPG would be. There might very well be no NPCs, because those NPCs you see are actually player accounts that are active while the player is logged off (fighty types patrolling, merchanty types vending, builder types repairing, etc). And all of them would try to be the best at it, contribute the best to their particular faction.

Progression? You could have it, sure, but it'd not be gear based. Gear in such a system would be necessary, easy to make, easy to break. It'd likely be unlock based, in giving you options in things you can make, which then would require you to get the ressources to do so (most of which require other professions to get it. Fighty professions would only be able to get particular ressources, and be no more useful than any other (in fact, if your faction had too many fighters in a game like that, it'd collapse in itself due to lack of food, equipment, and fortifications).

The most RPG-like MMO right now is Minecraft, followed by Ultima Online.

What we have right now that gets called RPG are stat based grinders and fighting simulators with RPG elements. That doesn't mean those are inherently bad, but they aren't actually RPG in what an RPG actually IS.

The real problem is that company execs cream themselves at the skinner box. That's why we only get games with that. Weak minded players need their fix, and company execs love abusing this. Easy money, it's like selling drugs without the social stigma, even though it's actually the same thing.

Like the food industry inserting sugar into every food, then pretending they aren'*t responsible for the diabetes rates going through the roof.

Of course, the skinner box addicts will never admit this, just like the cheetos-abusing soda slurping slug won't admit theior addiction. That's the beauty of addicts: Addicts rarely admit their addictions. You can just keep milking them, and they will defend you as long as they get their fix.

In Topic: GW2 and the Trinity

26 November 2012 - 07:15 AM


where it has been a fundamental element since the genre's inception

No offence, but once again, you display your complete ignorance about the entire genre.
It has not been a fundamental element since the genre's inception. It only is a fundamental element in WoW/EQ clones. The genre is twice as old as these.


It is the foundation of traditional MMO's

Wrong. Seriously, you guys know literally nothing about MMOs. And it's sad.

Typical for WoW-mmoers though: Completely unable to see outside of your little box. Proudly, you wear your mindcuffs. God forbid you see something new (or old, in this case). No, it must all be WoW-ish statgrind, with fixed role so individual thinking is removed as much as possible.

My gosh, people, at least do some basic research before you spout nonsense like this. Just looking at the, oh, ten first MMOs, and, oh, some of the most popular and long living ones would already show how wrong and clueless you really are.

Kids these days. Clueless as heck.

In Topic: What happened with Tyrian assembly?

21 November 2012 - 08:08 AM


These things have been in basically every MMORPG ever made

This is a big problem: Most players playing GW2 have no idea whatsoever about MMOs, as evidenced by this post from Larsen. Most MMO-Players think that MMO is identical to warcraft, and have no idea whatsoever about the actual genre in reality.

These things have, of course, not been in "basically every" MMORPG ever made. They have been in less than 5% of all MMORPGs ever made. They are also not exactly a good or needed feature, the only people that even care for them are statnerds, which is why you mostly find this feature in statnerd games.

That's the main thing: Most people these days confuse MMO with statnerd-fetishgames, but that's not actually true historically, it's just the recent fad. It'll collapse like every other fad sooner or later. Probably later, since statnerds tend to rely on the income of their parents, and thus can spend quite well. But collapse it will: Nothing lasts forever.


removing them is what's really nonsensica

Only if you want to make a game based on "progression" of stats. If you want to make a good MMO, not having them makes sense. As evidenced by your posting, they don't actually add anything of value.

Not having these tools is not a step backwards, but a step forward, they're a dead end, design wise, similar to your cecum.

In Topic: Is GW2 in trouble?

16 November 2012 - 06:40 PM

Nah. No new game can survive in the current market with a subscription model as long as WoW lives - the quality of the game doesn't matter. That model has been dead for several years, it's a relic from the early 2000s. They likely already got more money/player than they would have with a subscription model.

Notice that I#m not defending them. I am even getting a refund (being processed atm, already approved), despite my earlier opinion not to get one. It's simply the fact of the matter, that's how the market works now.